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  1. I had my Lynx II modded with a McWill screen a few years ago. Once in awhile the picture would freeze but sounds would continue to play. I haven't used my Lynx since around Feb and fired it up today to nothing but static. Sounds still play fine though. Could there be something wrong with the screen or maybe a solder point came loose? I didn't install the screen myself so im not very familiar with it.
  2. I'm going through my collection and thinning out the mess. I'm starting with some SNES & PS Vita stuff. I will add to this as I find more stuff to post. Shipping will be $8 flat SNES: Super Mario RPG. $45 Yoshi's Island. $35 Kirby Super Star. $35 Super FX games. $10ea PS Vita: Moe Chronicles (eng ver) $30 Supremacy MMA. $45 htoL#NIQ. $25 Virtues Last Reward. $15
  3. Actually beat Spell Caster not too long ago, loved it. Tried to start Lord of the Sword but couldn't really get into it, maybe ill give it another shot.
  4. Oooh, The Magic Of Scheherazade, that sounds like a good idea. Been meaning to play that one.
  5. I have it on my Everdrive but haven't played a lot of it yet, just enough to see if it patched correctly. I thought about this one or possibly Towers II on the Jaguar.
  6. I've been playing through some games you don't here that much about and am looking for some ideas on what to finish off next. Recently I've completed, Psy-O-Blade & Brave Battle Saga on the Genesis, and Hybrid Heaven on the N64. I'm almost finished with Song of the Angel on the SNES. Any unique or unloved RPG or Adventure suggestions, on pretty much any system would be great. I actually loved Hybrid Heaven no-one else seemed to.
  7. Thanks. I'll try this tonight. Been wanting to play this for awhile.
  8. That premise reads like a Season 2 Star Trek TNG episode. Games looks nice, I'll pop it in the Harmony cart out later and give it a shot.
  9. Is this based off of the .9 version or the newer 1.0 code?
  10. What about MyBios by Mr. Atari. This is what I use. Tons of features and compatibility. http://www.mr-atari.com/Mr.Atari/MyBIOS/
  11. There is this: https://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?t=213 and this : http://atariage.com/forums/topic/268396-alternate-reality-dungeon-image/?hl=%2Bultima&do=findComment&comment=3821026 A few more are out there like Ultima 2 and Aternate Reality the City as well
  12. Power supply weak maybe. I had and 800xl that wouldn't boot with an AtariMax 8mb cart installed. Swapped power supplies and has worked great ever since.
  13. As for the button. I've removed the spring and replaced it with a PC motherboard mount stud with the threads cut off. Just slide the female end over the peg on the button and you have a short throw button.
  14. I see v0.9 has been started on guthub
  15. I made a copy of mine and use the copy instead of the original. Stopped the occasional read error. Had to the same with the Pier Solar music disc on my Sega CD
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