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  1. Nice, installed! I'm still preparing the report, so let's check what can be removed from the list
  2. Great! Could you consider swapping joystick controls to more casual: the fire button activates shooting and joystick move down results in teleporting?
  3. Wow, a lot of improvements! Thank you. I'm going to use it as usual and will report bugs and propose add-ons . PS. New icons look ok
  4. Another bug: Mad Studio switches the normal/inverse fields after saving the font set. Small improvement idea for this character set editor section: allow to copy single char to another cell. It can be useful when you design your own set (like me)
  5. Hi Gury, my friend! I'm also using your tool recently. I noticed today, when working on game jam, that player data in the player/missile editor saves 23th row only... when I use 24 or more (there are 30 max).
  6. The official Atari distributor in Poland, PZ Karen, released the modified Atari computers in the late 80's, models: 128 XT, 192 XT and 256 XT with extended memory, Centronics port and Basic XL/Basic XE build in. Thus, keeping the compo rules, you can use these implementations of Basic...
  7. As I wrote on AtariOnline.pl forum: http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=4891&page=1#Item_15 Poison - I don't see any reason for your apologize . Your msxs were well done, the story of the megademo is also interesting. Keep going with your work. Sure, the megademo was too long for demo compo, it made the compo time boring, however, it was matter of organization, not your fault. Thanks Poison for your entries! Also agree with tomaswoj who wrote there: "while I was a bit frustrated during the compo, it's already became a legend It will be remembered, (...) most of us will actually start to smile, and feel the pleasure (despite all the odds) of being a part of it. And this legend, this memory will add to the growing 'folklore' of Forever party. "
  8. Thanks guys for these kind words. The author promised the final release for December 2019. Vertical scrolling is planned to make the game more interesting. Let's keep our fingers crossed
  9. Kski is developing his own game project "Albert". This is the early version! Program and music by Kski, gfx by Kaz and Kski. You can read more on AtariOnline.pl forum: http://atarionline.pl/forum/comments.php?DiscussionID=4865&page=1#Item_37 Please like and share video (and subscribe the AtariOnline youtube channel to be updated): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-Dcchzosgg
  10. This is a great piece of software. Gury, keep doing, I plan to use it for my current game projects
  11. The game "07 zglos sie" soon will be available in English under the title "07 came in". The short review of this paragraph game here:
  12. Hi Tezz, great work! The game looks amazing Congratz for you and Mariusz.
  13. The shipping cost from Poland to USA is 18,30 PLN which is equal to 5 USD. Thus, together it would be 15.75 USD for two posters, tube and shipping. Paypal is available.
  14. orpheuswaking - nice to hear that you like it Well, I can send it to USA, don't know the cost yet. Let you know soon.
  15. Hi Nir, just the way described above - let me know what would you like to pick up at party place - as you just did OK, one Space Colony poster for you in paperboard tube.
  16. If someone would like to have my posters guaranteed on Silly Venture party, please order it before party. I will bring ordered posters only. Moreover, there is limited number of them (25). Don't need to pay before delivery at party place. Let me know in this thread or email me (kaz @ atarionline . pl). Just to remind some facts about these posters: size 50 x 70 cm (19 3/4 x 27 1/2 inch), fits on Ikea's standard frame, printed in professional printery on avarage paper, priced 5 euro for poster and paperboard tube. There are two designs for now: 1. SPACE COLONY Black & white (monochromatic) "Space Colony" poster bases on my "Kolony 2106" graphics, used also as covert art for Pro©Atari magazine no.2. 2. 07 ZGLOS SIE This poster contains the collection of 4-colors Atari screens from the new coming game "07 zglos sie". This is the text game which ironic story about policeman catching economic criminal happen in 70's in Poland. Probably will be available in English at the beginning of the next year. Polish version will have "opening night" and presentation on Silly Venture 2k17:)
  17. Bryan, old links are archived for now. When new AtariOnline.pl layout will be changed, all old links will back.
  18. As certain people know, Grey is the person running the great Silly Venture party in Poland. In this TV reporting you can watch him at home with his Atari computers. Besides, there are other interesting things here: the most famous Polish supercomputer Odra, old mobile phones collector, NASA buying CPUs for space shuttles... Enjoy translation into English prepared by mgr_inz_Rafal and movie recorded by Fox and everything builded up by QTZ and me.
  19. No, it can't be this way... Fandal's webpage is one of the most important sites for Atari community! Fandal, if it is a problem with contemporary Atari company - I can offer the server space for your website and will take full responsibility for any contents inside. If domain name is a problem - I can offer sub-domain like "fandal.atarionline.pl" or whatever you wish. If you are demotivated to keep your brilliant Atari site alive or just temporarily or permanently burnt-out, it is still worth to keep access to your amazing database! Don't abandon you child, just let us use it and - maybe - develop. Please think about. You know my email, as we're emailing for years. I tried to write you the same today's morning, however your email @fandal.cz seems to be not available (anymore?). Greets, Kaz/AtariOnline.pl
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