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  1. Would be a good time to possibly order something else from them at the same time if shipping is so high. Could maybe save shipping cost on something small like a game.
  2. It'll be worse next year. The prices keep going up.
  3. Agreed, $139 for the Coke machine is a lot. I think the Replicade cabinets themselves are worth every penny. The build quality on their machines is exceptional. They have also greatly improved since there earlier models (Referring to Tempest). Dragon's Lair and Qbert are amazing. When I said, "Man, are those things getting expensive," I was referring to Atari Jaguar consoles. Ugh, it makes me sick, but it was my fault for selling my Jag stuff in the first place lol.
  4. I agree, even though I'm passing on it, Food Fight is a great choice. It's unique and surprising, plus it's a fun game. I just don't have the room in my home nor the flexibility in my finances at this time. I just purchased a Jaguar again. Man, are those getting expensive...
  5. Food Fight is a great game, but I'm going to pass on it. I personally would be more interested in a Pepsi machine rather than Coke. To me, Pepsi was more of an 80's icon, what with the Pepsi Challenge and Michael Jackson's hair catching on fire.
  6. Albert, can I put my name on a list? Sorry, I'm not sure how this works.
  7. Okay thanks for letting me know
  8. Hello, I sent you a PM about 12 hours ago. I would like to purchase a copy of Another World please. I hope I'm not being pushy, I really don't mean to be, I just hope to be able to get one. Thanks
  9. Gotcha, I just prefer to use the little tiny controls on the unit.
  10. I think Gyruss could be fun, but I would only purchase it if it had a rapid fire option. Pushing a tiny button over and over really fast would not be something I'm into. Probably why I haven't bothered opening 1943 yet. Otherwise I agree, I think Gyruss could be really cool. Same with negative1's suggestion of Raiden. I love that game on PS1 (Raiden Project), but for me it would need rapid fire as an option.
  11. I've skipped the Arcade1up cabs as well. As far as the Replicade cabinets, I've purchased a few - Dragon's Lair, Tempest, 1943, Qbert and I've preordered Space Ace. Overall I've been really impressed with these mini arcades. 1943 I still haven't opened, Tempest and Qbert are my favorites to play, but Dragon's Lair is absolutely amazing. I'd really like to see the original Star Wars arcade come available, that and Frogger. Those are the only ones I'm keeping an eye out for.
  12. Wow, nice I can't believe you just played one game of Qbert for 2 hours! I'm impressed 👍
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