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  1. Yep there's a II+. And yes, still available. I'll mark as sold when it sells. Thanks!
  2. Ordered two sets of these, only need one. This is the speaker and user port expansion. $15 + shipping US only.
  3. I've got a like new U1541 II with the network adapter I'm looking to get rid of. eBay is tempting but I can't be bothered. US shipping only, $125 for trade for something interesting.
  4. That domain is for sale so it ain't lookin' good..
  5. Well, it wasn't based on a 68000, so it'd have been tough calling it a Mac and running Mac software on it It's a fitting swan song for the Apple //. They took that machine to the next level with the GS, and it's still impressive in retrospect even today.
  6. I tested a 1770VX tonight and can report that it's NOT compatible with medium or low rez. High also looks terrible but it works. Anything other than high reports out of range on the OSD.
  7. This is awesome. Still hoping for a WiModem232 version to magically appear
  8. QQ, how are you guys using the .car files? I'd like to try the menu out but does it require something like an Ultimate Cart to load the car?
  9. tuf

    WTB: Everdrive N8 for NES

    Found one here - no longer looking!
  10. tuf


    Picked up a bunch of EverDrives and an N64 system from eightbit - he's a pleasure to deal with and everything I got was perfect!
  11. tuf


    Picked up an Everdrive N8 and had a good experience!
  12. I purchased a Gamecube system from @larrylaffer and had a great experience. He's a solid guy and packed everything very well. Sent extra pics when I asked him some condition questions. Cant go wrong!
  13. Looking for a Gameboy EverDrive of any vintage to use with a Gamecube Player. If you've got an older one and you're looking to upgrade to an X7, let me know!
  14. For those of you on a recent MacOS, this might work for you: brew install qt5 brew link qt5 --force export PATH="/usr/local/opt/qt/bin:$PATH" git clone --single-branch --branch develop [email protected]:ebiguy/RespeQt.git cd RespeQt qmake -spec macx-clang qmake -spec macx-g++ make You might need to install other stuff like Homebrew and other C++ deps if you haven't already. You're on your own to figure all that out
  15. The ribbon goes right between the metal head and the plastic guide. You can screw it up easily and put the ribbon on the wrong side of something. I had one of these when I was 13 and printed 1000s of pages - you can do it
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