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  1. We found a portion of a time card that identifies the SKU numbers of other unreleased 7800 games. Its interesting because it lends more credibility to the fact they were probably pretty far along. This test department time card was found on the same drive as Toki. Road Riot and Rampart were NOT found on the drive. I don’t post much in the 7800 forums so I don’t know if this is anything cool but here ya go.
  2. Looks great! Looks like the very first kiosk I purchased years ago. Lol.
  3. Very sad to hear this today , Curt was a great friend and I had talked to him a few days ago. Very sad to hear. Gonna miss ya buddy RIP
  4. Will Songbird be selling this with the New label ,box and manual?
  5. LOL, I missed that thread for sure. Thanks for the link buddy, I’ll check it out 😎
  6. I’d order a copy. Hope it gets released again.
  7. Makes sense , there was a guy years ago selling the molds for the Jaguar cartridges and console (not sure what else without checking my emails) ,that were owned by the guys who purchased them for dental equipment. Wasn’t sure if maybe somebody or Albert bought those. Just was curious how everybody is sourcing the materials (carts , inserts , ect ) for these new Jaguar releases.
  8. Brain dead 13 was fun on the Jaguar CD back when it was released , kinda hard and I believe I only got to s certain point Never finished it. Dragons lair was the best of the bunch on the Jaguar. The moves could be done by just holding the direction in advance , so it only came down to knowing when to push up down left right or the button, the process of elimination and the game was easy to beat .the transition from scene to scene was good. Space Ace was frustrating , I was expecting it to be as good as Dragons lair , it wasn’t. Controls were much harder and I don’t think I ever finished that game on the Jaguar. I’d play it again though. I really wanted to see Dragons lair 2 come out on the Jaguar , it’s a shame it didn’t happen. Maybe it was completed ?
  9. Awesome! So does somebody have the molds for the Jaguar cartridge? How are there so many different shells being made? Anybody using 3D printer? Just curious where all the shells are coming from. Also where are people getting all of the white box inserts that hold the cartridges? I understand this is a cartridge only release for this game.
  10. Wow! Nice interview, I believe the design documents for Mind Ripper I purchased from Faran many years ago. It was the design documents and game proposal about an inch thick of material. I no longer have them and believe I sold them with Highlander 2 and 3, Oswald, AC/DC and a bunch of others. There is a slim chance that Willard might still have or might have a copy of Mind Ripper, I’ll check. One cool thing I had that I sold was a Baldie statue or figurine thing that I think was used to make Baldies or something. Thanks for sharing the interview , Faran is a really cool dude. Also really sad to hear of Lance Lewis passing away. While listening to the interview I remember it was Lance who I’m sure confirmed Highlander 2 and 3 were both completed and no ever released ,in fact Jason Smith at one time had a Highlander 2 cd but it was unreadable. The more I dig back into the Jaguar scene the more I’m remembering. Fun stuff.
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