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  1. Can't wait to see the full thing... emkay, you have any info on how to use those modulation features of POKEY? Maybe you could put something on the Programming forum for us poor ignorant sound programmers who are only using standard features? Or at least give us some clue Thanks
  2. I'd always wondered whether Labyrinth was ever completed for 8-bit Atari - as I'd heard it was being developed; Lucasfilm always seemed to do the Atari version first, and it was usually the best version! Great news. Now we need someone to let us have it For this game though I'd guess the C64 version might have been better. It had some cool sprite multiplexing...
  3. No. never got the ATR Was going to mention it before, but have been busy with other stuff. Feel free to try again, please (I do have to delete a lot of spam on my hotmail, so maybe it got caught up with that)
  4. I don't fancy any dissassembly today (well, ever)...if someone already has the answers... Ah, the grey scanlines - that is a pretty low CPU overhead to get those results...but is it just using the processor during those scanlines, or is it eating it more spread out over the frame? so, how do you get a SID like voice on the POKEY? Is it something to do with the filter? Never had much success with it, myself. Was hoping to have something similar for my replay routine. Even the CMC in just the VBI seems to get something similar to that effect. How is it done, programming wise emkay, what does LFO stand for? ..still would like to hear (and see) more of ADMIRANDUS Hve, yes, imagine putting all those things together at once - It would be great. ...But sprites....there's a very simple soft sprite routine idea I'm working on that would be upto 50% faster than the one in Space Harrier XE, and ideal for more solid large objects....trouble is the data ends up 4-8 times bigger than some people might expect
  5. Who would have thought Pokey could sound like that. Wow, sounds great . Wonder how much processor time it's using???
  6. I'd have to add ATASM to the list of good cross assemblers for the 8-bit/5200 too
  7. Yeah, Alley Cat, brilliant! Wonder how they did the cat meow fx... What about Warhawk and IK music though? Tail of Beta Lyrae intro has some nice music too...
  8. Looking Good Pretty site and Games Always interesting to hear the story behind the games too.
  9. Is that the coloreditor program? same as in this thread (near the end)
  10. Not sure what you mean by 2 point modulation, but I think I'm not the only one who would like to see this game! How about posting a .bin of it?
  11. Hve, mame is the only way to go. The computer versions are very inaccurate (especially the Elite 8-bit versions which are nothing like the original). Console ones are better. I had the PC Engine version back in the late 80's - it was very close. All the Sega ones from the 32X version on appear to have been done by emulation, rather than converted, so are pretty much perfect. No, haven't found the pattern tables in the mame ROMs. You can save many positions in mame (shift-f7) so you can replay things over and over to help see what's going on. I then try and get something similar by entering directions, speed etc. into the data and just trying it out. Sprites are done from screen captures on mame. then into an art package and colours reduced and object resized. Often then needs quite a bit of manual work for anything with any detail on it. The same with scaling the frames smaller and smaller - lots of manual touching up required as they're too lo-rez to scale well. then into my own utilities (in Access VB!) to convert and write it straight to .atr disk sectors. I'll help if I can. I haven't looked closely, but it seems to me like Time Pilot enemies don't follow set patterns? They seem to have behaviours rather than just fixed places they go. Maybe they start in a particular spot but it depends what you do as to how they respond? You need to figure out those behaviours. Lots of play on mame!
  12. Cheers sTeVE, you know. your site is a lot prettier than mine when it started out. The site did require quite a bit of time though, even with help from my brother - I'm only just beginning to get to grips with dreamweaver...I ain't ever gonna earn a livin at it, that's for sure
  13. The first proper update for 6 months. But not too much has happened for various reasons www.sheddyshack.co.uk
  14. Yep, very nice Here's my guess.. I'd say that top 1/3 although it looks complex is mostly just PM overlays and DLIS, and will display OK But I guess the bottom 1/3 is going to look wrong coz the emulators don't do horizonal timing right yet. Either you're switching from gr.8 (or 0) to gr.15 horizontally or you're multiplexing the PM's horizontally.
  15. I'd love to see a better version of Guantlet too. Never did like the 8-bit one much.....too jerky. Plus Adventure II of course should be real interesting, Cafeman. Zone Ranger has a pretty nifty sprite engine, only xors, but optimised and speedy with some nasty self modifying code Zone Ranger ships are also software sprites PM's are used for a lot of the other stuff 'cept the rocks of course And all in Antic E Extremely doubtful you could do a voice sample and this kind of action without severe slowdown. With a simpler game, not CPU intensive...maybe.
