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  1. Hah well technically that BB has 2 add-ons attached to it (Enhancer + Floppy Board) so perhaps the challenge is to replace it with 3 devices? To keep things period correct I'll go with an MIO + an ATR8000. Machine monitor I have no clue.
  2. I always wanted one, but I had an MIO. I kinda remember the BB and MIO having similar capabilities, but there was some sort of floppy add on for the BB I was jealous of, that's for sure. And I do use my MIO in conjunction with the SIDE2 - I use one to back up the other, and I use the RS232 for a WiModem232 and the SCSI port with an SCSI2SD. If I had a Black Box I'd likely be doing the same thing with it
  3. Yep, but more often than not the clone isn't supported, firmware upgradable, outdated quickly by revisions, has weird quirks, isn't exactly a clone, etc.
  4. Absolutely. For systems like the Gamecube/Saturn/Dreamcast there's lots of clone options - and they're significantly cheaper than the official stuff. It can be the difference between something like $50 USD vs $300 USD, which is going to get lots of people who may not drop for the real deal to go for the clone.
  5. I completely agree with you on this. Might make existing owners unhappy but it'll keep the cloners hurting.
  6. Long story short, someone cloned one of his boards and threatened to clone everything he ever does going forward b/c he won't ship to Poland (because there's lots of issues with getting packages in, apparently). I might have that horribly wrong but that's my understanding of it.
  7. Hopefully TF will continue to work on his ST stuff - he mentioned he might. And yes, thanks to all the people you mentioned above - these guys are awesome.
  8. Ok so who's going to host this so we can all play it?
  9. That's interesting, my cable doesn't look anything like that one - it's got a standard DB-whatever connector for the ASCI port on it.
  10. Could be a weird termination thing. Check here, first paragraph: https://atari.8bitchip.info/MegaSTEACSI.html If your Mega came without an internal SCSI board you definitely need to be aware of how the termination is set. I don't think it matters that your Ultrasatan works - it might happen to work without termination set....SCSI was always weird about that. In any case, it cant hurt to see how yours looks in there.
  11. Almost - that MSTE no longer has the CosmosEx hooked up. Once I set it up I removed the CosmosEx and installed it in the studio, where it does it's thing using the built in SCSI. So, it just shows that the MSTE worked and allowed me to copy a bunch of stuff over a CosmosEx network drive to the internal SCSI. If you're not seeing the driver try to load then thats 100% of your problem. Even if you dont have the CosmosEx plugged in (like in my picture) you'll still see the driver look for it and ask you to hit Q to abort.
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