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  1. Updated version with RastaConverter based title screen, serious bug fixes and some other bits and pieces to make things easier. Not tested on real hardware yet, so interested if you come across any problems. *CONFIRMED CRASHES WITH CONSOLE KEYS PAUSE* NTSC colors may be poor still *Fixed on attached versions* NB .bin version is for AtariMax 8Mbit cart type (old and new) New title screen and attract mode https://youtu.be/5GYyB_evG0I space-harrier-black(64K).zip space-harrier-black(64K).bin
  2. That's damned impressive full 3d polys for a Spectrum or any 8 bit in terms of speed. However, "walkthrough" does seem the correct description.
  3. Ah, I see. Thanks for the explanation Avery. I'll save while running or just do the vblank wait.
  4. Haven't used save state much previously,( or debugger for that matter), but when I'm in debugger on a program I'm working on, it keeps hitting "can't save as in middle of instruction." despite run/break several times and ending up around same part of a vbi. Doing go vblank in debugger then allowed to save state. So just wondering if this is usual expected behaviour? Thanks
  5. Just the cycles to retrieve the display list I believe, which would be very, very minimal. It makes the code for vertically scrolling those few dozen scan lines a bit easier though. Not generally useful though.
  6. Ah, OK - It'll output blank lines itself. Thanks for the explanation.
  7. Do really short display lists with just a few dozen scanlines before the jump and wait for vblank work without rolling on real TVs and monitors? The display list doesn't need to be padded to some minimum length? They work on emulators, and "wait for vblank" gives the impression that it should, but my real Atari is packed away, so thought I'd ask first to be sure. Thanks!
  8. They do compress very well with a little bit of optimization, but yeah, better from a distance unfortunately
  9. 5 characters? Qoutient and remainder not in A and X 😜
  10. Interesting experiment, but hard to think of benefits. Obvious idea of stereo not any good with just one pokey
  11. His Dark Majesty. One of the best and most complex. (Done in "C" 😉)
  12. It keeps finding the same bad looking solution. That's unfortunate. Have you tried without "smart" colour option? That will randomize things more and hopefully find different solutions
  13. Actually, it looks like you've hit one of the edge cases where RastaConverter doesn't properly emulate("know") what a real Atari would output. Came up... quite a few pages back, but this year or late last, I think. Since RastaConverter isn't being actively updated anymore and the changes would probably be complex, it's unlikely to get fixed or worked around in RastaConverter unfortunately. Chances are if you try again from earlier save point or from scratch, it'll miss the edge case
  14. If you're pla/plp ing the stack often enough for it to be worth it, you can always save the stack pointer first. It's not like the stack data dissappears by doing a pla/plp (but careful with any pha/php then!)
  15. Advice back in the day always was 24 blank then 192, for PAL and NTSC due to massive variety in CRT TV models and beam adjustment. Exact opposite problem today where you often see far more than you would be able to on any CRT. Even in normal mode Altirra is pretty generous with what you get to see compared to most CRT TVs and monitors. That's not a criticism, but nothing would have been using the COLBK register for the trademark Atari colour bars if it looked that awful for most people.
  16. Gotta love these old Latin expressions! I don't think even Atarimax knew they had incompatible carts out in the wild at the time. Thanks for clarifying Kr0tki
  17. I took the meaning from what was said that some things that use 13 will work with 67 and everything that uses 67 works with 13 anyway. They're not even dumped in a different order. (You always wanted to be able to emulate the incorrect bank switching that happens when those roms are put into a 67, right? ) As Kr0tki said it's an emulation accuracy thing. Hope I'm wrong that's the only thing it will allow, and have misunderstood something.
  18. Thanks for taking the time. No wonder I was struggling manually!
  19. I can't figure out how to decode the compress line manually from the screenshot. Assuming it is correct, what kind of RLE is it please?
  20. Yes, for something serious that makes sense, thanks. It's more my poor workflow than anything to do with Mads. I only noticed its absence as I sometimes do a quick and dirty assemble of data to see what size it is when using atasm. I can subtract 6 or stick in an opt line temporarily etc. I figured there could be more useful cases other than that. Sounds like probably there is not then, which is good 😀
  21. But opt h- has to be in data file. It's not a problem, just wondered if there was a way without having to do that.
  22. There's a way to specify "org" on the mads command line. Is there a way to do that with with "opt"? Sometimes would be handy to assemble data without Atari headers.
  23. Ok, it's different hardware, but i guess I'm struggling to see the point of 67 if 13 is fully backwardly compatible. Anyway, it is what it is now. 😀
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