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  1. One day when I was in 4th grade, I went over to a friend's house and fell in love with his C64, and that's pretty much all I talked about for months. My mother and grandmother decided to pitch in to get me a C64 for Christmas in 1986 and walked into a Federated to get me one. Of course, they ended up walking out with a 130XE instead, as the salesman there convinced them that the 130XE was better. In some ways it was, but definitely not in software availability. While C64 software was getting a little difficult to find by that time, Atari 8-bit software was becoming impossible, and what's worse, I didn't even have a disk or tape drive for my system. Eventually I did get some game cartridges so I could do more than type in BASIC programs from old issues of 3-2-1 Contact and Byte, but it was even a while more until I finally got a disk drive for the computer. What certainly didn't help in all of this is Federated going out of business not all that long after getting my 130XE, as they were the only store I knew about that actually sold peripherals for it.
  2. I thought "myatari" was B&C?
  3. Jaguar emulation will improve when more people get involved with building a new emulator or improving the existing ones. Virtual Jaguar has been pretty much a one man project for years, and little seems to be known about the Phoenix emulator except that you have to patch it in order to have an English interface. As it stands, asking when it'll improve is not going to yield any concrete answers.
  4. Yes, I also believe he was talking about the new VCS, not the 2600. He definitely has a point about us sometimes being assholes, but at the same time, he perhaps isn't familiar with the many, many times that developers here have been ridiculed for making "8-bit" games for the Jag and seeing people whine about the Jaguar not being "pushed to the limits". Really though, a lot of us here need to take a chill pill and not get so wound up about posts on a forum.
  5. You know a thread has been necrobumped when you see that Gorf had posted in it.
  6. Sauron


    It's more complicated than that. As anyone knows, there can be the loud, booming farts and then the silent but deadly ones. On the Jag, the silent but deadly ones are handled by the 68000, and only come in at half the clock speed and a quarter of the bus bandwidth. The GPU is responsible for the loud, booming farts.
  7. Interesting story. Sounds like we had some of the same stomping grounds back in the early 80s. I was a born in Salem but lived in Peabody up until my family moved to Texas in '83, and I'm a year younger than you. I remember seeing the Salem, MA address on the box of my Frogger cart, and wondered what it would be like to see their headquarters. I think a lot of kids at that time would have killed to be in your position. Thanks for sharing your story.
  8. There is definitely going to be a demand for larger cart sizes soon, you can count on it. And like you said, larger carts will be necessary once the games to take advantage of them come along, as not everyone is going to have a GD. As far as extra features go for a project like this, I'd say don't worry about them, they would probably just add to the cost of development with minimal usage at best.
  9. For great justice.

    1. x=usr(1536)


      One of the many Flash versions of that was part of our official test suite for a product I once worked on between 1999 and 2001.


      The fact that I happened to write the Flash testing plan is entirely coincidental 😁

    2. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      You know what you doing.

    3. jaybird3rd


      Somebody set up us the bomb!


      I actually have some of those Flash versions filed away somewhere.  I also may or may not have owned an "all your base" t-shirt with all the dialog printed on the back.  :ponder:

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  10. There's no problem with where it is right now, considering it is actually a modern system. A few years down the road, though, then yeah.
  11. Don't egg him on, you know exactly how he's going to respond to that.
  12. Well, um, enjoy the massive amounts of money you'll make from selling all of that. Just don't sell anything that you think you might regret later. That's the first rule of trimming down one's collection.
  13. I've read them all, so I know the full context. It's just getting tiresome coming into the VCS forum and continuing to see posts from those who view the VCS to be an existential threat.
  14. Not really fair to compare the VCS to something that you have to build yourself. Not sure why you're so hell-bent on trying to find other hardware that runs faster than the VCS. If the VCS is not for you, then move on and find some more productive methods of using your time other than trying to rile up those who do like the VCS.
  15. Ultimately, that's all that really matters. If the people who bought the VCS are happy with it, then whatever someone else who hasn't bought it thinks doesn't really matter.
  16. Sauron


    Very nice that this supports both Basic and C! Now only if you could add in support for FORTRAN and COBOL....
  17. Yes, but those fumes it gives off sure are deadly.
  18. That image wasn't aimed specifically at you, but towards everyone who has been participating in that completely pointless argument. Just so you know.
  19. Android is not "just another Linux fork". About the only thing it has in common with most Linux distros is that it runs on top of the Linux kernel, but that's it. The rest of the OS is completely different, especially when it comes to running apps. I really wish people would stop repeating this nonsense about Android. Oh, and...
  20. IIRC, he's running the BBS on an Atari ST, so probably not.
  21. Go ahead and remove me from that list. Considering I just shelled out for the JagGD, I'm not going to be able to afford the Skunkboard for a while.
  22. That game actually looks pretty cool. If I do end up getting a VCS, this will probably be a day 1 purchase.
  23. Your wealthy friend should get one for me as well.
  24. Wow, hadn't paid much attention to what's been going on in Lynx-land lately, so hadn't even heard of this game before. The Lynx demo is pretty good. Would love to see a Jag version of this!
  25. Your circular attempts at logic would be amusing if they weren't so sad.
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