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  1. Not really, does same as .cb "Hello" no good for screen display unless custom charset
  2. Yep, thanks. looks like I'll have to be doing that. On another note, is .align supposed to work to exact bytes rather than just pages? Not that it turns out to be that useful for padding out to 128 byte sectors, but when I was experimenting it seems to behave peculiarity with things like ".align $7f"?
  3. Thanks, that does work for "dta" but not ".cb" unfortunately
  4. Just wondering how do people handle strings of text to be put on screen with MADS? .sb 'Text' converts to ATASCII codes, which is great, but .cb 'Text' does EOR $80 to the last character which is perfect to denote the end, except it is only ASCII and not ATASCII? IE the capitals don't work. Is there a simple trick I'm missing to have it do the EOR for ATASCII codes, or am I just approaching things the wrong way? Thanks!
  5. Minor error in documentation: A ':' specifies the number of times to repeat the line (in the case of a macro, this specifies a macro parameter by number if it is in decimal). The repeat count should be in the range <0..2147483647>. When repeating a line with ':repeat', it is possible to use the loop counter in the repeated line using a hash sign ('#') or the parameter :1. repeat count is only 16-bit using ":" <0..65535> but it's true for .rept (thankfully!)
  6. Not this version. It would take a lot of work to make a 1024K xex. I'm not sure if Fandel managed it with the 2011 version in the end. How long does it take to load a 1024K program even with a high speed loader? I just don't like the idea of that. I would want to rewite it to use less RAM, which would be much, much more work.
  7. It's hard to compare as it's easier to hit the scenery in the Atari version. (I honestly don't know how the bullets miss the scenery so often in the arcade one. They seem to have some pretty funky logic). But if you want to see what 1 in 6 chance is like, please find attached. space-harrier-1in6-black(64k).bin
  8. Hi Prowizard, Ah, I see what you're referring to now. Yes, there is a new big explosion for things on the ground. It seems to be working as expected from your video. There is a 1 in 4 random chance of it happening as long as things are not very close and in the distance. Yes, it can sometimes get in the way of seeing things, but it is in the arcade game.
  9. I hope Atarimania will pick it up at some point. I edited the 1st post with the final versions (at same time they were posted in the thread): http://atariage.com/forums/topic/284026-space-harrier-update-2018/
  10. Yep, things seem OK now, so yes, these are the final versions (I kinda like the black version best).
  11. Video of new title screen and attract mode. https://youtu.be/5GYyB_evG0I Thanks to my brother Nick for figuring out that the only way to get any reasonable quality from YouTube now is to upscale to 4K... Altirra blend mode on to show in-game colors correctly in the video.
  12. I think the problem is you guys are too imaginative! make the shape of an "H" with the joystick, starting at the top left: left+up left left+down left centre right right+up right right+down End symbol will appear and all stages accessible
  13. OK, this might be a total spoiler but... yep, all with the joystick Holding it in place only shows you've got the sequence right so far. Once it's gone you need to start the combo again The H itself is a clue for how to move the joystick
  14. Thanks!Yeah, the shadows are more subtle on the arcade machine. The transparent effect was too noticably flickery on the Atari unfortunately. I guess the idea was to help judge the distance, but it is not particularly helpful or necessary. You mean a tree going off the sides that has just been shot? The big explosions are bigger than the tree so it is possible the edges will show. Frame rates are the same - quite low! I suppose you might see slow down more often in a busy situation because of the shadows.
  15. Well done, you found the H. Stick with it You will know when you have fully unlocked
  16. I think it's pretty discoverable, so for now I'm just going to say you need to focus on the title screen.
  17. Since the "likes" don't show up unless using desktop site, just wanted to say thanks for the compliments and feedback from everyone. Much appreciated. @R0ger It's not much different than the original, there's some source code floating about here somewhere. But basically, it's 2 joined channels at 1.79Mhz so the IRQ can be timed exactly to the scanlines, rather than all channels in 15khz. As it's Antic D IRQs can interleave with the DLIs without much affect.
  18. I've seen this animation freezing. Do you recall if it was after pressing Reset, maybe in quick succession? It's not ideal but I can live with that if that's the only time it can happen. The credits splash screen at power-on only is deliberate. I figured people can start up again if they really want to have a good read, rather than shoving it down their throats every time!
  19. Special for you space-harrier-black(64K).zip
  20. More orange Mammoth version in NTSC. Looks a bit sunburnt in PAL though. space-harrier(64K).zip
  21. This was deliberate to try and reduce flicker between the black and brighter colours
  22. Oh yeah, forgot to mention the giant nuke explosions
  23. Changes since 2011 release, in no particular order: -RastaConverter based title screen -Object shadows -5-bit samples with higher sample rate -More continues allowed -Boss names show on stage 18 -Fix crash/corruption that can happen if a bullet homing onto a ground robot bounces down off hitting indestructible scenery -Updated WiWi Jumbo end boss graphics -Saves Stage unlocking back to Cart -Start key works as start(!) -Cheat Easter egg -The big "nuke" explosions -More attract/demo stages
  24. Fix for the console key crash attached I must admit that The Doctor's NTSC surprised me. The change in the NTSC standard is annoying! I was happy that Altirra NTSC was close enough to the intended colour but will probably have to think again by the looks of it. space-harrier(64K).zip
  25. Thanks for the reports. Sounds like I need to get my XL out and a serial converter for my APE cable.
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