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  1. I agree. We should exchange usernames, if they're not the same as the ones we use on here, so we can follow and compete with each other. That would be fun. An extension of hanging out in here. I'm going to stick with RREDDWARFF, that's my Steam and Xbox username as well. If you all care to message me what they will be I'd be happy to make a list to share.
  2. Thank you for addressing this question. To be honest, I'm a little embarrassed by my condition, but it is what it is and I really had some concerns. I see your point about possible confusion in the menus, and I like how you said if it's just one button that is used, then that one button is all of the buttons. That will seriously help. I'm still going to give the Amico a shot and I hope that it works for me, but at the end of the day, once again it is what it is. Thanks 👍
  3. I disagree with this. How difficult is it to add controller remapping options like with the Xbox? I had a stroke in 2018 and no longer have much use of my right hand. Remapping buttons is extremely important to me, as well as several other handicapped gamers out there. Why not just have an option in the console settings to remap all of the buttons?
  4. I know this has already been commented on, but I feel the need to say God bless you man. I'm sorry to hear that you went through that, but I'm happy to hear you're doing so much better than you were. My wife and I were diagnosed with Covid at the beginning of this month; It's awful. I seriously can't state enough how bad this thing is. I went to the hospital for dehydration and my wife has been twice due to her asthma. Thankfully we are going strong, but it hasn't been easy.
  5. I love these answers. I personally don't see any comparison between the Amico and the VCS. Intellivision has been doing things right since the get go, which is why I pre-ordered an Amico and not an Atari. The Steam box was pretty cool, but was a dud out of the gates. I had an Alienware Alpha, which was essentially the same thing as the Steam box, but with the Windows operating system. A very slim machine that was very capable at the time, but it had no way to upgrade it over time other than the system memory. I enjoyed it for a while, but ended up selling it a year or so later and buying a full size computer in the future. I too like the style of the new wireless Atari joystick, but the last thing I need is multiple regular Atari controllers and joystick controllers to find a home for. Flashback to the Wii days, what the frick. I think it's awesome how the Amico stores its controllers with the actual console, like it originally did back in the good old days. What a brilliant concept that's just not feasible with most modern consoles, however they should have considered doing so with the Wii and the remotes.
  6. Happy New Year everybody. If we make it to April and the Amico makes its launch date, 2021 will already be shaping up to be a better year. If we're all dead from who knows what before then, well... Tommy can brag about how awesome the thing was going to be in the after life. "Yeah man, the thing was gonna make coffee, you could iron your jeans with it, the remotes detected aliens,.."
  7. Let's hope that the quality of their console is higher than the quality of their chicken. I also hope that it too is not constantly "out" of honey-mustard dipping sauce.
  8. When you die your grand kids or great grand kids are going to find these, have no idea what the heck they are used for, and wonder, "Why the frick does Gramps have so many old phones?"
  9. This seriously needs to come with some fuzzy darts. Ultimate holiday drinking game. (If you tag an invader you give away drinks. If you miss, you drink) Reds = 1 drink Blues = 2 drinks Greens = 3 drinks. Giant baddies on either arm, the House (whoever is wearing the sweater) drinks.
  10. Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback. It's very cool of you to do so.
  11. Hey, even had guys need to take a break from choking people to death to play some Intellivision.
  12. I saw "Saturn" on your post and I about freaked. I was hoping the link lead to something Sega Saturn related, such as a mini console.
  13. Baldies. You need a Jag CD to play Baldies.
  14. Definitely the darker wood pin. That looks even better than I expected. They both look great though.
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