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  1. My biggest regret doesn't involve selling or losing a portion of my collection but instead it relates to what I didn't buy. In the early 90's, I was around 10 years old, Big Lots stores had oodles of Atari 7800 and 2600 games for sale. This was a big deal for my family as we were still an Atari family as we always lagged about 2 systems behind the rest of the world. Long story short we added games like Mean 18 Golf, Midnight Madess, Ace of Aces, Snoopy and the Red Baron, and many more to our collection for $2 or $3 dollars per game. I only wish I was a collector of video games at the time and not sports cards and other various items. I could have easily purchased 20-30 copies plus of each of the aforementioned games and probably more. Thinking back on it I can't believe they had all of those games and were asking so little for them. It is a safe bet that they didn't even sell half of their inventory and probably trashed or donated the rest?
  2. He did actually. Called me when I had already left and agreed to sell me the lot with Rescue Terra for $25 dollars higher than our agreed upon price for everything. At that point, given that I had seen the condition of the rest of the lot and that he had already chosen to remove the game from the original lot i wouldn't have purchased the whole thing at $25 under our original agreement. I had basically decided as soon as I saw the game was missing that he wasn't getting a dime of my money. It was no coincidence that the only thing missing from the entire lot was Rescue Terra.
  3. As much as I wanted to say something like that I believe it bothered him more that I didn't take the rest of the stuff off his hands. The lot of toys and games were in much worse shape than I thought and would have been difficult to flip to reach an even point on the deal(assuming I kept the game). He had brought them all outside and was ready to sell. Again, it was a definite lesson learned and I ended up stopping at a State Park for a 10 mile run with my son on the way home so it wasn't a wasted trip by any stretch.
  4. He admitted that he knew it was a hard to find game. He insisted that he "forgot" to remove it from the picture. He is a toy collector but doesn't collect games but has some knowledge of them or at the very least knows how to do a Google search. But that said, I agree, it's dishonest any way you shake it.
  5. ....but learned a hard lesson in the process. I responded to a craigslist ad for a lot of toys that included lots of toys and some Atari consoles and games. The lot was to be sold together and was advertised as having been played with. What caught my eye in the picture of the Atari games was the nice crisp blue Rescue Terra label sticking out! I was stoked! I could flip the other stuff, maybe make a little money and get a copy of Rescue Terra in the process! Fast forward to yesterday, I drove about 40 miles to the sellers home after we had already agreed on a price for the lot in principal. I was looking over the toys and came to the box with the Atari cartridges in it. What I didn't see what the Rescue Terra game, he had removed it from the box. I told him the real reason I was spending the money on the lot was to add that particular game to my collection and asked why he had removed it. His response was, "Well I didn't think anyone would notice that it was missing". In most cases this is true, but I find this to be untruthful and deceiving. He essentially obliged himself to selling the entire lot, including the Rescue Terra game, based on the pictures of what you were getting but backed out on it. Long story short he offered me the remainder of the lot at a reduced price but the toys were in a lesser condition than what they looked like in the pictures and would have been a difficult sell. The rest of the games were common carts and the consoles were pretty beat up. Morale of the story is I walked away from this deal with cash in hand because I wasn't really going to reward that kind of behavior and I was observant of pictures and knew what I was supposed to be getting! Please look over pictures and descriptions in their entirety! Most people are honest but occasionally you will encounter that one person that isn't completely honest. I understand that most people have no idea what the difference is between Rescue Terra and Pacman value or rarity wise but it doesn't make it any less dishonest to remove the game from the lot while hoping the buyer doesn't realize it!
  6. RunnersDad


    You got a great deal. And Xenophobe is a great game. Lot's of fun!
  7. I also have 2 more.... T0071875 MFG. by Atari Inc., Sunnyvale, CA Although it says made in Taiwan?(white label) 81299817 Manufactured for Atari Inc. By Dimerco Electronics in Taiwan(Green Label)
  8. I have a Heavy Sixer SN'ed 78960L I know that this one is an original Heavy Sixer. But is there a difference in the Serial Numbers, like mine with a suffix of L vs. someone elses with a suffix of H. Is one rarer than the other? Thanks.
  9. Pong Atari 2600 x 6 Atari 5800 Atari 7800 ColecoVision x 4 NES x 2 (1 MIB) SNES x 2 (1 MIB) N64 x 3 (1 MIB) GameCube Original Gameboy Gameboy pockey Gameboy Color Gameboy advanced Sega Genesis Game Gear XBox Original PS1 None of the newest systems but that alright
  10. With it appearing that the Taiwan Heavy Sixer was produced in far less quantities than the Sears or Atari Version, is it more desireable than either of those two? I have an Atari one and a Sears one, I will list the serial numbers shortly!
  11. Had a great find at a Garage Sale last Saturday. I went to the sale because they were advertising Atari games, I got there a half hour after it started and the games were gone but they had 3 crates of records. I do some collecting, so I sifted through the crates($1.00 a piece) and found myself pulling out record after records. Beatles, The Clash, Sex Pistols, tons and tons of classic rock and punk worth major bucks. So instead of paying $60 bucks(all I had) for 60 records, I offered her 60 for the entire lot, probably 600 records. With a little hesitation she said yes and I loaded them happily in the back of my xterra. Needless to say I was flying pretty high last Saturday.
  12. Should one not assume that when purchasing a vintage RPG that the battery is probably nearing the end of its life. Fortunately I have not had any of my batteries die on me yet, including Dragon Warrior 4, but I would assume that time will come soon. And by the way, Excellent find, some of the best NES games that money can buy!
  13. I am 24 years old, Atari was the first system that I owned. All the other kids has NES and we had Atari. Although you make do with what you got, and now I have 10 of them!
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