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  1. If you have one for sale, PM with price. Thanks.
  2. I'm down for one of these. Will the new screens be susceptible to screen rot? They shouldn't be. These will be brand new displays, built to high standards. We're used to the Microvision display being very poor, but most or nearly all other small LCD displays work well for many, many years. 2. What is the operating and storage temperature of the display. Operating Range: 0C to +50C. Storage Range: -10C to +60C. To-Do List: 1. Take pictures of installation method 2. Test Zebra connectors
  3. Does anyone here service Commodore 64 disk drives? I picked one up this weekend along with many games/disks at an estate sale. The Commodore works great but not sure about the disk drive. It responds but doesn't seem to read the disks.
  4. Anyone have a working one reasonably priced?
  5. I noticed the Atari Age store was out of these. Anyone have a few for sale?
  6. Does anyone know if their is someone out there who repairs classic consoles? In specific, Bally Astrocade.
  7. Does anyone know of someone who repairs classic consoles?...In specific, I have a Bally Astrocade that has issues.
  8. I'm actually in Winston-Salem, NC.
  9. I have the following for sale... Atari 800 boxed Atari 800 loose Atari 600 boxed Atari dot matrix printer boxed ...I have not looked at the boxed items...I did test the loose Atari 800 and it works all the way...I need to downsize...$40 + shipping for all...message me if interested.
  10. my coleco adapter crapped out...someone have a working spare?
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