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    I just booked my flight to Vegas, so I'll bring my two prototypes to CGE. Note that right now it's only running in dev mode and we probably won't have a menu running by then, but you can at least see it running games. The proof-of-concept games are running, like POKEY, Pitfall II, and 7800 RAM stuff. Any news about it ? The proto ran at the CGE ? I can't wait for this "holy graal" !
  2. http://www.atariage....pal-conversion/ Enjoy Thanks a LOT ! :thumbsup:
  3. Up : Any chance to have a PAL version ? It would be so nice to try this game (i love it with Stella) on an Harmony card ! Thx !
  4. I've just received mine ! Will try it this WE ! Yeah !
  5. As usual, it can't be ordered from France... Boring.... I've had to buy my FB 2 from US on ebay last time... :(
  6. Stella Wii is sooooooooooo slow....; Graphics are ok but the speed is very slow. I tried Ms PacMan, Missile Commande and Pitfall II and they are all unplayable !
  7. http://wiibrew.org/wiki/StellaWii
  8. Some info here : ATARI 2600 PAL Carts Database
  9. Count me for one too ! It would be a real dream to get all the games i love the most on one single cart !
  10. Thanks a lot, "Christmas in the air tonight !"
  11. Mine Storm is really great but try Fortress of Narzod, Gravitrex, Protector, Pole Position, Hyper Chase (sooo fast), Web Warp - Web Wars, they are fabulous !
  12. Nice ! I'm happy for you ! The Vectrex is really a wonderful console !
  13. Finally I got my VecFlash (Thanks really a lot Richard !) and it's a fantastic multicart ! Definitively a must have for every Vectrex owner ! I didn't know the Vectrex sound system was so good (same as atari st), some homebrews have same musics i used to listen from demo disks or crackers team ( ) on my atari st ! Old good time ! Wich brightness level do you play with ? I've had to lower it because the max brightness was really too brilliant ! It seems that my console was not very often used, the seller got 10 (!!) and i think he couldn't played with each !
  14. Thanks a lot ! I was exactly playing with Clean Sweep when i saw the wobble ! I'm very happy to know it's because of the game itself ! Not a single wobble with Scramble or Mine Storm. PS : I'm waiting for my VecFlash before trying your homebrews
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