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  1. OK, monkey wrench time... I forgot that I have a charity event going on that weekend. (A polar plunge, kind of freaked out...) so can we change gears to the 12th instead of the 26th? I know there are lots of maybes and someone said hellz no to the 26th. Plus that opens up the MST3K thing to everyone that wanted to attend that too. I've skipped out on the last 2 meets and don't want to miss another. I talked to Jboy a few mins ago and he said he's game as long as everyone else is too.
  2. It looks like Dalum is in. Just got confirmation that Gfresh is bowing out. Nyra is busy that day too. Jboy, Mandy is in from last I heard. I'm trying to get her to join the forums just to participate in this discussion. LOL
  3. I'm not sure if I can come or not. I'm working out the details and seeing where my family is going to be that weekend.
  4. OK, got my pics up from the Gathering (THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!) http://gameblips.elementfx.com/2009/09/14/pics-from-the-atariage-mi-gathering/
  5. I hope everyone likes the videos so far. I've got some pics I'm uploading. My daughter and I had a great time this weekend with everyone! Here's the group pic we took before the last batch of people showed at Pizza House.
  6. Red 5 standing... I mean all is good in Michigan!
  7. Hey, I've been meaning to post this for quite a while. It's a place in Cleveland that we drove by in a not-so-good area but we risked it anyway!
  8. BTW... Thanks to everyone that came by this weekend. I seem to have a LOT of cherries in my mailbox. I do thank everyone for not razing my land so we didn't come back from a vacation so we had a barren wasteland of no trees. LOL!
  9. Awesome. I don't think that I'll be back on tonight but I will tommorow. Hopefully my cherries will all be grown back then. My daughter picked them all and sold them even after me telling her to leave some. Added you to my master spreadsheet. I'll be adding you to the game (all of us in Ccville) tonight and tomorrow. BTW, MEGA-Jealous of the fish. It hasn't rained here yet so no great fishing trips like that yet.
  10. Happy Harvest Festival to all! Packing for a trip (in the real world) to Cleveland with Nyracat. We'll be leaving the gates open for the weekend to see what happens when we get back. Had a great time with Goober though I was packing and not being a good town host. Looks like Crossbow just joined in too! Packing is going to have to takea backseat
  11. Hung out with Crossbow and Sweetpea this afternoon. Was not able to come visit while they were out running errands but it sounds like other made it in there instead. Wife was just tooling around Gooberville but Goober was MIA as well. (Thanks for the apples!)
  12. My whole family is playing this. We are OG Animal Crossing freaks so we have been waiting on pins and needles for this game to come out. I'm in the process of adding in all the codes posted so far (thank God for USB keyboards!) so we can get the party started! Name - Dalum City - Ccville Fruit - Pear FriendCode - 5026-7934-1128 Name - Nyracat FriendCode - 1118-3752-6872 We have WiiSpeak too so let's do it up!
  13. Thank you for adding to the list. I updated the main list on my original post above. SouthernBelle, I'll add you when I get home from work tonight... Both your Dr Mario code and friend code.
  14. I plan on getting this on release day. There aren't any games where this happens with my family, but anything to get more games on with my wife the better!
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