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  1. Agreed. If anything, prices have gone up since flash carts became commonplace. Let's be realistic, anyone paying hundreds of dollars for a Jag CD and over $100 for a longbox of Braindead 13 isn't paying that money for the entertainment value they'll get. It's a collectors' market.
  2. I'd say around $500 is fair, yeah. It is absolutely insane the pricing on those the last few years. I wouldn't worry about shipping, just be sure to tape the lid shut to prevent it from opening.
  3. A brand new member wants a significant offer or else he's taking his item to EBay. Where do I send my money?
  4. I have very little memory of Jag marketing other than the "do the math" campaign obviously and seeing it for sale in the back of Die Hard Game Fan. When the Pro controller was released, was there much marketing around it? I remember the Jag CD existing back then, but reading nothing about it. At that time I was in college and had purchased a PSX so the Jaguar wasn't even on my radar. If it wasn't in Next Generation magainze, I probably had no clue about it.
  5. Yeah, I get it, they're marketing, but as someone in the tech field, marketing should at least have a general idea of their product and the market they're selling to. I also find it funny they said computer games like Doom can be ported over. In other words, "you know those games you already own on your computer that you love? Well, you can buy them again and play them on the Jag!" It's like nobody in ANY department at Atari at that time had a clue what they were doing. Quirkiest system ever!
  6. It's amusing that they decided to focus on what is probably the most mocked part of the system. I don't mind the controller at all, but I'd rather have had a proper 6 button controller or a 4+2 shoulder button controller than the mostly useless keypad. And what system on that table has a "knob" for a controller? Oh, Atari, you meant well.
  7. Unnamed arrived this week from Carl along with Quadromania and A Bug's Trip. As always, super nice production values on the games. I'm playing another RPG currently, but I'm really looking forward to checking out Unnamed. We're very fortunate to have such a great homebrew scene on the Lynx and people like Carl and Al around publishing high quality releases for our long dead Atari systems.
  8. Significant enough for what, exactly? I have seen you talking about your "low ping play any existing game online" "invention" and this joystick since at least 2013. In less than that time frame companies like Retro Fighters have made new joysticks for classic systems because they actually put in the work. Please give it a rest.
  9. After all these years, someone finally cracked the case. Great work!
  10. Check out EBay for the FRAM based cards, no battery to replace.
  11. The disappearing BIN after a first bid is an interesting aspect of EBay. I don't buy much on there, if I do it's things like closeout games from wholesalers where they have dozens/hundreds of copies, but if I do see a new listing and there's a reasonable BIN that's the way to go. Too many people get caught up in bidding wars. I don't sell much on EBay, but every time I list something w/a BIN and make offer, I get the most ridiculous offers of all time. So it's easier to just throw something up at 99c and let it ride. This thread has definitely lit a bit of a fire beneath me to stop being lazy and to list some of my Jag games.
  12. I have all the Jag CD games and I've also yet to have any pleasure playing a Jag CD game.
  13. The Lynx is absolutely worth it. If you want to collect, many of the games are still available NOS for cheap, but you can also just grab a Lynx GD cart and call it a day. IMO it has a superior library to the Game Gear. It really is amazing hardware for the time. The Lynx forum can steer you to the "must haves".
  14. Did 3do prices go up? Last time I looked a few years ago you could get console with a bunch of games for cheap...compared to the Jag, VERY cheap.
  15. You can also get a Skunkboard or a Jag GD cart when they're more readily available and use the ST port ROMs that CJ posted here.
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