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  1. Damn. The Patriots lost. Oh well, there's always Red Sox baseball to watch... To bad I have to wait months to watch that... Oh well, there's always offseason baseball talk shows on MLB Network...

  2. WIDE LEFT! Pats going to the Super Bowl! What a game! I drained a bottle of Pepto and have no nails left!

  3. Oh geez I can't hold it any longer!!! I gotta go, I gotta go, I go.. OH HEY, A JAGUAR CD!!

  4. Stuck in call center hell. How the hell do I escape this??

  5. Stuck in call center hell. How the hell do I escape this??

  6. Stuck in call center hell. How the hell do I escape this??

  7. Wasn't able to go to the game after all, but loving what I'm seeing at home! Go Pats!

  8. My wife gave me a big lecture today about not being manly enough... i started crying.

  9. Wow, someone at work couldn't use their tickets to go to the Pats game Sat night so a co-worker and I bouight them. Middle stadium, $125. Can't wait!

  10. Yay! The rapist lost.

  11. attention AAers, please bump any and all BackIn89 threads for the one year anniversary. We've got to keep hope alive!

  12. This is the Pats team I expected to see!

  13. Somehow went nuts *again* on lynx hardware and software. This will be about the 3rd straight week. 10 games, a system, case, and sun visor in the mail.

  14. wishes the forum update would of come with certain grammar auto-correct scripts. They should of developed that!

  15. Is Pink Floyd's "Animal" album best album of all time ?? just maybe

  16. Happy birthday to all Marines! 236 years and still running strong!

  17. We need to create some sort of huge myth about Albert. Some sort of hilarious 'back story' tall tale.

  18. might be moving to Europe...

  19. So cebus is a new mod....may god have mercy..on our souls!!!! :P

  20. I got the Siamese cat!!!! Finally got my little Ashari!

  21. lets play the игра or игры as our russian friends would say

  22. OldSchoolRetroGamer has a very acceptable goatee and I 100% approve. Excellent work friend. If only Sauron would either grow his out (if that's possible), otherwise SHAVE!!

  23. I'm trying to sell a Jaguar in the Marketplace among other things. See my thread! But I can't figure it out....is the Jaguar 32 bit or 64 bit?

  24. 33% of iPhone owners are idiots...http://www.tuaw.com/2011/07/12/confusion-abounds-from-iphone-owners-hearing-about-4g-networks/


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