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  1. Looks incredible. What the Lynx is capable of in good hands never ceases to amaze me.
  2. Yeah, this is really impressive. Looks amazing on a McWill screen!
  3. Mine arrived today, with a nice little hand-drawn catroon about the Isle of Man on the box! Made me chuckle. Can't wait to get stuck in, but I'm gonna need another Lynx first! D'oh!
  4. Hi SainT, could you put me down on the list for another cased Lynx 2 card, please? I had one of the original run, and I'm after another
  5. Negative. I'm in the UK. I just stuck it on as a lot at auction with the view it sells for what it sells for. I'm not one for inflated BiN's.
  6. Well yeah....retro games in general. With 20-odd systems, if it wasn't for flash carts I'd need to dedicate a lot of space to it which is not something I'm willing to do. That said, I was up to 50 Jag games and those boxes aren't small!
  7. I can't wait for this! Just sold my entire Jag collection in anticipation I love using original hardware but I'm not a fan of having shelves stacked with games. This age of flashcarts we're living in blows my tiny mind.
  8. The second one on the Lynx? Is it Switchblade?
  9. Hewson's Onslaught is great - crazy mix of platforming, shmupping and a little bit of strategy and puzzling. Silmarils' Metal Mutant - which had the most amazing sound and graphics at the time. Conqueror - a superb slightly strategic WWII based tank shooter using David Braben's amazing game engine from Zarch (Virus). Was going to suggest Infogrames' excellent TBS/RTS/platformer North and South as well but I think it might be quite well known. I don't see it crop up in conversation very often though.
  10. G'day! You've a few Jaguar games I'd like if you'll post to the UK. Feel free to message me
  11. soob

    Atari Karts

    I'll bear that in mind, thanks. Also, I know I haven't posted here very much, but I can point anyone in the direction of almost 500 stars worth of 100% positive eBay feedback and long feedback threads on various UK gaming forums such as GRcarde and RLLMUK. For what that's worth...
  12. soob

    Atari Karts

    Looking for Atari Karts, good used condition is fine but must be complete. I'm in the UK but happy to pay postage at cost from wherever, so don't let that put you off if you have one to sell.
  13. Hi SainT. Could you stick me down for a cased one for my Lynx II, please?
  14. Quick question re. STE joysticks. If I do pick up a 1040 STE, can I use a standard joystick on it(I know they have enhanced ports, but I'm unsure whether or not they take a normal joystick too), or am I better off getting a couple of Jag pads to use on it? If the latter is the case, I take it they function ok with any games, yeah? Cheers.
  15. Another from Blighty(ish) here - The Isle of Man. Although I still haven't managed to pick up an ST yet, so I'm currently emulating on Windows. There have been a steady stream cropping up on ebay, but I'm holding out for an absolutely pristine one.
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