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  1. After all these years, someone finally cracked the case. Great work!
  2. Check out EBay for the FRAM based cards, no battery to replace.
  3. The disappearing BIN after a first bid is an interesting aspect of EBay. I don't buy much on there, if I do it's things like closeout games from wholesalers where they have dozens/hundreds of copies, but if I do see a new listing and there's a reasonable BIN that's the way to go. Too many people get caught up in bidding wars. I don't sell much on EBay, but every time I list something w/a BIN and make offer, I get the most ridiculous offers of all time. So it's easier to just throw something up at 99c and let it ride. This thread has definitely lit a bit of a fire beneath me to stop being lazy and to list some of my Jag games.
  4. I have all the Jag CD games and I've also yet to have any pleasure playing a Jag CD game.
  5. The Lynx is absolutely worth it. If you want to collect, many of the games are still available NOS for cheap, but you can also just grab a Lynx GD cart and call it a day. IMO it has a superior library to the Game Gear. It really is amazing hardware for the time. The Lynx forum can steer you to the "must haves".
  6. Did 3do prices go up? Last time I looked a few years ago you could get console with a bunch of games for cheap...compared to the Jag, VERY cheap.
  7. You can also get a Skunkboard or a Jag GD cart when they're more readily available and use the ST port ROMs that CJ posted here.
  8. Everything seemed more exciting as a kid and video game magazines were the things dreams were made of. I remember every few days I'd drive to the nearest Best Buy, which was probably 15 miles away and check the price on an open box 3do they had. I was making probably $4.35 an hour at that point and they'd mark it down a little more every week. Not spending $400 (or whatever it was) on that system was the greatest move I ever made. I don't know if I'd pick a winner between the Jag or 3do, I'd only recommend the consoles to people who already have the heavy hitters and the PCE. The Jag does win in the homebrew department of course.
  9. Dizzy Fantasy World. Sorry, your starting bid is $150, not $195. Doesn't change the fact it's $60 (or $65 for the green cart) in the AA store. But I guess if people want to give you that much, who am I to judge.
  10. It always feels good to pare down collections when they aren't being used. I sold some of my Jag collection a few years ago, need to get on selling most of the rest of it. Homebrews aside, I could probably pare down to less than 10 commercial releases that I enjoy. And like others said, you can always grab the flash cart. I'd probably keep the system too, who knows what they'll cost in a year and maybe you'll want to revisit a game or two.
  11. My copy arrived this week, excellent presentation as usual. I hope to get some play time in over the weekend.
  12. ROM chips weren't cheap back then, they really had no choice. I remember before the SF2 release on the SNES, all the hype about it being a whopping 16mbit cart and that it was $74.99 at retail when it was released. The most I had ever spent on a game back then. Of course prices came down on the chips over time, but SNES and Genesis games sold orders of magnitude more than the Neo Geo home system. I'd be surprised if the home division made much money as it was, the arcade was really where SNK was profiting.
  13. This makes no sense whatsoever. What about the hardware, in your opinion, makes it dedicated to the 1-on-1 genre? The majority of the games on the system weren't vs fighters (yes, it was the single biggest genre). Also, what is the "software" behind the hood?
  14. The Lynx also has a superior version of Blue Lightning.
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