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  1. Was susposed to have a second date with that nurse I mentioned on here, thought the first one went very well, but she stopped e-mailing me a few days ago. I wish people could be honest if they weren't interested. Just more of my typical bad luck with girls (Sigh)

  2. Picked up Super Mario Galaxy, will be playing that some more tonight.

  3. I wonder why the electronic music artists I like are mostly from Europe, until I remember, "Oh yeah, electronic music in general" (sans hip-hip) "is widely accepted over there".

  4. Imagine and George Michael? This is why I can't stand the Olympics.

  5. Forum moderators should be like parents. United in their actions and policy. Firm or caring when it required. When one parent beats the children, and another gives them cake, the site suffers as a whole.

  6. So the date I was susposed to go on Monday night didn't happen -- she got held up at her part time job. This girl not only has a primary job of being a nurse working in a meth clinic, she also works three days a week testing people at the courtroom! Talk about feeling like my job is worthless. :) We're hoping to get together this weekend.

  7. Got a blind date for tommorow night! She's a year older then me (37), works as a nurse in a clinic, and we share a lot of the same hobbies. Going to have dinner at the Cheescake Factory. My first date in over a year, so I'm pretty psyched and hope it goes well. We were talking online for several days now and just set it up for tommorow night.

  8. Went to the game store, came home with Shenmue. No clue how to play the game but I did manage to buy some chips and a grape soda and played a little Space Harrier.

  9. Went to the game store, came home with Shenmue. No clue how to play the game but I did manage to buy some chips and a grape soda and played a little Space Harrier.

  10. Does anyone have a used nook or kindle they don't want and are looking to sell?

  11. Just heard a coyote howl. Which is weird because I didn't hear any roadrunners go "meep meep."

  12. Ortiz just hit HR #396, grand slam #11 of his career, passes Joe Carter on all time HR list... Hall Of Fame anyone? GoSox

  13. seems to me that there are more jag programming contests than jag programmers

  14. Famous people dying left and right these days....now Ray Bradbury has passed at 91. RIP

  15. I'm typing this on my new iPad! Woohoo!

  16. You know what I miss? McDonald's "Arch Deluxe" burger! It wasn't all that bad as people said it was,! Just it was marketed incorrectly for a selective audience! Next would be Burger King's "Rodeo Burger".

  17. Anyone who copies this status update is in violation of the DMCA and you can expect the United Nations legal team to be contacted IMMEDIATELY.

  18. Sometimes I think I'm not cut out to date. Seems like everytime I meet someone it goes one of two ways, I like her and she ends up being an absolutely horrible person, or she likes me and I don't really connect. This shit is getting frustrating. :(

  19. Would you date an Atari 2600 Heavy 6-er?

  20. I'm waiting patiently for a list of 42 users. I wonder how long I'll have to wait?

  21. Ya know I don't mind if Windows 7 64 bit Blue Screens and give me an error indicating a change in Software or Hardware EXCEPT when there has been NO FRIGGIN Change in HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE! Grrrr! The first person to say "GET A MAC!" or "USE LINUX" gets a drop kick to the face. THOSE are not answers to a problem and those OS's also can and do have issues contrary to popular belief so don't even go there!

  22. I want to see the movie Threads, but there's not a region 1 dvd :(

  23. New iPad announcement = YAWN

  24. New iPad announcement = YAWN

  25. "The Emperor Caligula once decided to go to war with the Roman God of the sea, Poseidon, and ordered his soldiers to throw their spears into the water at random"

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