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  1. I always cracked up at how he tried to hide his vectrex loot from Mrs. Roli
  2. This is interesting discussion on artifacting output of the Super Color CPU Card with the UAV circuit. I've yet to install mine, but am preparing to do so. I really appreciate the detailed findings from Krenath and Faicuai and others. Pretty much I use an original 800 and Ultima III is one of those games I still play, and I was surprised by the sample output. I did spend some time today in Altirra with the game and was impressed how thorough Phaeron was in emulating the colors. Under the view menu, you can choose "Adjust Colors..." and then set the preset to many choices, including NTSC, PAL, XE or XL or 800. I've attached screenshots of the 3 different presets for XE, XL, and 800. Based on this, I can see why there is so much confusion about which are the "correct colors". It really depends on the machine you use. XE Artifacting: XL Artifacting: 800 Artifacting:
  3. Tried to pry mine open today very carefully, but ended up breaking off 1 out of 6 plastic tabs. I'm really hoping I never have to open this again. Now to install the pokey...
  4. I have the exact device from Lotharek and it hung on my 800 too when I first got it. It worked much better when I downgraded to the 2.5 version of the device firmware. It also works much more reliably if the SIO bus has a strong power source (I think my 800 alone was a little weak). I am running mine with his SIO Splitter with a power supply I got on amazon and it is very stable. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0719GY29M
  5. maybe if enough of us wanted kits in the US we could combine shipping from Germany, sharing the cost, and thus it could be affordable. Someone would have to act as a trusted middle man in the US on Roland's behalf to ship the individual orders by US Mail once the "Uber" package arrives.
  6. I had one of those for my atari st in college. Produced awesome color prints. I would think the ribbon cartridges are hard to come by these days.
  7. For a budget iron, I've been really happy with this one. Quick heat up from cold & the heat remains constant during use. 65W Tilswall Solder Station at Amazon
  8. Thank you for working on this, its just awesome! Any chance you still have a way to make a version of that HHDP_* folder with headers removed & filenames for the Mateos Multi Cart? I saw some really old threads where you had provided such a thing, but links are all dead.
  9. Just wanted to report that Ben is still in business and seems to be doing well. He's still providing the great service and attention to detail I remember from way back. Yes, you do have to be patient and go along with his limited ways to receive payment, but I think its worth it. Overall, I am very satisfied with my little box of Atari loot I received today from him.
  10. I have been thinking about him recently as well. I just sent him an email. A long time back (maybe 15 years yikes!) I visited him a few times and we played some Jaguar games together. He is a good guy.
  11. I live in North America and still like cassette software. Its mostly nostalgia I suppose, still like my 410. For sure I'd buy a new game on cassette. Actually, a few days ago I bought a two pack of RadioShack LN-30s and a copy of Atari Space Invaders. Planning to spin some tape this week!
  12. Wow, thanks Doc, I just tried this and it worked! Running both SIO2SD and SDrive-MAX at the same time. Here's my setup: Atari 800 (stock) SIO Splitter SIO2SD (Firmware 2.5) (set DeviceID=1 in device config) (D2:OFF) SDrive-MAX (only D2: mounted with ATR) Loaded and ran programs for about 30 minutes, loaded DOS several times, accessed files on the SDrive-MAX, and back to SIOSD menu, etc. No crashes nor hangs.
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