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  1. I submitted RastaSlide to VirusTotal again and joined just to report it as a false positive. Interestingly the beta version is flagged by 4 of 70 and not 5. That is the -trimpath compilation. I'm not sure where wshtcpip.dll may be called, it certainly isn't in the source code, but may be called in one of the standard libraries used. I'm no GO expert, but it just seems to include everything and doesn't give you control over linking. The source code is in there so please feel free to look and compile and check.
  2. I'll have to check when I get back from work today. The only change was me using GO 15.2 rather than 15.0 and compiling with -trimpath to remove my personal folder names from panic traces. The dll is probably called in the GO runtime. Anyway can't be too careful with these things so probably best not to run until it's confirmed it's a false positive or there is something nasty on my machine that windows defender doesn't know about
  3. RastaSlide - RastaConverter Slide Show Maker Release Version Not much change from the beta apart from some slide size optimizing improvements RastaSlide 1.0.zip Quite a lot of attempts and cropping on this Nyan Cat by Vexcel, and less of the RastaConverter scratchy look now than expected. Extra white lines when viewing the XEX which I failed to avoid despite repeated attempts. The original picture is very vibrant poster art and may be the best looking Nyan Cat ever (OK, that's quite a low bar). sheddy_vexcel_nyan_cat_PAL.xex
  4. Much respect to the original artists And great idea with your tool to optimize the use of the 5th colour
  5. An elephant by Ingrida Also attached, a newer version of RastaSlide with some fixes Surprisingly, Stephen's joke White Album conversion highlighted several edge case issues... sheddy_ingrida_elephant.xex RastaSlide a bit less Beta.zip
  6. I've just about finished cobbling together a RastaConverter slide show maker program for Windows called RastaSlide if anyone is interested and wants to try it. Still gobsmacked at the quality of some of these pictures on just a little Atari. RastaSlide.zip
  7. Thanks all. Plenty of ideas there to try and to learn about. Much appreciated.
  8. Yep ATR is a good container. If I could just use exe/xex on its own though I wouldn't need to write any loading code at all and leave it to the binary loader
  9. I think you're right Rybags about work variables judging by my initial failed experiments with trying to use just NOTE with DOS 2.5 during its binary loader as suggested by dmsc. It's a simple PC utility I'm making to create the disk/exe slides so I may just stick to plain disk sectors and no DOS to save added complexity in it writing to a DOS ATR. As a key feature of the utility is to be able to extract the original picture XEXs again I think portability to other DOSes may be less of an issue. I was ideally hoping to not rely on any particular DOS at all and just be able to distribute XEX and rely on fundamental binary loader functionality common to them all. So, for example, just drag and drop XEX onto Altirra and instant slide show. But the lack of being able to implement a loop function that way, (which I believe most people would think is an essential feature for what has to be a pretty small slideshow), is a literal show stopper (Terrible pun).
  10. Thanks guys, that is all very insightful. I would be looking for maximum portability. I guess some modern device handlers/emulators binary load might just "magically" inject exe segments into memory too. I had read that NOTE only worked in update mode too in OS manual. That'd be a great trick though. The mini DOSes would be a natural for something like a slideshow to squeeze in as many slides as possible, so may have to rule that out. Ironically I had started out using ATR and switched to XEX thinking it'd be more portable. Problem then becomes what to do with larger than standard 90/120K disk. Do we just start using 256 byte sectors for bigger?
  11. So, I'm trying to create a slide show exe which will loop back once the last slide is done. With a standard exe we can chain load and show pictures with init. However once at the end of the file, is there a safe way to set things back to start over at the beginning of the file that will work with all binary loaders from different DOSes? I assume the exe will not know how it has been called or what its file name is. I'm pretty clueless about doing things with DOS and couldn't see an obvious way to do this, so hope this is a simple thing. Thanks.
  12. Space Harrier doesn't do both sample and screen changes every scan line, you probably would need some kind of screen kernel for that, rather than interrupts. SH Source.zip
  13. There is some middle ground between basics and "assumed already expert" that something like this with practical examples can fill nicely. Seems like a great idea. EG on disk handler sector read, what kind of status should we expect. If it fails should we try again, or assume bad sector. On topic of exact cycle wasting I nominate clockslide https://www.pagetable.com/?p=669as one of the sneakiest tricks. Not something that instantly springs to mind! cmp (0,x) 6 cycle wait in 2 bytes if you don't mind messing up the carry
  14. Have updated the first post with the .bin version to save stripping off the .car header
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