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  1. The last thing I want is to get dragged into one your pedantic arguments. If you don't know the difference between a dust protector that protects the populated circuit board of a cart and one that protects the contacts, then nothing I say is going to make any difference in preventing you from further embarrassing yourself.
  2. Jesus.....Jeff, just stop already.
  3. I'm gonna have to give this a watch. I've never understood how people could get so far in this game. I think the most I was ever able to get was close to 1,000,000, but it's hard to remember since I haven't played so long.
  4. Awesome! He seems to honestly be proud of the Jag ports of Wolf3D and Doom, he's mentioned them on numerous occasions over the years.
  5. Biopede, Downfall+, and plenty of an upcoming game that's still in development.
  6. One quick question - have you noticed if the way the problematic carts fit into the Jag's cart slot is different than the games without any problems? I had a Power Drive Rally cart that was problematic in the same way for me. No matter how much I scrubbed the cart contacts clean, the only way I could get the damn thing to work was to stuff a manual folded in half behind the cart. The fit of the cart was noticeably different from all of my other games, none of which had the same problem.
  7. You can count me as an automatic "Yes!".
  8. No, that would be insulting to KFC, which actually has some decent items on the menu.
  9. Checkered Flag is one of those games where once every 5 years or so I come back around to it to see if there's any way I can extract even the slightest bit of fun out of it. And it usually takes no longer than 5 minutes or so with the game for me to suddenly remember that it didn't work all of those other times I tried it, so it's futile to try it again.
  10. Yeah, this belongs in the Jaguar GameDrive Support forum, so it would be great if a mod could move it there. I've had this issue appear as well, along with a few ROMs failing to load and even the GD not seeing the SD card at all. From the discussions I've had with someone who helped with this, it appears the SD card I'm using may be at fault. Apparently the GD can be finicky with some SD cards, so using a well-known brand such as SanDisk may go a long way towards alleviating any issues that appear. I've got a SanDisk SD card on the way to me, so I'll update this thread once it arrives and I'm able to test it.
  11. What, no mention of Rebooteroids? It's one of my favorite Jag games.
  12. Yeah, not sure why some folks are so impatient for it. There's only 13 commercially released CD games, and only a couple of them are really worth the time to check out. Honestly, I'd be far more interested in seeing some kind of hack that would allow the Jag GD to use the VLM for playing audio CD images.
  13. Never even knew it had been released for the PC. I bought the mobile version when it launched, and had a lot of fun with it. My only complaint is the fact that there aren't attack waves.
  14. Yeah, there certainly isn't 249,000 consoles floating around in the wild, but that kinda misses the point. The whole point of what I said was that there were still far more Jaguars out there that did make it into the wild than there are current Jaguar diehards who still play their console and purchase new games for it.
  15. I doubt it really matters considering that sales of most homebrews for old systems average around 200 copies. Where are the other 249,800 consoles, and what are people doing with them other than listing them on eBay for insanely high prices?
  16. Merry Christmas!

    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Merry Christmas ! 🎅🎄🤶

  17. Looks great! Seems to run fine in VJ, for those who don't have a Jag GD yet.
  18. Yeah, with the Jag GD, there simply will be no more need for a Jag CD once CD (and VLM) emulation is perfected.
  19. They already tried that about 10 years ago when they added him to the board of directors. Not sure how long he actually stayed on it, though.
  20. Yeah, it's quite apparent that they were in over their heads with releasing a hardware product. I haven't really piped up much about the VCS, and with good reason. I haven't been able to make up my mind on what to think about it. I'm kinda in both camps, actually. I don't trust the bozos in charge of parading around the dead corpse of Atari and pretending that they know what they're doing. The sum total of what they've done with the Atari name equals dragging it through the mud and watching pieces of its rotting flesh flake off, making it look even more hideous than it already did. On the other hand, there's still a part of me that has been longing to see some kind of new hardware with the Atari name on it, and the VCS is the closest that we've gotten to that in the last 25 years (and no, the Flashback products don't count). I'd love to get my hands on one once its released, even though the hardware it has costs 3 times more than what I payed for my current PC but with about half the performance. So what, though? It doesn't matter. What will make or break its usefulness to people is the software that runs on the hardware, and I still have little idea of what to expect from that. In all, I don't see the VCS as anything more than an overpriced toy meant to try to give some kind of value to the Atari IP, but even knowing that there's still a part of me that hopes that it can eventually help lead to a resurgence of Atari as something more than a rotting corpse. And I think that in essence is what the few people who are cheering on this product are hoping for as well.
  21. Why do people keep going on about the VCS as if it's a console? It's not. It's a "multimedia" box that is meant more as a tech enthusiast's toy. The VCS is not meant to compete against Sony or MS or Nintendo, its purpose is entirely different. And if you ask me, its primary purpose is as a marketing gimmick to get Atari's name back out there more than anything else.
  22. My memory is a bit hazy since this was about 25 years ago, but I don't remember seeing those cards for Jaguar games. The TRU I bought several of my games at had the Jag and their selection of games in a glass display case, and right underneath the display they had the tickets that you brought to the cage. The tickets and the label above them were only text. Of course, this might just be the one that I went to in Palm Springs, no idea if other TRUs had the same thing or not.
  23. What exactly is a "VIDPro card"? Were those the little cards they put on the shelves where you pulled the ticket to purchase the game? Yes, as others have said, Toys R Us sold the Jag. In fact, it was about the only place I could find in Palm Springs that sold Jag games back when I was in the military. TRU was also a good place for me to get XE Game System carts back in the day as well. I'd have to say as far as the chains go, TRU was probably the most loyal one to Atari.
  24. Nothing is going to reduce the price of commercial era Jag games, unfortunately, as many of them are getting harder to find, due to the huge increase in demand from collectors. I've got no problem with commercial era game repros being sold. What I do have a problem with, though, is when these shady Etsy and eBay shops start selling repros of homebrews and post-commercial era games, which is far more common.
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