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  1. I can vouch for the Majesco GG (sorry for the mixup in pm, eightbit), if you don't want to invest in a new LCD upgrade, the Majesco is the way to go.
  2. I received mine last week and just wanted to say the quality is top notch on this controller. The other rotary I have uses a much larger knob, so the jury is out on which I prefer at this point, but this is certainly a well made product.
  3. Very nice progress on this one, looks great!
  4. Yeah, I've gotta agree w/Clint (draft edit: and others) on this one. Atari was already going under when the CD came out. It also added nothing other than the ability to read off CD-ROM instead of cart. No extra processor, no extra RAM. Even the first CD-ROM add-on (PC-E/TG-16) had cards that added RAM to the system. The Sega CD added another 68k processor and additional RAM. The Jag CD? Nothing. OK, redbook audio. Even the pack-in games were pretty sad offerings. The Nintendo 64 had a measly 2 launch titles in the US, but one of them was a Mario game and people knew they could trust Nintendo to deliver the goods. Who was trusting Atari to release great titles for a CD add-on for a doomed console? I think fighting games probably would've been the best use for the format, loading the new background and character sprites between rounds. The Jag could pull off beautiful 2D games, so fighters of the day (within limitations, obviously) would've made a lot of sense. But none of that matters as the Jag itself was a failure. I see little to no market for the JagDuo Mini, outside the more hardcore gamers most people either don't know about or have long forgotten the Jaguar. While I could assemble a list of cart based games that'd still be popular today with casual gamers, I can't think of an original CD release that anyone would care to play in 2019 or later. The main accessory I'd hope they'd include would be a diode to prevent reverse polarity from blowing up the system.
  5. I can't imagine Blue Lightning getting quarters back in the day. The game looks like it plays in slow motion compared to Afterburner which was out years ahead of it.
  6. Yes, you can also verify this against your original e-mail order confirmation and your latest order status on the website.
  7. madman

    Thrusty Thing

    I dig the artwork, it's like Flashback meets Kolibri.
  8. Welcome to the Lynx world! There are a lot of great games, many of which can still be had for quite cheap. Also check out Songbird's site for newer releases.
  9. Did Atari decide to add a 3c diode for reverse polarity protect on the Duo? Or were they OK with incorrect polarity blowing up those systems too?
  10. Probably the stickied thread here about the Jag SD cart.
  11. The unmodified version was, yes: http://atari-ste.anvil-soft.com/html/factshard.htm
  12. The 3DO is no different than any other CD based player, the only way to scratch the games is by mishandling.
  13. Looks like a power pad where someone swapped in Jag buttons for C/A.
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