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  1. Yes, Assembler too. With one guy, I almost made the deal, but then he simply stopped communication.
  2. Probably wasn't the best forums to ask for an FZ-35S. It's not from Atari after all. Anyway, just wanted to add that the M2 prototype game offer is only valid till end of November. Really funny, the FZ-35S is the cheapest and least-rare piece of M2 (or rather, M2X) hardware, but the ONLY ONE now missing in my collection. I shouldn't have sold the one I once had...
  3. There's nothing wrong with the CD-i 450 and 550, though they look and feel cost-reduced. No problems with Digital Video, however. On the other hand, the only CD-i I'd ever buy these days is the CD-i 370, as that is one of the very few players with a replaceable Timekeeper battery (not to mention all the other advantages). All other players will simply die if the battery is flat, and replacing it is a real pain. You need to crack open the Timekeeper for that.
  4. I'm looking for a Panasonic FZ-35S kiosk unit in order to complete my collection. Must be complete, boxed, and mint, and working, of course. I offer $100+shipping+an 3DO M2 prototype game. PM if interested, serious people only! I already posted this on some other forums, and so far, people only wasted my time by pretending interest. So please don't post questions or contact me unless you really have an FZ-35S for sale. Thanks.
  5. WindowsKiller


    I have one of those units as well and looking for a car dealership disc now. If anyone has one for sale, please let me know!
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