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  1. Complete Atari set for retro gaming all items are NEW and UNUSED ATARI 130XE, PAL, NEW, unopened box SDrive NUXX NEW, never used IDE plus 2.0 host adapter NEW never used 2x Atari XE (65/800/130) keyboard NEW, unused Scart cable only once used professionally made (maybe 2 pcs) price 390,-€ for complete set
  2. New never used Sharp MZ-811 Personal Computer in original packaging including manuals, original Basic cassette and power cord. Price 200,-€ + shipping
  3. Atari 130XE new, never used, boxed 200,-€ or plus new and unused Nuxx drive 290,-€ Atari 65XE Arabic + PSU, not yellowed, like new 130,-€ Atari 1040STF motherboard + HBS640 MC68000@32MHz accelerator + Magnum ST Board 8MB RAM, TOS2.06 (up to 16MB available) + HD module (1,44MB FD supp.) 150,-€ Sold Oiginal Link DMA ACSI cable, 10,-€ for each (more pcs available) Atari Mega ST4 in new case (CPU is socketed for easy CPU upgrade) - 120,-€ Sold
  4. What's worth of Atari 65XE Arabic?
  5. 2x Mega STE 4MB, FDD 1.44, TOS 2.06, HDD 105MB (both)
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