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  1. Right on, you're probably right. The thought just made me laugh. I was imagining myself back in high school and college, frantically trying to get stuff done at the last minute.
  2. You know, you're right. I went back to look at the mom and I think the kid with the yellow sleeves is the only one really looking at the tv. That's funny.
  3. If he started signing those consoles today, he would have to sign at least 30 consoles per day in order to have them ready in time for launch. I hope for his sake he's already been able to start. Lol, otherwise he's got some serious cramming to do.
  4. Just out of curiosity. Why was there concern regarding the game named Armor Battle and whether or not the old, original name should be changed to "Battle Tanks" or "Armored Battle Tanks" for added clarity? I mean, I'm not trying to recycle an old topic here, but there's lot of old games that could fall under the same scrutiny. Now, Tommy, you own the game so obviously you can call the thing whatever you want. I personally didn't own an Intellivision back in the day (I had a 2600), so I don't have a personal attachment to it like I'm sure many do, but if Armor Battle was the inspiration for this upcoming tank game, then why not go with the original name? Why change this one and not others? For example, Snafoo. I know it was originally spelled SNAFU, but the majority of people playing the Amico are probably going to read that and go, "What the heck is a Snafoo?" I don't know, just a thought.
  5. Happy 4th everyone! Time to drink a beer and forget about 2020 for a while.
  6. The intro: "Manned by a crew of highly trained young people." Zero respect and love for the chimp.
  7. What's up with the giant trophy/wedding cake on the roof? It looks like they forgot and left it up there. "Yo man, you got the Captain's cake?" "Aww sh!#..."
  8. It is a funny looking car. I thought it was awesome as a kid.
  9. My friend and I played it when it was new, in the nineties, on the Playstation. It was a fun game for a night. We highly enjoyed and laughed at the idea of some kid sitting down to play, watching his character die every gruesome way possible. Most of the death sequences were hysterical from what I remember. Even though, there is no way I would spend hundreds of dollars for the Jaguar version.
  10. I loved the Netlink back in the day. I purchased the Netlink Edition console bundle that came with the Netlink, Saturn console, keyboard, mouse and Sega Rally and Virtual On. I spent most of my time in the chatroom. Seganet I think it was called? We had some good times. Lots of late nights. I think my wife thought I was cheating on her at one time. She thought I had an online "Sega" girlfriend. Pretty funny stuff.
  11. Sure man. You're good. You just want to hook that up to your Sega Netlink and the Amico will be good to go
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