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  1. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/288704-atari-jaguar-review-another-world-the-jags-holy-grail/?do=findComment&comment=4241611
  2. It would seem odd to me that instead of fixing the bug, the developers would make you put in a password that fixes a bug.
  3. The skunk and JagSD locked ROMs are more than generous, for those of us who just want to play and not profit there's zero difference.
  4. Same bug as JagZombies (I wonder why that is?) where explosions show up in the wrong place. These were all taken one frame apart in YouTube. Crosshair is just on the lower right of the ship. Explosion begins outside the crosshair. Crosshair barely on the ship. LOL.
  5. We've come so far since those days. I remember making sites in college (the 90's) and it was all about those animated gifs back then. And linking people to sites like Yahoo.
  6. Wow, that looks like a horrible hack job with an even worse paint job.
  7. Might just be me, but classic sports games need to be real special to hold up over the years. NBA Jam, Neo Turf Masters, NHL '94, games like that. I personally wouldn't want to play an Atari ST baseball game in 2019. And I don't think a homebrew baseball game would be very interesting without a ton of effort involved.
  8. Carry on in that case, I'm sure you'll get $30 of fun out of Supercross.
  9. As someone who did this long ago when prices were much, much lower, I'd advise against wasting the money.
  10. I'm afraid to ask which "needs" you have that required a purchase of Supercross 3D.
  11. Well the consoles are expensive, the CD attachments even rarer and more expensive. I can't imagine many people want to go cutting one or both of them up for what is largely a pointless act. Have fun if you're into that sort of thing.
  12. Why would you need to modify anything to switch between the cd-rom and cart slot? That happens automatically when the CD attachment is plugged in and it is only connected via an extension card. Otherwise there'd be little point in the cart slot (other than memory track) on the CD and you'd have to remove it each time you wanted to play a cart game. Edit: I see what you mean now...
  13. You mean putting the CD-ROM into another Jag case? How would you plug it in? Or do you mean adding a CD-ROM into an existing Jag case that already contains a fully functional Jag?
  14. Looks like top quality production values as always, Al!
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