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  1. ...It's JagDuo Time...

  2. My way of letting others know that I'm still around Toki will make a great addition to the 7800 library!
  3. Maybe it's the Livewire proto ...... Wishful thinking "JAGUAR RULES"
  4. I might have a spare SC1435 in storage if interested.
  5. I acquired everything through years of being an obsessed Jaguar fan with OCD and bad spending habits, could have been something in that plastic Jaggy controller or maybe I drank the kool-aid , but all I know is "JAGUAR RULES!" P.S. Never worked at Atari but many items I once had came from many different Atari employees,developers,producers,ebay or other Jaguar fans.Collecting for the Jaguar was truly a fun time, especially the long kiosk road trips!
  6. Your very welcome buddy. "JAGUAR RULES!"
  7. If your an Atari fan on AA then i'll make an exception
  8. The monitor is adjustable and it is not bad at all, up close the picture is nice, it's an Atari SC1435.
  9. I'm selling off some Jaguar kiosks, if any of my fellow Atariage members are interested I'll take $100 off the price.The kiosks are pickup only but I may be willing to drive depending on arrangements. Its located in Maryland. Any questions please feel free to message me. Thanks for your interest buddies! "JAGUAR RULES!" http://www.ebay.com/itm/321349590549?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  10. Has anybody tried to contact Hyperdevbox about this unreleased game?? Its really worth a shot. The President is Carlos Perconti and his partner was quoted saying this referring to Conan the Barbarian for the Jaguar: "Lyes Belaidouni: We even made an attempt on the Atari Jaguar, the stillborn console for which we developed (without bragging) the most beautiful beat'em up with huge sprites and monumental backgrounds ! But this, alas, no one has seen it..." The names of the characters in the screenshots of Conan are named after Carlos himself....upon closer inspection, the player character is named Carlo (like Carlo Perconti?), and the enemy he's hitting in the second shot is named Titus (Perconti did freelance work for Titus, and Belaidouni was a Titus employee). Maybe Carl or Reboot could track down this lost Jaguar title and get it released?? Surely it is still out there and a quick name change could get this game released if there was a publisher willing to step up...
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