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  1. Didn't Jane make a post on here a long time ago with a photo of the AvP box with some leggings tossed on top? What a fetish to have...
  2. To be fair, one of those tracks is an extremely long track that actually appears to be about 3 or 4 separate tracks crammed into one. So don't berate yourself too much for that one.
  3. He had some tax trouble a few years back to the tune of $26 million. I'm sure there's at least a few frozen tears to collect.
  4. Let's face it, most people who got Supercross 3D paid $5 for it on clearance from KB Toys, most likely along with a pile of other great Jag games like Double Dragon V, Fight for Life, and Club Drive. Anyone paying the absurd costs of a used Jag cart nowadays have no one but themselves to blame for their poor decisions. Having said that, the OP played a ROM on his Jag GD. It's a bit of a stretch to put their own findings in your same perspective.
  5. This thread just goes to show that people can extract some kind of enjoyment out a stinking turd pile if they're desperate enough.
  6. Man, this thread has a little bit of almost everything. All we need now is for a certain banned user known for spewing bullshit to come in here...well, ok, maybe we don't need that.
  7. If I remember correctly, it shipped with an adapter for ST monitors.
  8. As someone who seems to have a much more level-headed opinion of the system based on your previous posts, would you say the system is worth $400? And if not, what price point do you think would hit the sweet spot for what it offers? Would like to hear this from someone whose opinion of it isn't completely based on emotions.
  9. You're getting way ahead of yourself here. A 16Mhz 030 would not compete that well with the ARM processor used in the 3DO, and probably cost a lot more to boot. I'm willing to bet the Jag's designers went the route they did precisely because they thought the Jag's custom RISCs would offer more bang for the buck than any off-the-shelf parts.
  10. No, they're not at all irrelevant, as they're the very things that contributed to the Jag's failure. Yes, the Jag didn't need to sell numbers akin to what Sega or Nintendo needed, but they sure needed a lot more than what they were able to accomplish.
  11. I meant BY $100, not TO $100. If it were priced that low, it would probably be flying off the shelves and no one would be able to keep them in stock.
  12. I bet sales would pick up by quite a bit if Atari dropped the price for the full bundle by $100. As it stands, the VCS just doesn't offer much value when compared to other gaming platforms, and it's ability to double as a full-fledged computer isn't enough to push it over the edge.
  13. I don't think most of the GDs are going towards those who do that. In fact, I'm willing to bet that a lot of those who did have Jaguars just as a trophy are using the GD to put them to use. Or at least I surely hope that is what's happening.
  14. There is no secret sauce, as the Jaguar is not anywhere near as powerful as the N64. Any claims to the contrary are pure fantasy.
  15. Here's Zero 5 on the Falcon, which seems to be a much different game than the Jag version.
  16. That looks amazing. Never thought I'd see a reasonable port of that game to the STE.
  17. If the input latency isn't too bad, then I'm definitely interested.
  18. Funny you mention that. I ended up coming across a small group that didn't belong to the local user group that had tons of cracked software, which was how I was able to get ahold of quite a bit of stuff. Granted, many of the games were in French or German, but that did little to stop my enjoyment of them. Also had a good number of MIDI Maze parties with that same group of people.
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