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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm loving the water and lava effects. Congrats, you guys have obviously been working very hard on this and it shows. Thank you for doing this!
  2. Albert, will these be in stock again in the foreseeable future? I've noticed they've been out of stock in the store for a while now. Thanks.
  3. This is excellent news. Although I'm pretty sure I'm alone in this, I would absolutely love to see Baldies for the Jag CD released on cartridge as well. Blue Lightening would be great too.
  4. I had Checkered Flag, but man that game is terrible. At least for me. I couldn't justify keeping it so I resold it. Hoverstrike on the other hand, I do have. Even though I enjoy playing it (at times), Hoverstrike is by far the most anger inducing game on the Jaguar.
  5. I was astonished when I found and purchased Attack of the Mutant Penguins, complete and like new, for $50 on Ebay this past February. I also saw Atari Karts sell complete for $175 (unfortunately I didn't have the extra money at the time). Don't give up hope. The Jag games do come available for a great price on rare occasions, but I'm pretty sure it's Random and perhaps a bit of luck coming across them. I was also fortunate to find the original release of Iron Soldier II on CD for a great price from the same seller.
  6. I clicked on your Etsy link, but I'm not seeing Tube SE as an available box set. Is that choice still available to order?
  7. You can save the game after each mission. I haven't beat the game yet, but my strategy is to just follow the markers on the radar. Unless an enemy is directly in front of me or a primary target (objective) I steer clear of it and head to the next objective. It's a pretty fun game. The sliding isn't too bad, it just takes some getting used to. Use the brake often and controlling your hover tank becomes much easier.
  8. Baldies on the Atari Jaguar is one of the top 5 "best" games I've ever played on any platform.
  9. Regarding gaming, there have been many times I tended to lean on the unpopular side of things. 1987- I went into Toys"R"Us with my dad to purchase an NES and instead walked out with a Sega Master System. 1996- After playing Twisted Metal 2 several days in a row, I concluded that I preferred the original Twisted Metal. 1998- I sold my Sony Playstation and bought a Sega Saturn (Net Link Edition) at EB Games in the mall. Everyone working there thought I was nuts. 2003- I traded my PS2 in at Gamestop for a Gamecube. Once again the employees there thought I was crazy. 2007- I traded my Xbox 360 in towards two Sony PSP consoles and a bunch of multiplayer LAN play games. (Yeah, this one I later regretted).
  10. Never mind, I overlooked the details in the store. I see where it says the game is limited to 300 copies.
  11. Is Defender of the Crown a limited edition game or will you replenish it once the 20 or so copies are gone?
  12. Imagine how impressive it would have looked if you could run fast enough to play both players.
  13. I think we're already playing this game. It's called, "Survive 2020".
  14. Would this also include all of the Atari ST games that have been ported over like Star Wars Arcade, Gauntlet II and Joust? Most, if not all, have been released on cartridge and still can be ordered (I believe) per request. Reach out to CyranoJ if you have any questions. He's a super nice guy. There's a list of them here:
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