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  1. Was that badge Atari original or something cooked up after old Atari closed down?
  2. Wouldnt single falcon owners always be stressing about trying to find replacement parts if a fault developed? Vs our Sts a lot of us will have half a dozen units , enough to keep one working a hundred years plus. (with regular capacitor replacements) I cant ever see myself having the thousands to drop on a Falcon. Given the lack of parts most will be non functioning display pieces eventually. Maybe someone should make a hardware emulator for the Falcon then put into replica cases? I wouldnt mind that.
  3. ah ok thats cool. It would still be all Atari. Im pretty sure some development test units had ST keyboards so if you did fit one youd be kind of recreating that look. Anyway giga just means lots, heaps.
  4. Good job! I actually put a STFM power supply into a STE and brought that back to life years back. Theres a place that actually makes new power supplies for the STs and they are a lot more technologically advanced., ie less likely to fail in a way that will zap your motherboard. Cant recall the name but uncle google will find them for you.
  5. Put a standard ST keyboard in it. Not original but functional. did you have to pay giga thousands for that Falcon?
  6. are you after stuff like word pro's or spreadsheet stuff or only programing apps?
  7. the border i was talking about is on Atari colour monitor..
  8. Ok thank you. Going by that link it seems increasing screen size is bad for our elderly monitors so prehaps I will leave it.
  9. Hi team, Ive done a search of the forum and cant find a how to guide on how to expand the image on standard atari monitor. Screen is small as is without the wasted border space. So is the technical adjustment to make it bigger very hard? Also does anyone know why Atari designed such a border in the monitor? Seems silly but there must have been some reason? John NEW ZEALAND
  10. Below is a picture of my 520STfm's six TOS chips. The left side of the image is the back of the computer. The bottom of the image is the left-side of the computer. I hope this helps you. This is my current placings of the chips (note one is strangely more black and shiny). It doesnt work. Prehaps with all my tries they are now paper weights. Anyone want to sell me some old tos chips? lol. Thanks for your help guys.
  11. Well you could put the last 4 chips in the right order and experiment with the first two. Remember if you orient them correctly you will not damage anything. (notch) going by the previous information no one knows anything about the last four chips not the first two which people identify as US TOS. The last four are mystery chips? lol. Oh well.
  12. They are the chips that were in the ST when it was last working. John
  13. Try this: "Atari 520ST TOS U6" 7th Article down should be the one you want! Hi nothing there that applies to my chip numbers which dont seem to be the common ones. If anyone know what order to put the below chips into ill be hugely grateful. U-2 to U-4, U-5 to U-7 1] CO26160-001 / RP23256 - 0150 2] CO26163-001 / RP23256 - 0153 3] CO26244-001 / RP23256 - 0156 4] CO26245-001 / RP23256 - 0157 5] CO26246-001 / RP23256 - 0158 6] CO26247-001 / RP23256 - 0159
  14. Hi thank you for your reply. I went to google groups. But doing a search for U6 or similar just brings up random rubbish... Do you know a specific search I should do or a a hint that will get me closer? :-)
  15. Hi fellow atari users. I have six tos chips to put into a 520 STFM but I dont know where to put each chip. I tried several combinations going by the number on the chips but I keep getting a red screen of death on the Atari monitor. These are factory chips can anyone tell me where to put each of the six chips in the six sockets or load a high res photo so I can see where they go? This particular ST has the six tos chips sockets under the power supply.
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