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  1. By the way, this video is mirrored on Bitchute just in case something happens to it on YouTube: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Vr0l6QuKry2M/
  2. You shouldn't post such pictures. This is a family-friendly site! 🤯😄
  3. LOL, right. Kieren is the one who created it, with the sole purpose of trying to siphon off users from here so they can be indoctrinated with his lies. Not to mention the mountain of evidence of his lies that came from posts on there. You simply CAN NOT separate Kieren from JS3, even if he is pretending to hand the reigns over to you now.
  4. Hi, welcome to AtariAge, the single best Atari-related website on the Internet! He gets away with this "woe is me" act because most people are generally indifferent about others' problems, combined with the trusting nature that those want to exhibit towards others in a shared hobby. He's done this for years. Several of us here have tried warning numerous other websites, magazine publishers, etc. about working with him, and the general response was always the same: "He hasn't done anything bad here, so we'll give him a chance". He could get away with it before because it was only a small group of people from one website complaining about him. Now, though, with so many others finally realizing who he is, he just can't get away with it anymore. I think he was banking on that same mentality when he posted the "Wotsit" video. Anyways, glad to have you here, and look forward to anything you have to share on this website!
  5. Too bad I don't live in Austin anymore.
  6. That's just straight up embarrassing. I don't know John personally, but I know several people who know him quite well, and all have had nothing but praise not only for his kindness, but for his coding prowess. Kieren embarrasses all of us with his antics, just due to our mutual association with the Jaguar community.
  7. The chickens are coming home to roost...

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Not safe for work or kids:




  8. Trevor McFur is of far better quality than the others on that list. I'd replace it with Evolution Dino Dudes.
  9. If you're looking for a list of people with grievances against Kieren, that's going to be a long list. Which would include myself, by the way. I drew much of his ire during my time here as a global moderator as I was the one who called him out on a lot of his bullshit, especially in the Jaguar forum. So much so, that he decided to try slandering me with blatantly false claims both before and after he was banned from this forum. Kieren is a charlatan, a liar and a slimy individual who couldn't seem to tell the truth about anything if his life depended on it. I don't care what mental issues or disabilities he claims to have, they simply don't excuse his bad behavior, and he needs to be taken to account for it. Anyone taking him to task has my full support.
  10. The Atari Jaguar CD had one, released a little bit after this, although it had been publicized well beforehand. I have a feeling the 3DO visualizer was slapped together just to beat Atari to the punch.
  11. I have two Jag consoles and a JagCD, although they're all in storage right now on the opposite side of the world. Right now I play exclusively by emulation.
  12. Had no idea there was a TG-16 port of it. Kinda surprising, considering it's a Sega game. It actually plays much better than the ST and Amiga ports. Apparently so. Just found out about all of that last night myself.
  13. Well now, I never quite thought of that. Depending on the game being made, the Doom engine would be preferable if the course wouldn't be perfectly flat. Unfortunately both of those games look to be rather crappy racers, but the idea is there... The screen tilt itself wouldn't be a problem, but it would depend on how resource intensive it would be. Unfortunately, I'm not the best judge of that myself. FWIW, the Saturn handles it pretty well.
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