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  1. That is not me... I'm only getting around to listing mine now. I don't know the seller & found his auctions when I poked around the other day. I find it most suspicious that they suddenly have several of the rarest games for auction. Noone here knows this seller or a collector in this region with such rare games? EDIT: Here's my listing. 3 days. I think I'll do a wallet give-away based on who guesses the closest closing price. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260605095673
  2. I wouldn't bother adding them until they surface. I only saw pictures from one claimant. The second was very credible from our conversation and I had no reason to doubt him. Either way, your golden goose will continue to lay eggs. These games will continue to surface & grow in number.
  3. Two quick points re: Atlantis II while I have any relevance left on the subject: First, my A2 is going up for auction later today. I forgot I still had this cart - my last rarity - and it doesn't mean much to me anymore, so off it goes. If y'all remember, it has the marker "II" on the label and holes sliced for screw removal. Second, from having put this on eBay for a ridiculous price early on, I had met two other AII owners who are not listed in the registry and will not announce themselves due to the aggressive and belligerent nature of members in the forums. Since I didn't see "new" names on the list with their complete Atlantis II sets, I bet they'll never step forward if they haven't yet. It's a shame that these collectors cannot feel welcome here, but from my years interacting here, I fully understand their decision. Thank you again to those of you whom I've had the pleasure of doing business with. Thanks also to the negative folks who have disparaged me as a reseller or my wallets- your negativity fueled me to work harder. Thank you, all.
  4. My last bits of unique Atari memorabilia are now up for auction eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260596129440. I'll post a ton of games for the community to pick from later this week on a "make an offer" basis. After that, y'all should be free from me haunting these halls. What's in the auction? Thanks and stuff.
  5. I bought a bunch of the check-out games a while back and they are the last remaining unique collector bits of Atari I have left. They'll go for a fraction of what I paid, so get yourself a piece of Atari 2600 history! They close today. I'll be offering a bunch of "wallet-quality" games directly to the community as I finish cleaning out all things Atari. The wallets will be getting a reboot this summer with custom hinges, but even after everything I clean out I'll have a thousand or two remaining.
  6. The boxed Malagai was a surprise, I did think that would go for more but the Sears Superman and Imagic Kiosk are not everyones cup of tea. I think many collectors would pass on those two items unless they got a really good deal. From this and other sales, it appears that a Sears Superman is as valuable as a Xante game, both of which are worth double the value of a prototype. If I could make sense of it all, perhaps it wouldn't be so frustrating. Thankfully I'm almost done with all things Atari - after five-plus years of hyper-Atari saturation, all love of Atari I once had has been burnt.
  7. Interesting to see the WIP title of Name This Game. Guardians (of the Deep). Dangnabit.... accidentally posted the chip pics on my "business" account and not my peersonal account... will be back up later today if people miss 'em...
  8. Wow. That was the original Eggomania prototype I acquired labeled 2003. The other three are (in order, from the top) MAD, Squeeze Box & Entombed. Thank you.
  9. Open them. Just remove the screws, there is nothing tricky about these. I opened a couple of these and found a production ROM in one like your eggomania end-label-only. In one like the bottom two, I found a dated eprom. Any eprom is likely pre-production or WIP. Any production ROM is probably just a "for-internal-use-only" version of the final release. So I opened them to take the pictures and a label ripped. I couldn't have been more careful and still it happened. Fantastic. Below are the four chip shots from the four internal labeled games. From here out, I'm not touching any of these except with a ROM dumper.
  10. I weighed a few black label US Games/Vidtec games and had four different Space Jockeys weigh in at two distinct weights - roughly 55.5g & 59.5g. The other black label games I weighed also came in at the same mid- to high-50g range. Every game powered up, but without any normal versions of the blue & white label games to test against, all I could do was look for game names when the game is powered on. From what I could tell from my games and the screen caps here on AtariAge, only Sneak'n Peek, Space Jockey & Word Zapper have their names shown in the game somewhere. Gopher, Towering Inferno, Commando Raid, Eggomania, Entombed, Squeeze Box & MAD all failed to show the names at any point, at least in the carts I own. Can anyone weigh in on either matter? Please look past the poor pun & help unravel this mystery.
  11. Yeah, I learned my lesson on opening games, so weights it is. Eggomania "2003" prototype - 54.4g Eggomania label and sticker - 55.7g Squeeze Box (loaner?) - 59.1g MAD (loaner?) - 61.1g Entombed "2007" prototype - 62.3g Name This Game label and sticker - 63g I also weighed the normal-looking Gopher that came with the lot - 57.5g - as well as the five black-labeled Vidtec/US Games carts that were included, ranging between 55.9g and 57.2g. Since receiving these, I haven't been able to get to the shop to plug 'em in and look for obvious differences like the original prototypes have.
  12. For the first time in weeks, I decide to search eBay last week & found someone claiming prototypes in a small lot with two systems but no detail pictures listed only a few hours before. The story was the father of his girlfriend used to work for US Games and brought these home one day. Figuring $50 isn't too big a wager, I place a marker bid. The next morning I receive notification the auction was canceled, so I figure someone made a side deal and got a bargain. An hour later, I get an email from the seller stating one of the systems fell when being boxed, breaking a switch and the case, causing him to cancel the auction. I explain that if his prototypes were real, they would be worth a hundred or two each and the systems were not a big concern when viewing the bigger picture of his collection - I even offered to send him spare games of mine to round out his system lot (and clear space for me) to maximize his return. He sent a quick photo of the prototypes with the simple question: do I want the whole lot for $50? I wanted to help him and if this was the help he wanted, so be it. For reference, I included the original two prototypes I retained - Eggomania & Entombed - above the latest acquisitions. The middle two have production labels over stickers the same size as the prototypes above but I doubt I can remove the normal label without damaging the underlying internal company sticker. The last two - Squeeze Box & MAD - were the prototypes mentioned in the lot, but appear to be more of lab loaners than prototypes. I present them for review - thoughts?
  13. First up, last week's find: the Sears picture label Superman with manual. Also for auction: boxed promotional four-switch Atari 2600. Questions? Just ask! Thanks for looking!
  14. Can we count on this going the distance? Are you inquiring if I'll pull this for a side deal? Ha!
  15. It is now up for auction on eBay: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 260543646295
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