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  1. I've got some Sony LCD monitors that do that and there's no way to disable them. Some sort of low light circuitry. Could it be your monitor trying to do some ambient light adjustment?
  2. Heh, I'm just the opposite with AC. I grew up with THAC0 so the current rules seem childish in comparison (I mean, who doesn't love charts) Personally I own the complete 1e set and the 5e set - I skipped all the bloated stuff in between. Dig deep and find that utility! I was thinking about writing some sort of D&D toolset that'd run on the 8bit and use Fujinet in a client/server sort of mode. I'd rather give yours a try first
  3. Au contraire, 1e is alive and kicking! There's tons of people running old Basic and AD&D as the rules have been converted to many different clone systems. If you look up OSR and B/X you'll see what I mean. What's old is new again
  4. I'd love your program! I run a 1e (original) AD&D campaign for a friends daughters who are into it. D&D is bigger than it ever was.
  5. What kind of hardware/media are you using?
  6. tuf

    SDD 99

    The device is still going to need to know what to do with that timestamp it gets from NTP.
  7. I have a certain nostalgia for tape games - I didn't have TOD back in the day but it would have been glorious on tape. Even more glorious on disk of course, but still - pretty cool.
  8. I didn't know this ran from tape - so cool.
  9. I've got it on a FinalGROM and use a real floppy drive with it. I suppose you'd need either a PEB/Floppy or NanoPEB or TIPI to play it.
  10. Complaining about eBay fees is like yelling at clouds.
  11. I think the original looks great, as does the color version. Reminds me of a mono game on the ST. I vote for the higher rez, spritey B&W version - or perhaps both if you've got it in you
  12. When you click on the reservation link, it also says out of stock and you can't actually reserve anything.
  13. Are reservations no longer available (says out of stock on the reservation page)? I just stumbled upon this and would love to get in line.
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