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  1. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/32961-scrolling-in-bitmap-modes-on-a8/page-2 Analmux's method explained near the end is really interesting
  2. Maybe,Lol @Ivop Exactly. Music harmony, actual fundamental frequency pitches relative to each other,rather than instrument harmonics.
  3. Indeed there are Pokey limits, but only slightly out of tune harmony is better for most people than way out of tune.
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harmony Perception section may be interesting for why most people don't prefer dissonance (out of tune) over instrument type or "flavour" of sound.
  5. I 2nd that on behalf of us browsing on phones or tablets not close to a PC or Atari.
  6. Oops, sorry about that. Don't know how that got missed. RastaConverterBeta7-icl17.zip
  7. Obviously it works, but.. ? Interesting! Looks like I need to learn some more. Thanks Ilmenit
  8. Hmm, maybe Rastaconverter is not best way to start understanding C/C++, but I can't figure out how the player data (pixel data) restored on continue? The output PMG file is not read back in(?), and there would seem to not be enough state in the "output so far PNG" and RP file to restore that, on the face of it?
  9. That should say "deny change of players or colours"
  10. Would have to check my messages for exact quote, but basically, Rastaconverter does not have totally accurate emulation of player missile on overlap (of itself?) during midline reposition (whereas at some point Altirra was fixed to work in the weird way of real Atari). So your picture will probably look good on older emulator, but not on real thing. Onoff file in rastaconverter7 beta is to deny use of players or colours on defined scanlines. (For example, if you wanted to use player0 as a mouse pointer over top of picture, you tell rastaconverter in the file that player0 is off in all the scanlines, and it won't use it)
  11. Is it this bug? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/200118-images-generated-by-rastaconverter/page-6?&&do=findComment&comment=2568902 Ilmenit has said that it is due to the complex behaviour of real atari player missile graphics midline reposition. Only Altirra emulates it properly. Do you use on off file? I experienced problems with wrong results using them sometimes.
  12. Interesting Stephen, thanks. From looking it up, your proc has SSE2, SSE4, AVX and AVX2, so it isn't using the optimised code path for AVX 512. Looks like that slows down everything else though. Was that your original rastaconverter.exe? The one in mine is just a copy of the SSE2 one. I did wonder whether I should have left it the "official" one.
  13. I wondered if recompiling RastaConverter with a more recent compiler that is aware of newer processor features could speed it up some more. It does, but SSE4, AVX, AVX2 compiles are all slightly slower than SSE2 which was disappointing. Anyway, thought I'd share the quicker SSE2 version. There's also a compile for AVX-512 Xeon and Phi processors but I haven't access to any of those bad boys to test it. I suspect the SSE2 version will be still be fastest, but you never know. Enjoy! RastaConverterBeta7-icl17.zip
  14. Yes, this works on my real atarimax bank 127 startup carts at least. (Space Harrier does this for its high scores)
  15. I think you'd have to edit a screeshot and remove them manually - They're always there on the arcade version AFAIK. That'll probably be easier than figuring out what memory locations to try poking in MAME.
  16. Thanks FujiSkunk. That's an ambitious site. Really interesting.Hope you have some help though, or you could be busy for quite a while
  17. You shouldn't feel pressured in any way to re-do the screen, this is your creation and so is your choice how to implement it. If however you do wish to re-do it with some RastaConverter kind of thing, maybe you could just either sync the animations (come on, lets be honest, apart from you and your brother, who else is going to notice them not being 100% faithful?) or you could just animate the man waving on his own? Or alternatively, no animation at all. To be honest, it'd have to be a big improvement for me to want to go there. I'll probably try some more static RastaConverter experiments to see what's realistic though.
  18. Many thanks Atari Frog! It's very difficult to make decent screenshots of it without the newer versions of Altirra or Atari800WinPlus to blend them for you. I tried to get some similar shots to the existing ones:
  19. Yep, with a static golden logo it could work
  20. Thanks Atarimania! http://www.atarimani...rier_28586.html (But the screenshots are terrible. You need interlaced or blended shots) Game can be paused in-game with console keys to make life easier
  21. Well, the different objects in the title screen all have separate animation loops with different timing, so something fairly similar to the original would still need quite a lot of frames. Yeah, maybe the frame differences could mostly work... the scaling in animation of the spinning logo would probably need quite different RastaConverter solutions for each frame though. If the high score save feature is removed there's 64K (plus a few K left scattered around here and there). So maybe not enough. Maybe some people disagree, but I kinda like the title screen the way it is, and the game is... err, well...released and finished. It's a pretty good calibration test that your TV or monitor is set up OK to play the game without major eye strain! The flickering is most noticeable on the title screen, so adjust brightness and contrast until it is bearable, and so the light blue shading is whiter rather than bluer.
  22. Only if it could be a bit less streaky and also fully animated like the existing one
  23. Cool! Thanks Bunsen - Somehow I didn't actually know about those ABBUC Awards Carmel, yeah, that was the kind of thing that crossed my mind. But it's probably just that Atarimania and Fandal have better things to do. A definite no to SH2 - Just a pale imitation of the original IMO.
  24. I've not bothered to keep the development site up anymore, so this thread is about the only place to download the game from now. (Have emailed and put it in atarimania forum, but no entry yet. Not in fandal's either. Maybe they worry about Sega?)
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