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  1. Ok, it's different hardware, but i guess I'm struggling to see the point of 67 if 13 is fully backwardly compatible. Anyway, it is what it is now. 😀
  2. Presumably the real voltage levels are very close together at higher volumes, losing effective bits in the same way as PCM(?) BTW this is all very awesome!
  3. I know this isn't a physics board and I'm with you on most of your points, but too much sci-fi!Heisenberg's principle says nothing of the sort, and no irrefutable chain of reasoning can lead to that conclusion. In fact common experience shows we all perceive things very similarly.
  4. Not surprising as it's not all 4x4! Sure something passable can be done for M, N, V, Q, Y, W, Z. The others work well.
  5. 67 seems an odd late addition. Same as 13 except using higher number bank number to select? Surely this would have been picked up a long time ago if anything was using it? Also, more of an emulation issue rather than cart type? (Sure I must be missing something here?) *edit* Ah, ok, so the description of it and 13 being compatible is not really true. The 8k banks would have to be stored in a different order?
  6. Thanks guys, "get" looks very promising for what I'm doing. (The compressed and uncompressed size will vary depending on the data when the self extractor is assembled). I'll check it out later.
  7. Not just Mads, but I'm kinda new to Mads and maybe there's an easy way in Mads: I've some compressed data/code where it allocates memory to the uncompressed size, but to save memory the compressed data should be aligned to the end of uncompressed area, not the start. Obviously I don't want data the full size of the uncompressed data to be assembled. EG /0000000000000000/ (uncompressed) /0000000000xxxxxx/ X being the compressed data. Anyone have experience of doing this without it being run through an external packer utility? Thanks!
  8. Removing petty technical argument post regarding awesomeness of 2600 Draconian and co-processor. It's still awesome to see on a 2600 and great work!
  9. I feel better now. At least I'm in good company
  10. 14 at 25fps may be enough. Slower than that and I agree dropping vertical resolution makes a lot of sense
  11. Not really. A very slow scrolling screen can still have fast softwaresprites. Not the other away round though. It'd be interesting to see how fast it can be without dropping vertical resolution.
  12. The scrolling is not that fast though. Sure, sprites would be better at 50fps, but 25fps is probably good enough as long as the collissions are fair.
  13. If you already have a cable that links the Atari to use your PC as a drive, you can program the cartridge in the Atari and don't need the programmer unit.
  14. Yes, it might not look too bad jumping 2 lines at 25fps, but wont be the smoothest. This is why VladR suggested it'd be better for slower games.
  15. Although it does have a 6502 (but 2x faster ),the Lynx is vastly better in everything except only 160x102 resolution and does things in a very different way. It's very impressive for its time and probably no other 8 bit computer or console comes close (apart from resolution)So, a shame, but that's not to say demakes can't be done though and some code useful.
  16. Would love to see bubble bobble on stock hardware, if it's possible - the c64 version seems very impressive to me. Same with Buggy Boy.
  17. thanks Rybags. Hmm, I'll still have to think that through a bit, along with what Xuel wrote earlier.
  18. I would not want to tell anyone how to run their business either. 👍 But yes, cheap download works too. Probably a good business model especially now it is so common with mobile and tablet, which has made more demand for it. I would die of starvation if I didn't have another job, so am glad to just share things that have no material cost to me😁
  19. Give people nice packaging, labels, manuals and posters etc. and it adds real physical value. People understand they should pay for physical things and like to keep them. Bizarrely, the most costly part to produce, the software, has no real perceived value because it is not physical and costs nothing to copy. However illogical, some people feel a bit cheated if they have no free download and will be loath to pay just to play it. If there is a free download and they like it, they may well want to buy a nice package version. It works well and leads to no bad feeling.
  20. Nope, plain volume is non linear too. Volume never gets close to 60. Same as generators. I need an idiot guide to pulse width modulation. How can average volume of pulse over same time be more finely controlled than fastest 4 bit direct volume writes? I didn't understand Phaerons code when I had a quick look. Obviously I'm missing something fundamental
  21. Yep, if it was linear, the maximum volume would be 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 (as Rybags said, 4bit + 4bit + 4bit + 4bit) but in reality it is even less than 60 Jim Slide may approach 6 bit, not 7 as I had put
  22. Nonlinear audio option in Altirra (the default now?) gives a good approximation of the actual levels. In a nutshell, there aren't 256 distinguishable levels, but you can push beyond the recommended maximum of 32 with enough set bits. Listen to Jim Slide cart samples. They are about 7 bit, I think.
  23. Sheddy

    CPU upgrade?

    would be interesting to see if TIA can work that way. Wonder if Spiceware and Harmony driver writers have experience here. Would be "cheating", but movie playback without "jailbars" would be cool nonetheless.
  24. Sheddy

    CPU upgrade?

    The (single colour) Playfield is still limited to TIA clock. Using players, missiles, ball for more resolution, might partially help, but much more complex, and again, still limited by speed of TIA writes. So, no 160x with 127 colours.
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