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  1. You get sent an invoice as a PDF in an email, and that should have the shipping date on it. My order says 28th December 2021.
  2. Hmm. I bought one because the chances of me ever owning a real Commodore 65 are non-existant, and even if I could get one, it would likely be £15,000+ like the last couple on eBay sold for. Give the cost of components, case and mechanical keyboard, it's a punt I think worth taking. I am not worried about bugs, as they have been working on this for so long, plus dev kits have been out in the open for a while now. I doubt there will be may with buyers remorse, and anyone that does suffer from it will probably be laughing all the way to the bank, as given there are only 1,400 in the first run, they will command a swift markup on the second hand market - just look at the Spectrum Next after they released in Summer 2020.
  3. Got my order in, one of the first 400! It’s certainly much cheaper than a real C65! Roll on 2022 for this and my Spectrum Next Issue 2!
  4. Wow! I have been holding out to see something of Rolling Thunder on the Lynx for years, and here it is, a couple of months after the Nintendo leak! Crazy stuff. Sure some of you are aware, but a recent book release here in the UK - The Games That Weren't by Frank Gasking has the full story on both Rolling Thunder and Vindicators for the Lynx, it's a really excellent read in general, and I am sure everyone on this thread would love those particular stories. https://www.bitmapbooks.co.uk/products/the-games-that-werent I have sent an email to Frank with a link this thread, in case he was not aware - it's incredible these have finally turned up!
  5. RIP Curt, never met him, never spoke to him, but have read so many of his posts as well as Business is Fun, and his contributions to the Atari community are immeasurable. Condolences to his family at this awful time.
  6. Had a good play with this 130XE today - the video really is a massive improvement (and I didn't cut the pad). I actually forgot I had a NOS PAL 130XE in my game room (!), and having plugged that in I can't describe how poor the video is - as bad as this NTSC machine before the UAV. Now do I get another board at some point and modify this NOS unit, or just leave it as-is? Realistically I need three more UAV - one for the PAL 800XL I use (video is not too bad on that already), one for the NOS PAL 130XE I mentioned and one for an NTSC 2600 Jr which has a composite mod. The only issue is the killer fees I had to pay getting this into the UK. The total cost for the board and shipping was a very reasonable $44.68, so roughly £32.80 in Sterling. Despite the box being marked as merchandise with a value of $30, I got hit with £32.03 in customs charges! £8.00 Royal Mail handling fee and for some reason VAT at £24.03 - how is that even possible when VAT runs at 20%? Even with shipping the most it should have been is £6.56 before the rip-off handling fee. I basically paid the price of the board and shipping in fees! I really wish The Brewing Academy had a European branch...
  7. Hi MacRorie, Thanks for the quick reply - I have the latest manual, this one arrived from you a few days ago (I had to get a local computer store remove the 4050 for me and install the socket!). I have just powered it up after doing the mod and it looks awesome - I ran GND to R52 as you suggested. I use a CRT which gives a great image through RGB on other systems, so this is the best image I have seen out of an 8-Bit Atari through composite. Do you think given that I have it socketed in the 4050 space that cutting the ground pad would make any difference, or is it better to leave it now? I don't see how it could get much better! The only other thing - now the internal shield will not fit, unless I cut it. Is it a big deal if I don't put it back in? I would rather get it fitted somehow as I prefer to leave things as 'original' as possible, but is it that big of a deal? Thanks again, Paul
  8. Hi all, can I just pick some brains regarding the 130XE installation and connecting GND... The manual has confused me slightly as on the step by step process for the plug-in board, it shows GND running to resistor R52. However, page 29 talks about when you use the DIN connector (which I do); 'the absolutely cleanest way to wire the UAV is to cut the centre of the split pad for ground, then soldering a ground wire to a place connected to the large ground plane near the DIN port. This wire can be attached to the UAV terminal grounds in the back, OR soldered to the RIGHT side of the 'G' split pad. This way the UAV and the monitor DIN have an identical ground connection'. So, if I want the cleanest way of wiring to use the DIN port, do I *not* connect GND to resistor R52, and instead connect this to the 'large ground plane' near the DIN port'? Also I notice there are two GND on the UAV terminal, and the manual shows using the 5th terminal, yet nothing in the 1st terminal? I was planning on using the GND from the 5th terminal, so I would run this to R52 or the 'large ground plane'? Is this plane the rectangular space with a hole in the middle that the shielding twist comes out of? Sorry for the noob questions, but I want the best video possible out of this XE! Thanks, Paul
