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  1. Very cool thanks! Did you preserve these all yourself?
  2. Love all the updates! Still not convinced I need an accelerator...
  3. The floppy in particular is different. You have to make some cuts to fit an STe in a Falcon case for example. I also remember having to shear off a post or two in there (I put an STe in a Falcon case loooong ago).
  4. tuf


    Love RespeQt! Sorry to hear the forum drives you nuts. I like the forum too, but I only look at it every month or so
  5. QQ: Anyone know if the TIPI-PEB is available anywhere?
  6. Do you have more info on this anywhere? I don't see it mentioned on your site. Thanks!
  7. You'd need a disk emulation device with the wifi stack built into it to access the NAS. The Toshiba wireless cards work sort of in reverse of that, allowing you access to the cards contents remotely. You need something like a wireless SIO2PC.
  8. I've got an original AE Transwarp GS rev 1.4 I'm considering selling. I've upgraded it to the following spec: Original TWGS rev 1.4 Western Design Center W65C816S CPU ByteBoosters 32KB Cache Board ByteBoosters High Speed GALs Scalable Oscillator v2 for TransWarp GS I get somewhere around 13.5mhz stable on my GS with it - your mileage may vary so be aware. The Scalable Oscillator is a lifesaver when trying to find the maximum speed the card will be stable at. Runs like a champ with the stock power supply in the GS. Looking for reasonable offers - PM me if interested.
  9. Tantalums blow is a very nasty way. If you have them in any of your devices, replace them. If you wait until they go you're replacing more than the cap.
  10. I would like to announce that I am staying in the scene!
  11. Not to mention the screen control - you can operate your ST through a browser window from a remote computer, exactly like VNC or Remote Desktop.
  12. Trust me - you won't realize how cool this thing is until you try one. One stop shop for everything you'd need. Don't forget wifi and STiNG stack replacement. Fun fun!
  13. The first character on each line is having issues - sort of like static in the signal I made a video just b/c I had a hard time thinking how to explain it. This is visible in any app or right at the basic prompt. Seems to be heat related in that it takes a minute or two to really get cooking. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7k4kMEy9s8 Anyone provide any insight?
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