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  1. A humming is often cause by a dirty record/play switch, and you can sometimes fix it by just working that record switch over and over, or even better getting some contact cleaner into the record switch.
  2. Check out the first book at www.flightsimbooks.com "Learning to fly with Flight Simulator", the first flight is out of JFK.. they have setup info on the first page...
  3. This thread got me to pull mine out. I could not remember if mine was PAL or NTSC but I dug up an old thread, and it's PAL. I've got a cheap USB capture thingy now that can do PAL, still, it would not work. I felt my chips, found a hot RAM chip, swapped it out, and it boots! I also didn't realize that Prowizard mentioned I was missing a color pot on my board. So I pulled one off an 800XL board because why not, and I'll be dammed I got a blue screen! I do remember it being only black and white the one time I had it working, but I thought that was cause I didnt have a PAL monitor. Well, I have the same board pictured here. I think I used a wrong chip though, cause it's only showing 48k. I think the chip I used was extra from a RAMBO upgrade I did on another machine. I'll try to pull a chip off an 800xl and see if I get 64k another night.. here is a terrible picture. You can see my terrible job on the RAM chip, it's the second one from the top.
  4. Hmm yeah I suppose they should pay the same to ship as we do. China population : 1.371 billion US. Population : 321.4 million China's average annual wage was 56,360 yuan ($8,655) in 2014, and Goldman Sachs estimates that 387 million rural workers — half the working population — earn about $2,000 a year. The U.S. Census Bureau reported in September 2014 that: U.S. real (inflation adjusted) median household income was $51,939.
  5. I found an old site on the wayback machine, turns out you may be able to use the emulator without a keyboard. http://web.archive.org/web/20050404170103/http://httpd.chello.nl/~m.schuitemaker/atari/ Starting Atari 800/130/320 games and programs Once it started up, you will see the Self Test screen from the Atari 800. Just press the left trigger to enter the actual emulator. To load up an Atari 800/130/320 game or program do the following: Select "Disk Management" and press A Press A again You see all your disk images, choose the one you want to play and pres A The game is now loaded as Disk 1 Press the right trigger Select "Select System" and press A Select the system the game or program is made for, choosing for the Atari 320XE usually with all games/programs Select "Reboot (Cold Start)" and press A , this will load the game and unloads any game that was in the virtual drive To exit a game press the left trigger To select another game, just follow these steps again.
  6. Well, it's been over a decade since I've played with my Dreamcast.We used to use two programs mostly, Padus Discjuggler, and Nero, to burn Dreamcast games. I made an Atari800dc disc for myself years ago, and if you can manage to get a Discjuggler image burned onto a CD, you can try mine. It's pretty big, so I won't try and attach it here. There were even 'cdi2nero' converters, Nero was easier to get, you often got a copy when you bought a CD writer for instance. http://kaito.crons.us/Atari800-dc.cdi I tested that image in a Dreamcast PC emulator, and it boots to the Atari self test. Which reminded me, you need a Dreamcast keyboard to do anything, like get into the emulator menu to select disk images, or run binaries directly. As far as rolling your own, there is a README on the cd, It tells you to set up the Atari800 config file. But then you have to produce an a Dreamcast image with the emulator and all your Atari files, and I think we used to use a program name dir2boot for that.
  7. You can probably find sloopy hanging out on irc. I think the channel is ##atari on newnet? I haven't been there in years, but he was always there.
  8. That would be a great deal if it was a high quality 3khz test tape. Good ones cost $50.00 and up...
  9. Maybe try a different DOS. I've got a 850 hooked up I haven't used in a while. When I boot a factory Atari DOS 2.0s disk the handler get loaded. Try a different power supply on the 850?
  10. Yeah I'm out $300.00 to sloopy too. You will never see your 600xl.
  11. No, sorry if I gave that impression. I was just thinking out loud.
  12. It's just glue? Can't you just heat it up with a heat gun. They are pretty cheap..
  13. Pretty sure there is hole already in the the case, under the metal 1010 label, to access the azimuth adjustment screw.
  14. You don't often here people recommend adjusting the speed. I've got several pretty nice decks and Walkmans. ALL of them have needed speed adjustment. And these are pretty well made with nice flywheels. I wonder if half the loading problems would go away if people just adjusted the speed. You can get a cheap speed test tape off ebay. There is a guy with a top of the line serviced quartz locked deck that makes tapes for $5.00.
  15. This ATR is likely configured for what I did use back then. an 850 at 9600 baud. fujichat-0.5pre3.atr
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