  9. Hi guys, My Ultimate Cart arrived a couple of days ago, and I have only had a short time messing about with it, but I have hit a block I can't currently figure out (and again, I have not spent much time on it, so I am sure it's something I am doing wrong). Maybe some of you experienced users can shed some light on it. I have a load of games in ROM format. I converted a couple of these (Ballblazer and Bounty Bob Strikes Back) into CAR format, via the online converter. These do not work. I also did the same with Boulder Dash, and this works fine (both as a ROM and a CAR, incidentally), but I expected this as it's only a 16K game. I put Space Harrier (Atari Max 1024K format) in CAR format, this does not work either. I downloaded a number of games included in the 'info & bits' thread, which I am assuming are working on other people's Ultimate Cart's as they are in the relevant thread - again I cannot get Ballblazer or Bounty Bob (or Airball) working from these files! I also tried a number of XEX files, and these do not work, just stick at a blue or black screen... So, what I am doing wrong? I am using a PAL 800XL with 64K which works fine with everything else I try on it, so can't see that's the issue. Do I need to use a 130XE with the larger formats, although again, I don't think this is the issue as the original Ballblazer and Bounty Bob carts I have work fine on the same computer. Anyone can shed some light on this for me? Thanks, Paul
  10. Hmm, I knew I should not have itched the scratch! I found a program called bootconfig (bootc201) - I ran it from the desktop and it allowed me to switch into PAL (it was set to NTSC) and when I hit reset it sure enough loaded up in 50hz mode, although there was a black rectangle to the side of the screen when booting, but it was not there in GEM. I switched off and on, it loaded up in 60hz, which I assumed would happen as I powered off. I re-loaded bootconfig and oddly it was still saying PAL - so I switched it to NTSC and pressed reset, then all I got was a black screen! I have changed the box a number of times now, and regardless of PAL/NTSC setting, when I reset it's a black screen. I have to power off to get it to cone back to the memory test. So, while it's not buggered, it is strange! Is this because the NVRAM is old, or am I doing something wrong? Any ideas? Thanks, Paul
  11. OK, it's all back together and I have downloaded the file, but how the hell do I install something to a floppy disk bootsector?! I might wait for a reply in case I destroy my Falcon by messing with the NVRAM settings!!!
  12. Hi exxosuk, Thanks for that - I've spent the afternoon stripping it down and cleaning it (just finishing the Keyboard!), so I will have a look at that shortly when it's back together - It's definitely a UK machine as it says so on the sticker underneath, on the keyboard etc! I am guessing the previous owner set it to 60Hz at some point. Any idea how do I go about creating the bootsector for it? I am assuming the NVRAM will need replacing shortly, anyway - I just need to find someone to remove the chip and solder a socket in it's place for me. Cheers, Paul
  13. Hi Guys, I got a Falcon 030 yesterday, and have never used one before, so forgive the NOOB question! I think it's a UK spec machine (I am in the UK) as it has a £ sign on the keyboard, but it boots into 60Hz everytime I power it up. I plan to use it to run demos and games (especially when I get a CF hard disk in there) and I can't seem to be able to get the refresh rate to switch from 60Hz into 50Hz - I have a couple of Hz switch programs, but not sure if they are designed for the ST range only, as they do not appear to work! I am using this with an RGB Scart cable on a Sony CRT TV, not a VGA monitor. If anyone can tell me how (if it's hardware), or point me in the direction of some software that will let me run in 50Hz, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Paul
  14. Hi, Don't suppose you have the one Ultimate Cart left at all, do you? Let me know, Thanks, Paul
  15. As I finally have a working 800, I would love an Incognito 2, please put my name down when you are back and have the time to sort this out.
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