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  1. I wasn't implying that you had any part in Kieren's shenanigans, only that your opinion of CJ or others here may have been colored at least in part by him. If you do want to know the extent of his shenanigans, though, there's a 65 page thread as well as a few Youtube videos that can give you a pretty clear idea. Fair enough. Hopefully though at least now you know where you stand. No one wants you banned from here.
  2. LOL, really? No, neither CJ nor anyone else wants you banned from here. The troublemakers are long gone, and you've never been considered one of them. Considering your membership in Kieren's old FB group, there's certainly some wariness, but that's far from wanting to have you banned. If CJ corrects something you've said, it's because he knows better than you. That's it. He's not trying to push your buttons, and he's certainly not trying to get you banned. If anyone has tried telling you otherwise, they're full of shit, plain and simple.
  3. Yeah, that's something I'd like to know as well. I know CJ pretty well. Despite appearances on here, he and I haven't always agreed on things, but I would NEVER question his character because I know him to be an upstanding person. And "underhanded shenanigans" is certainly NOT the way he operates, if you haven't figured it out by now. He's not the most diplomatic person, to put it lightly, but there is never any doubt where he stands, and he doesn't operate in the shadows like a certain Kieren Hawken does. In short...if you have something to say, philipj, then say it instead of trying to besmirch someone's character with vague accusations.
  4. That may have been the case with the carts I had trouble with too, although I didn't think to check them at the time. I have two carts right now - Rebooteroids and Tempest 2000, and both of them have a couple of leads that are longer than the rest, so I'm not sure if that fact alone would be the cause. The difference could be in the actual size of the leads, though, or perhaps even the board. Considering the fit is a little different though, you might want to try what I did - place a bit of pressure on the front of the cart and then turn the system on to see if that makes a difference. Honestly, I'm curious now whether or not different Jags may have slight variances in the cart slots that would cause a few carts to not make good contact with the slot contacts. I know that you and I aren't the only ones who have had problems with getting certain carts to work, and I don't think the problem is just dirty contacts.
  5. I've had problems with a few carts before that just didn't have a good fit in the cart slot. One was Power Drive Rally, which I could only get to work by wedging the manual into the slot area to put more pressure on the contacts, and the other was Ultra Vortek, which I couldn't get to work no matter what I did. Does the Impulse X cart seem to have a slightly different fit than your other carts? That was the common characteristic between the two carts I had problems with.
  6. Just got a Red Dragon keyboard + mouse combo, with a mechanical feel. Not as good as a regular mechanical keyboard, but worlds better than most other standard membrane keyboards.

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      OK. Not the one I was looking at. They don't sell that one here.


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      Looks like decent kit for the money. One thing I abhor about laptops is the sodding touchpad. When I am sat where I can I use a wireless mouse instead.

  7. Yes, as embarrassing as it is, that's exactly what happened. 82-T/A, my apologies for coming across the way I did. It was a silly thing to argue over, and I could have been more gracious in my replies. Regarding the absence of RPGs of any style, the Jag would have been a great console for some ports. Hell, I would've been happy with Dungeon Master, even though I had already played the hell out of it for years on my ST. Having some RPGs would have been greatly appreciated.
  8. Not sure why you think I'm being arrogant. All I did was counter what I believed to be a faulty assumption of yours, and you seem to be taking it rather hard. Take a deep breath, and let it go...
  9. Apparently reading comprehension isn't your strongpoint. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Eastern_role-playing_video_games
  10. I'm not getting offended. You're just coming to a bizarre conclusion that just doesn't mesh with what was actually going on at the time. I'm quite familiar with the Ultima games, considering that I actually worked for Richard Garriott before (at Destination Games/NCsoft). The "lobby" for the Destination Games dev team floor had an Apple II with all of the Ultima series games, from Akalabeth to Ultima V. Of course, I was quite familiar with them long before then. Dragon Quest is indeed based on the Ultima series, but it obviously had some differences in that it kept the interface much more simple and intuitive, which in turn set the template for the vast majority of RPGs that afterward came from Japanese developers. Hence the term "JRPG". American RPGs, on the other hand, evolved further away from that format. See Dungeon Master, Ultima VII - IX, etc. as an example of this. I'm quite familiar with the AD&D Gold Box Series too. SSI made quite a few of them, most of which were awesome. As to why Atari never got them...again, it comes down to the same answer as before - shit developer support. It's really not anything more complex than that, and certainly not due to any kind of design philosophy like you seem to think.
  11. Sauron

