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  1. You've gotta have me in your game, bro. Especially as someone evil!
  2. I'll make it easy for you. About Brave Rewards For Content Creators In short: Those who use the Brave web browser can enable Brave Rewards in order to earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) by having Brave replace a site's ads with their own ads. Users earn tokens each month just by browsing sites, and can set a specific amount of tokens to be paid automatically to site owners and content creators.
  3. About time you started putting ads on here. You should have done this years ago. One quick question for me though, and my apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere: Do you have any plans to support Brave Rewards from those who use the Brave web browser?
  4. Well, well...judging from the videos, it doesn't look half bad. While watching vids on YouTube is no substitute to actually playing it, it at least appears that a few lessons have finally been learned.
  5. Definitely great news. Just curious, though...why was Kasumi Ninja left out?
  6. GrooveyBee is definitely not VladR, nor is Gorf.
  7. I've never played Hardball 5, but other games of the era could be considered in that same light. What I can mention, though, is the High Heat Baseball series of games, which were well known as being among the most realistic simulation-type games of their time. The developers went through great lengths to make their game more realistic in play and captured the nuances and overall spirit of the game much better than most other baseball games that had been created. Even that series, though, had its share of problems.
  8. I'm probably the biggest real-life baseball fan in the Jag community, but I see little point in trying to port over or create from scratch any kind of baseball game for the Jaguar. Baseball games are difficult to make good as it is, which is why there's been so few throughout the years on any console that have really made any kind of a mark. Older baseball games are just too dated now, and making something that would be fun to play while capturing the feel of the sport would take far more effort than what anyone would put into a Jag game. I'm fine with there not being a baseball game on the Jag, considering I'd prefer not seeing it done at all if it wouldn't be done right.
  9. What else would you expect from a topic about yet another WAVE 1 GAMES 10 minute rush job? Mr. Jeffrey is free to post about his numerous rush jobs, and we should be free to point out the numerous bugs and other assorted problems that they inevitably have.
  10. All of that, and without audio to boot.
  11. No, Llamatron has some significant differences from Robotron, even though the basic core gameplay is the same. As for me, no ST freeware/shareware list is complete without Droid.
  12. Money makes the hate go round! $$$
  13. I like what I'm seeing so far. One small request, though. Is it possible to add some default space between the end of a post and the beginning of a user's signature? Even with the line separating the two, posts with signatures seem to be crammed together. EDIT: Just noticed that it seems to be that way mainly with posts that are more than just a couple of lines in length, if that's of any help.
  14. I think this is the first time I've seen a major forum update here where I really liked the default skin. Please don't change it!

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