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  1. I too am fairly new (again) to collecting for the Jaguar, so I had some similar concerns recently, but let me and everyone else in here put you at ease. Albert from Atariage is trustworthy. The guy is very busy, from from what I can tell, with all his responsibilities. When I first ordered from the Atariage store, he took the time to answer all my questions and eliminate any concerns. Then we ended up chatting a bit about the Jaguar and the possibility of cool new games for it we'd like to see. His customer service fantastic and he's a really nice and personal guy. There quality is top notch too. I also ordered Rebooteroids from the Atariage store and I own a reproduction pro controller that was included in a Jaguar bundle recently. Both are excellent quality.
  2. The controller looks incredible. I really like the cord wrap in the back. Alien vs Predator uses all but the 0 button as far as I can tell. A great game, but you do have to unlock everything for the Predator in order to test all the other buttons on the keypad. Cybermorph is an inexpensive game that gives you access to all of the keypad buttons. 1, 2 and 3 are for a super weapon which might have to be unlocked or picked up. I don't remember.
  3. Ha, who knows. Perhaps it was the same design team who came up with the Jag CD toilet bowl design.
  4. Yes, I guess so. Unless of course you've had a stroke and are disabled on your right side like me. Hence why I asked. Wow man, make me feel like a cheat trying to work with my "faulty" hand 😂.
  5. I would definitely be interested in ordering one of these as well, so add me to the list. Question though, I have a disability in my right hand that does not allow me to push the buttons rapidly (think Raiden). Could you add a rapid fire option for each of the buttons?
  6. Hey guys, I just received a Jaguar CD unit, which was shipped across country, a couple of days ago. When I first set it up, it played the first two games (for around a total of 10 minutes) without issue. Then I put an audio CD in for about 5 minutes to check out the visualizer. Suddenly the unit started making a clicking noise. It does this for around 5 seconds every time I turn the console on (with or without a CD in the drive), when starting a CD game, or when specifically in the song select menu in Vid Grid. It seems to otherwise play CD games fine. Is this a common issue? Do I need to adjust something? I'm currently keeping the CD player unplugged from its separate power supply and just playing carts through the CD units cartridge slot.
  7. This is really great news. A very cost effective solution to hook up the Jaguar to a modern television. I have one console hooked up to a crt in the bedroom, but I'd like to hook a second system up in the living room as well. Perhaps there I can lure some friends into playing some multiplayer Jag games. I try not to lure my friends into my bedroom. Awesome, thanks so much for clarifying. I'm definitely in the market to order a Snes2Jag now.
  8. I apologize, but I'm a bit confused. Are you saying that you know for a fact that the SNES Pound HD cable works with the adapter, or that the RAD2x hdmi adapter works with the Jaguar adapter?
  9. Cool, thank you. Lots of great videos. I subscribed so I can check out some more later.
  10. How do I watch your videos? I'd like to see if yours looks about the same.
  11. Does Klax not have sound effects either? I'm interested in ordering the physical cartridge, but from what I've seen on YouTube, every video of this game running on the Jaguar has music, but no sound effects. Perhaps it's because they are running the game on an emulator rather than the actual console.
  12. Awesome, thank you. Gary was kind enough to provide me a list through email, but this is nice. It shows pictures to give me a good idea about titles I'm not aware of.
  13. Great! What previous titles are still available to order?
  14. A bit late to the party. Are either of these games still available to order? Thanks
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