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  1. Too long. My parents are packrats and have stuff piled up in the garage, so it's going to take a lot of digging. Oh well, I'm sure I'll come across them eventually.
  2. No, it definitely wasn't a dream. I've had two Jags for many years now, one of which had a rental sticker on it, and the other was the one I originally bought back in January of 1995. The latter is the one that I still can't find. On top of that, I have a Lynx that's buried somewhere as well.
  3. I've got two Jags and one Jag CD. I've always known the importance of having a spare, and it's a good thing that I had one as I could only find one of my Jags when I came back from living overseas. My second one is still hiding around somewhere.
  4. I'll second what everyone else said about taking time to practice how to fly the ship. Once you get it down, you'll find those parts that were extremely tricky at first to be a piece of cake. Having said that though...the parts where large objects provide their own gravity can go die in a fire.
  5. Towers works on any ST model. Towers II also had Falcon and PC releases, according to its Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Towers_II:_Plight_of_the_Stargazer
  6. There's something about this forum that seems to attract people who have little to no of a grasp on reality. I'll leave it to you to figure that out on your own.
  7. Don't underestimate the power of stupidity. Some dumbass with far more dollars than sense will come along and happily cough up the dough, which is exactly why these pirate cart scammers are listing them at such high prices.
  8. Jesus, even pirate cart prices are going insane on the Jag.
  9. No one ever let Jane and Kieren get in the same room together. The universe would implode under the sheer weight of their lies.
  10. I don't think the 7800 community needs someone who promises something great, shows off crude unfinished demos with no sound, and then disappears for years on end with the excuse that he moved/changed jobs/got stuck in a snowstorm/etc. There are plenty of 7800 developers who actually finish stuff, be happy with them.
  11. It's probably a safe bet that many of us here already follow you on there.
  12. We just went through a similar thing with a different individual who managed to fool a lot of people into thinking he was a legitimate "expert" on gaming: Both Jane Whittaker and Kieren Hawken appear to come from the same mold. the main difference being that Jane actually did some legitimate work in the industry (and, of course, the strange sock fetish). Just like what happened with Mr. Hawken, Jane's lies are going to catch up with him.
  13. You're just now starting to believe that? I thought it was readily apparent at least 10 pages back.
  14. At this point you're simply arguing with yourself. If the President and CEO of Atari saying that it was too expensive isn't enough to convince you, then nothing will. Frankly, my patience has been completely eroded here. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for getting the last word in, I'm done.
  15. I already provided the only source that matters - Sam Tramiel himself stating that the cost of including a CD drive in the Jaguar at launch would've made the console too expensive. Everything else is pure conjecture, and frankly, all of the sources that you've provided have only been you tilting at windmills.
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