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  1. That game looks both fun and challenging. Are there any plans for binary download sales once the Jag GameDrive hits full circulation?
  2. Sauron


    No, you'd have to rewrite them from the ground up. Like others have said though, try running those in Virtual Jaguar. It can often run stuff that Phoenix cannot, although that rule far more applies to homebrews and demos than with commercial games.
  3. I don't think many people here realise just how much Curt has done for this hobby in general over the years, and not just for the 7800 community. He had his hands in everything ranging from the 2600 to the 8-bit and ST computer series, and even the Jaguar. All of us here owe him a huge debt of gratitude for how much he contributed to the hobby. RIP Curt, you will be sorely missed.
  4. This is extremely sad news. I don't think it can be understated just how much Curt contributed to this hobby over the years. I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but I communicated with him multiple times over the years, and always found him to be extremely helpful as well as passionate about his love of all things Atari. All of us who have participated in this hobby and have enjoyed the fruits of his labor owe him a huge debt of gratitude. He will be sorely missed.
  5. I agree 100%. That game alone would justify the price of a cart.
  6. Ideas are a dime a dozen. So are shovelware games full of bugs that are only create to make a quick buck. I just don't see the point in discussing a game idea publicly when there's little chance of it actually materialising, and even if it does, it falls into the latter category.
  7. Every time I stick up for you when I think others are going too far, you end up making me regret it. No, Zerosquare's comment was NOT uncalled for. Focus on one project at a time and give it the attention it needs before cluttering up this forum with your latest crazy idea. I think it's what those who end up spending their hard-earned money on your games deserve.
  8. I still fail to see where Jeff has been bragging about his coding skills. Honestly, the argument you guys have gotten into is rather pedantic, so I'll just say this: We all know the quality (or lack of) that has plagued his previous games, and plenty of us have given him endless grief over it. Honestly, I'm rather tired of seeing someone taking a big dump on the thread whenever he says something you don't agree with. Leave him alone and let his games speak for themselves.
  9. Quite a few of us, actually, and whether it's worth getting is entirely subjective. The game isn't 100% complete, but it's mostly there, and serves as a decent technical showcase of what the Jag can do in the hands of a good developer.
  10. Wasn't the redsun.net site the original Jaguar Interactive? I found JI2 shortly after I got out of the military, in early 1997. Prior to that my Jag discussion area was all in the rec.games.video.atari newsgroup. Kevin still shows up here every now and then, but I haven't heard anything at all from Wes in many, many years as well. Sometimes I still miss the unfounded optimism many of us had for the Jag back then.
  11. I didn't see him say anything of the sort, so no, I don't think you understood the message at all.
  12. This is pretty cool! If I win the lottery with this, I promise I'll share half of it with you...well, after tax deductions + additional expenses, of course.
  13. Just my own 2 cents here, but I don't think Jeff was "boasting" about "taxing" the Jag. He was stating that in his experience, using those color depths caused the Jag to struggle. To me, this makes perfect sense, as 1) Jeff is using rB+, not coding in asm, and 2) he's obviously not an expert coder who knows all of the tricks for maximizing performance. Despite whatever dumb stuff he's said in the past, I don't see anything he said here as trying to big himself up. Cut him a bit of slack.
  14. This exactly. Many people don't realize just how important this is when it comes to creating "impressive" graphics. And it's not just true of 3D games, it applies equally well to 2D. Put the Jag's hardware in the hands of a AAA development team with the resources to match what they need and I'm sure we'd see them create something that looks jaw-dropping in comparison to what we typically got on the same hardware.
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