  16. You'd get a somewhat arbitary lot of colors with the overlap on, but stretched PM's would be great for background color (still a little small though even at x4), not hugely flexible, but like you say....with the right tools... surprising more people didn't try it....(thereby prompting a huge number of replies showing us they did)
  17. Cheers Nukey, you're up a bit early today??.. (12:30 here in the UK). Thought the pics would be too complex otherwise for only 128 chars...well maybe not the eye..
  18. V Nice! the extra color is always worth it! But, sorry, don't know anything about this format...or tools for it. Does it use DLIS to get more charsets on-screen at once, so you could do a pic of anything, as JetBoot was discussing on Flimbos Quest? (that is one impressive looking game). Heaven, notice Fox has removed his Vector site, is that because no-ones helping him like he asked, or are Taquart working on other stuff now?
  19. Shame these never made it. Some really cool stuff Steve! lots of colours on-screen too for some of them- very nice. Especially would have liked to see how Pacland would've turned out. Was the plan to overlay PMG's and chars for more colors? Good luck with the new job too! Chris
  20. Looks like someone must be listening - a compiled version for Windows has shown up there now. Even seems to works on WinXP (crashed real bad on last version)
  21. Thanks but there's not too much new to see at the moment. The past few months have been quite bad for me, and I haven't had the time or the energy to do much on it. There's quite a few changes "under the hood" but nothing particularly visible or newsworthy. I've been messing around on my new 130xe (thanks B&C and APE!) to try and get things looking right though. The site has had a bit of a makeover, and I'll try post some kind of update on it before Christmas - Stage 3 should be done by then, with any luck. - Chris
  22. I had a go at using them too. Didn't help with the sample playing at same time as screen display though - still slurred - the timer interrupts seem to be not precise when other DMA (like the screen) is going on, which is a damn shame (like what's the use otherwise?) From what I can tell, that doesn't happen on the C64, and you get much more precise interrupts. Still could be just me, they are buggers to get to work at all.
  23. That post about Pokey being better than SID looks like a great Troll! Shame there seems to be hardly any posts on that C64 forum. That would have C64 fanatics up in arms! The post is not really true from what I can tell. POKEY specs are not better than SID. Although I haven't seen the original demo, The World of wonders song is definitely using some kind of sampling, or synthesising a sample real time, rather than some hidden talents of POKEY. You can tell by the "noise" in the sample. (Also on the SAP player notice the interrupt is 4000 times a second, whereas most "normal" tunes are 50 or 100 only ) Playing back any kind of sample on POKEY (or SID) is pretty intensive for the processor. Making the little 6502 processor do stuff 4000 times a second means there is not a lot of time left to do much else, like run a game or whatever. Goochman - Sure, SID can do speech. Can be done as just a long sound sample. Impossible Mission is just one game I know of that has speech. I never programmed SID, but if anything it looks easier to get a sample playing on SID while other things are going on. Just getting the timing precise on the Atari so the speech doesn't sound slurred while even doing something as simple as displaying the screen is quite tricky. In fact in some progs (like SAM, Mirax Force, Whomper Stomper) you'll notice they just switch most of the screen off while they speak, to make life easy.
  24. From a purely hardware point of view, I doubt anyone could seriously argue that POKEY is better than SID for music. SID is a proper synth on a chip - several different waveforms,( esp. sine), hardware ADSR, 3 (or 4?) 16 bit channels, filters. POKEY limited to (almost) square waves, 2 channels of 16 bit sound (but 4 of 8bit), awkward filter. It has been argued by some that POKEY is more effective for sound fx. the "distortion" effects certainly lends itself to some interesting noises, and it can do them on any channels at same time, whereas SID only has one channel for "noise". POKEY came out 3 years before SID, in 1979. The 610 was also realeased the same year as the C64, by my googling, in 1982. So it has nothing to be ashamed of! POKEY was also used in many Atari coin-ops (but sometimes in conjunction with other sound chips), but I don't know if any were from before 1979. Still, people have done amazing stuff with both chips. Like any instrument though they have their own unique sound, and strengths; things each is better suited to. Best place to hear what's on atari is the SAP archive, which was inspired by the Hi Voltage SID collection of tunes (link on the site to that). There are a hell of a lot of tunes you can compare there! I always liked Warhawk tune, as far as games go. It is similar quality to the C64 version. You're right that demos have the best examples of what's possible. Check out the Numen demo (not just for the sound). The Taquart guys sure know what they're doing. Sorry can't find the link right now. There were some posts about it here about a month ago though.
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