    PC Game Deals

    Steam only revolutionized the way people buy and install PC games, and probably single-handedly saved PC gaming from the doldrums back in the mid-2000s once consoles started becoming the main targeted platforms for many games that were usually PC-only at the time. Since then, it's added quite a few neat features, including cloud saves, full integration within games, achievements, etc. I generally don't bother with any PC games now if they're not on Steam (or GoG).
  12. You seem to be looking at the Jag's library with an extremely narrow viewpoint, and generalizing the entire thing based on a handful of games. Which ones outside of T2K and D2K are simple "beat your high score" games? Breakout 2000? Maybe, haven't played it much at all, but what else? What I see on the Jag are some first person shooters, some arcade style games (including a port of Raiden), a few puzzle games, a few racing games, etc. Not sure how these fall into the "simple 2600 style games" mold. Yes, Atari provided updates to old games as they were trying to capitalize on older but proven IP. But those titles only make up a fraction of the Jag's library. Yes it does, because all of the titles you mentioned are all Japanese-developed RPGs, which all follow a very similar model, as opposed to Western-styled ones like the Ultimas, Wizardry, Dungeon Master, etc. Now, if you want to ask why the Jag only had one FPS-styled dungeon crawler in its RPG category, that's an entirely different question, but with a very similar answer - the Jag had shit developer support. That's all it comes down to.
  13. The fact that the Jaguar doesn't have any JRPGs doesn't mean it's "following the path of the 2600". It just means it didn't have any Japanese developers making Japanese-style games for it. And I'm not sure what you'd consider Towers II to be, although, yeah, the Jag is surely lacking in RPGs.
  14. If someone wants to download the ROMs or even have repros of those games for them, then yes. No one is making new copies for sale, so it's hardly taking money away from the developers. The key thing to remember is that it is commercial games released during the Jag's lifespan that are fair game. What tends to irk others about those Etsy repro shops is that they often have no qualms about making repros of games that are still being offered for sale by the rights holder or developer, which is a big no-no around here.
  15. Considering it's starting to ship to UK customers, something says the wait won't be all that much longer.
  16. Sauron

    Mad Bodies

  17. OP, you're new here, so here's the ground rules for successfully participating in this odd bunch of folks that's called the Jaguar community: ROMs of commercial games released during the Jag's lifetime are fair game. ROMs of games released AFTER the Jag's lifetime (ie. pretty much anything sold in the AA store, including Songbird titles) is NOT ok. Asking for a ROM of Battlesphere is definitely NOT ok. Buying reproductions of these same games, or of homebrew titles where the authors have explicitly asked for them not to be sold, is NOT ok. Being someone named Kieren Hawken, or some other guy whose username starts with the number 10, is most certainly NOT ok. Using the search function on this forum before asking questions is highly encouraged. Hope that answers your questions!
  18. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/254003-upcoming-jaguar-game-drive-cartridge/
  19. Save your money up and spring for a Jag GD. That way you'll be able to hold the entire library of Jag games on one cart, all for the price of a handful of repros you'd get from some shady seller.
  20. ^^ He's absolutely right. Having great art is much of what people find impressive in games, and unfortunately quite a few Jag games took full advantage of the Jag's extended color palette over the 16-bit consoles. That same reason is why the Native demo looks so impressive.
  21. It's him, or at most one of his few close associates that are left, but most likely him.
  22. Sauron

    Mad Bodies

    There's very little chance the game will ever see another run. And even if it did, you'd be better off saving your money and trying one of the many other homebrews for the Jag. There's been quite a few released since Madbodies came out, and I'd have to say that the majority of them are much better games.
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