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  1. Or for free just use the LinApple emulator in RetroPie
  2. Isn't uflash just for SIDE/Ultimates/Incognitos?
  3. Something like this? https://www.commodoreserver.com/
  4. You'll be beepin' with 1.41 I believe
  5. There's an option in the MIO firmware to turn the beeps on and off. Not sure what version I'm on but I'm sure someone can provide details (MG?).
  6. I am very happy to report that after installing v3 of FJC's amaze-balls firmware, I finally have the hard disk sound I've been looking for. Thank you so much Mr. Flashjazzcat!
  7. Fantastic!!! Thank you!
  8. Very cool thanks! Did you preserve these all yourself?
  9. Love all the updates! Still not convinced I need an accelerator...
  10. The floppy in particular is different. You have to make some cuts to fit an STe in a Falcon case for example. I also remember having to shear off a post or two in there (I put an STe in a Falcon case loooong ago).
  11. tuf


    Love RespeQt! Sorry to hear the forum drives you nuts. I like the forum too, but I only look at it every month or so
  12. QQ: Anyone know if the TIPI-PEB is available anywhere?
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