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  1. I'll give it a shot tonight! Thanks - love all the new game development going on around here!
  2. Awesome - love these style games. Reminded me of Dallas Quest
  3. I know it's been a minute but I just had to recompile for a new Synology that runs a Celeron. To compile it you need an OS that has an older version of GLIBC since the Synology runs an older version. I used "Holy Build Box" in Docker on the Synology to build it in, which worked great. I did have to add "-std=c99" to the CFLAGS (add it to the end of the FLAGS line for LINUX) to get it to compile. tnfsd
  4. So cool! I'll be checking it out when I'm done with work. Awesome that you returned to programming - I'd love to do the same myself.
  5. This idea of things not being "Atari based" solutions is silly. The 2400 baud modem I used in 1984 to connect my 800 to a BBS was not a native solution. The modem did all the work. No one is looking for period correct solutions these days. Any and all additional devices are a good thing!
  6. Wow, I sure wish DannysDay would have been available in my market. Absolute trainwreck of a show - would have been fun to watch
  7. Here you go. There's an .exe that gets produced as well, not sure what that's for but I included it. Let me know if it works! tnfsd-3-17-22.zip
  8. Oh there's a new version? I can give it a shot. Stay tuned, might take me a minute - I'll try when I get home from work tonight.
  9. Freesync lets two compatible devices adjust their refresh rates in real time. There's a number of adaptive sync standards (FreeSync, G-Sync, etc). It's meant to reduce tearing in modern video games by scaling the refresh rate to match what the card outputs. Multisync simply refers to a monitor that can synchronize to more than one (fixed) scan rate. NEC trademarked the term back in the day b/c their monitors supported multiple scan rates. Scan rates and refresh rates aren't the same thing. Technically I suspect all monitors today could be considered Multisync as they all support more than a single horizontal and vertical scan rate. Sometimes we get lucky and find modern ones that can support scan rates low enough for vintage resolutions.
  10. They only had 1 of those adapters in stock btw, so hopefully you grabbed it. I've got the Best cable also and much prefer the adapter.
  11. Get one of these: https://centuriontech.eu/product/st2vga-r4/ It'll have an audio output for speakers or whatever.
  12. And after rabbit hole-ing a bit I see someone's already done just that - Mashed Turtles:
  13. If you spend any time modifying code, how about making it support 4 players Give us 4-player Warlords guys something else to play!
  14. Freeway is one of the best 2 player VCS games ever. Ridiculously competitive.
  15. I've got one in a drawer somewhere if the one above doesn't turn up.
  16. Gotcha. Which MeanWell did you end up using, and were you able to mount it right to the plate?
  17. Found this in my STe tonight - replaced it and inspected the rest.
  18. Installed mine tonight, everything seems to work ok. We'll see how it holds up!
  19. Uh oh, I havent reassembled mine with the Centurion supply in it yet... not sounding good.
  20. That looks correct according to this thread and the official documentation. Did you ever get it working?
  21. The power supply poses the greatest risk yes. Generally the advice on these things will range from dont-do-anything to recap-everything, so take everything with a grain of salt. I'd suggest replacing the original supplies with modern equivalents (Lotharek, etc) and visually inspecting your devices for capacitors that are leaky or exploding and replace those. Oddly enough I just worked on a 1040STe last night replacing the power supply with a brand new one from Centurion Technologies. I inspected all the caps in the STe and only found one that had visible signs of danger and replaced it.
  22. Wow what an effort! Thanks for sharing your hard work!
  23. Just to add to this, I also had a Jesus board ordered from amigastore.eu sitting around. Tried it out the other night and it's a bust. All the problems described above and the tracking is terrible (and the Y axis is inverted). Very odd for a product like this to work so poorly.
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