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  1. Where are you located? What's the price?
  2. It's a great game, glad to see it'll be back in print so fans can get a copy without lining pockets of the flippers!
  3. I think I'm still scarred by the first (and only time) I played Dragon's Lair as a kid, I think it was a buck or two (back when most games were 25c or 50c) and I realized you don't really "play" the game. There's an empty longbox for it on EBay already going for over $300...time to cash out as I'll never get $300 worth of fun out of that game.
  4. If Bubsy couldn't save it, nothing could.
  5. I agree w/Sauron, if you read or watch a video of best Jag games you're probably going to find both Rayman and AvP in there. Best still has NOS AvP carts which goes to show that it isn't a very rare title and over the years I've seen plenty of NOS Rayman boxes from sellers in the US and Europe. Not that boxes necessarily equate to rarity. Considering all the hype BITD around Rayman (and the Rayman conspiracy theories), you have to imagine the production numbers were fairly high by Jag standards.
  6. This is an excellent point, I forget that pad was originally an STE pad. That also helps explain the keypad that is mostly only useful with computer ports. When you think about it, it now even seems more of a foolish decision to base the controller off an outdated computer controller. Exactly, not a fair comparison especially considering the Genesis/MD already had a 6-button pad by the time the Jag was released. Even the ill-fated CDi offered 4 action buttons! I could see the STE pad being used during the early dev days, but the fact nobody woke up and thought to make the Pro controller until the Jag was already a laughing stock makes no sense. But hey, what else would we expect from Atari during that time?
  7. The only thing wrong w/the Jag's controller is Atari's boneheaded decision to only put 3 action buttons on it. Even with all the mistakes made around the 3do, at least the default controller had 3 action buttons and 2 shoulders. The Pro controller should've been the launch controller, the entire keypad concept was also fairly useless aside from maybe the home computer ports. But that's obviously all in the past now.
  8. Yes, it's at the top of this page. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/254003-upcoming-jaguar-game-drive-cartridge/?do=findComment&comment=4553757
  9. I'd pass on that one, at best its mediocre. Zoop would be a better title to go with. Rebooteroids is universally recommended here, I'd grab that if you don't already have it. I would also recommend Protector SE from AA's own Songbird (Carl) as well though those are obviously totally different types of games.
  10. That's another thing I forgot to mention that I dislike about many YT videos, they often state a bunch of BS. I've seen many Neo Geo videos that are full of nonsense in that regard.
  11. Not sure I've watched him. I saw some new 32x vs genesis MK2 video this week, I've seen SO many of those over the years. There is some good content out there, I forget the series, but the guy who says he's broadcasting from space or whatever, classic game review? It's good for gameplay videos if I'm not familiar with a game. But then you've got 22 year olds reviewing Atari and NES games. Sorry, kid, I played that before you were even born. And then you've got some old timers clearly phoning it in just to rush out whatever garbage on Vita games or whatever they can.
  12. No offense to anyone, but I'm pretty much over most of the video game videos that are out there. There are only so many "HIDDEN GEMS" or "SNES vs GENESIS versions of XYZ" comparison videos I can watch. Or gameplay with someone who played the game for 15 minutes total before making the next video for money.
  13. There are several threads here on the Cybermorph differences, I seem to remember the 1mb has less Skylar speech. And maybe something about animation in the intro? I guess I could've searched myself in the time it took to write this...
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