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  1. Jesus Travis. guy asked a simple question about the flight stick and a sarcastic response. and you made comments because i didnt know about pro controller threads. whatever.
  2. replying to travis touchdown. how was i supposed to know there have been other threads. i just cant believe these are so expensive. i am lucky to have got them 10 years ago. And Im lucky to have a CD. i bought a Jaguar in 1994. then lost it in moves. I bought another one in 2006 and have every game and the flight stick. Just never paid attention the past several years. i cant believe what has happened to prices. it is ridiculous. im glad i got my collection while it was affordable. It is BS that a controller is going for 200-400 for such a "hated system"
  3. jesus even the box is selling for 50
  4. I looked on ebay and saw one going for 400 dollars. the guy said it is one of the rarest Jaguar items. What happened? I own 2 of them and bought them 10 years ago for like 50 each. Are they really that rare now?? 400 dollars????????
  5. I mean really what other controller allows you to strafe on Doom and order pizza from the controller at the same time?
  6. True, but he number pad helps on a lot of Jag games, and I think is rather helpful
  7. It was annoying as a kid having my parents always thinking that I was breaking my joysticks, when they were a piece of crap at the time.
  8. I love the start pause and reset. plus I never have the problem of noncentering with them. They also don't cramp my hands like the 7800 controller which is a nightmare on your wrist. For some reason the 5200 controller doesn't do that to me. So consider me the rare person who really likes the 5200 controller, now that it is a functioning one.
  9. As a kid i had the Atari5200 controller. Loved it. Other than the fact that it had to be fixed every couple of weeks. But I have refurbished ones now, and I love the 5200 controllers.
  10. I never understood why people hate the Jaguar controller. I love it. I think it is extremely comfortable, and I don't mind the keypad. And BTW, some ass clown is charging 100 dollars just for a box of the pro controller. Thank God I have 2 of them. Maybe I can make some money and sell my boxes too. good god
  11. You can buy the O2 voice module cheap at 4jays.
  12. Ahh, but he asked what are the must have Jag games. That's when I said to remove those games. I kind of enjoy them myself. But they are definitely not must have.
  13. I think many people will agree that Bubsy( pain in the ass) and Checkered Flag(need I say more) are not good.
  14. Please remove Bubsy and Checkered Flag. Some great games not listed: Total Carnage Zool 2 Protector SE Attack of the Mutant Penguins and the CD has great games too. But this can get expensive. By the way is SS4U still buying everything?
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