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  1. Star Trek: The Motion Picture is quite a unique movie, and one which I personally love. Of all of the Star Trek films made, it is by far the most atmospheric, although it comes at the expense of really dragging on at times. Had they edited out all of the nifty special effects shots to improve its pacing, the film would have suffered even more. In the end, it was really nothing more than a typical Star Trek episode expanded out to being a full-lengthed feature film thanks to the special effects budget they had. I'm probably one of the few people who truly like the movie, but at the same time I fully understand why so many others don't.

  2. How many "bits" a system has is meaningless. DEC fabricated 64 bit server and workstation processors more than 20 years ago, but their total power was easily eclipsed by cheapo home desktop 32 bit processors just a few years later. The total number of "bits" of a processor are really only necessary for specific things, such as the width of a data bus or being able to address large amounts of memory. The Jag is no exception to this. It came out well before the N64, and isn't nearly as powerful as a result. Disregard the "64-bit" moniker and just enjoy the Jag for what it is - a stepping stone between the Genesis/SNES and PSX/N64 eras.

  3. That's, uh.. kind of creepy. But I agree, DropBox is awesome. I use it for a lot of things and it makes working on projects with people in other states quick and easy.


    Creepy is as creepy does.


    Dropbox has been a godsend for those who use smartphones quite heavily. Being able to instantly take a pic or video and then dump it in Dropbox, or pulling a text or other type of media file that's been shared if it needs to be accessed on the go. I can't say enough good things about it.

  4. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I started FJP two summers ago in order to help spur the community to evolve and to catch up with the communities of every other classic game system out there. It's been a rough ride since then, but the openness that we're finally starting to see now is the fruit of that hardship.


    You're dead-on about how the community members need to try to understand and respects each others views. I've been trying to say that for years, but you put it much better than my nearly incoherent ramblings have over all of this time. A big kudos to you! :thumbsup: :)

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