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  1. Oh god. I bought this game because of GTA3 and Max Payne thinking since Rockstar made (or just published?) SoE it would be gold. Wow. I was wrong.
  2. I want this game but will wait for a price drop. Any word on DLC yet?
  3. Oh wow, I so need to go back to this one and finish it. So far behind in my games.
  4. I think I might wait a while before buying the Wii U. Maybe a year.
  5. Has anyone picked this up and what's it like?
  6. I look forward to this. Hope it turns out okay.
  7. looks cool but i might wait for a price drop. Is a demo out for it yet?
  8. cassette tapes should make a comeback.

  9. After spending about 2 weeks on and off with Red Dead Redemption finishing the main story now I'm playing Need For Speed Shift.
  10. Picked up a copy of Need For Speed Shift (new) for $9.89 at EBGames. I couldn't pass an that.
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