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  1. So it looks like they made some number of demo 16K units at the very beginning, when there were only going to be 8K units for retail. 16K units were not announced for retail until January 1981. Very cool!
  2. BTW #1 Sometimes people contact me trying to contact or contribute to AtariMania since the outdated copy of my FAQ that's there makes my name and email arguably more prominent and easier to find than contact info for the people who actually run the site. "No, I don't run or help run AtariMania" is something I've needed to explain to a fair number of people over the years. BTW #2 I've noticed at least two different Contacts links on the site. These might be the odd ones, where the Contacts link goes to 4 emails as described by Gitbizy: my_atarimania.html and register.html On other pages the Contacts link goes to a single address.
  3. You could go with the games listed in the Sears 1979 Wish Book: https://christmas.musetechnical.com/ShowCatalogPage/1979-Sears-Christmas-Book/0654 https://christmas.musetechnical.com/ShowCatalogPage/1979-Sears-Christmas-Book/0655
  4. 600XL production seems to have started September July 1983. The 600XL Field Service Manual dated October 1983 already makes no mention of the Rev.1 OS chip, only the Rev.2 OS chip part number is mentioned. So Rev.1 seems already phased out by October, which is before 800XL production seems to have started in November.
  5. George Simcock, director of software development (both VCS and 400/800) from 1978-1980, seems much more likely to me.
  6. Here we have: Mosaic 64K RAM Select Owner's Manual (with two inserts) Mosaic 64K Cable Connectors Package #1 card SuperDrive, which came with this version of Cable Package #1, is already at AtariMania.) Mosaic 64K RAM Select Owner's Manual.pdf Mosaic 64K Cable Connectors Package #1 card.pdf
  7. Do these pages help? Mosaic64KPartialDocs.zip
  8. according to http://www.pong-story.com/gi.htm the Atari chip C010765, which I think I see in the full size images, was used in Atari Ultra PONG and Ultra PONG Doubles (C-402).
  9. Higher rez here? CMC-Parallel-Serial-Card.pdf
  10. Earlier draft of the manual: https://archive.org/details/AtariStarRaidersDraftManual Looking to decipher the initialers on page two, I'm pretty confident about two of them: Micro- (Microelectronics) D.K. = Dennis Koble, who was Atari (Consumer) software manager at the time. Legal- SP = Skip Paul (Charles S. Paul), Atari corporate VP and general counsel at the time.
  11. Yes, here: https://mcurrent.name/atari-8-bit/vendev.txt Is it still useful in 2021?
  12. Based on the 5200 sales figures for 1986 and 1987 I think 5200 Gremlins didn't get out until 1987.
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