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  1. It's been years since I played the game, but I don't remember being confused by any of the weapons.
  2. The Euro PDR box is rarer...until you try to sell it and the potential buyer will tell you it's not worth anything. It makes sense that it'd be less rare in the UK though.
  3. I used to have a full set, started selling it off when the prices went insane and in general starting paring down my video game collections. I considered all the Telegames releases as part of my full set including some of the Songbird titles, but not Air Cars. YMMV. If you're looking to add some fun games to the collection, I'd suggest checking out the Atari Age store and at the least picking up Rebooteroids. ETA: I don't know that I'd waste much time looking for the non-LE versions of Telegames releases. They're much harder to come by, Telegames packing/labels have been all over the place even back since the Lynx days.
  4. That's not under load, try measuring the input voltage to the Jag when it's powered on. Even so, the regulator can handle much more than 13v input.
  5. I think those have been the standard labels for awhile, the older Worms carts pretty much just said "WORMS" in red with some copyright info beneath in white. IS2 carts used to just have a tiny B&W sticker IIRC. Both are fun games, enjoy!
  6. Outrun was doable on the Spectrum...does that mean anyone would want to play it?
  7. I need to install one of these kits on my spare Lynx II. I plan to keep my original one, well, original. Good to know the prices have dropped quite a bit.
  8. Yeah I was gonna suggest buying a CIB copy, but geez, even that price has shot up. If you don't see anything pop up on EBay or hear from another member by the new year, I believe I have an extra mint CIB copy, but it'd have to be the whole enchilada.
  9. There's a manual on EBay for $9 shipped. Might try a WTB post in the market, people here have all kinds of stuff.
  10. If I only played on the Jag I'd probably just give up on gaming in general, to me it's a system to get if you've already got the heavy hitters of the classic era. I'd recommend a tg16/pce or Saturn (again, assuming you've got the more popular US systems) over the Jag, but if one is looking for unique titles, the Jag is fun to have around. Especially with the active homebrew community.
  11. I highly doubt it was "randomly" made in the USA, if it were, there'd be no reason as it would be random. More information on the IBM connection and their manufacturing facilities from a PR: https://www.atariarchives.org/cfn/09/03/08/0004.php Additionally, there was more than one run of the Jag as evidenced by the M and K mobos.
  12. IMO posting this only advertises their bootleg products.
  13. These are the "improved" versions of the V64 with the black buttons and black connector. Earlier connectors had thinner pins that didn't always make a great connection with the console. A cool blast from the past!
  14. https://archive.org/details/Double_Dragon_V_The_Shadow_Falls_1995
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