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  1. I've cut up quite a few of those to make a retrogaming product. I dissected the connectors on the first one to see how they were made. They aren't the most robust contruction I've seen but they seem to work fine. I've used about 15 and haven't encountered any bad ones.
  2. Do you mean to ask if your post-expiration privileges will be the same as your pre-subscription privileges? If so, then the answer is yes. You just revert back to the standard privileges after the subscription expires. At least that's what happened to me.
  3. As far as I can tell, the only way to do this is to go to your profile page. Click the dropdown next to your login name at the top of the page.
  4. Browsing and posting from Raspbian on an RPi 3B for the first time.

    Suffice it to say that I'm not an early adopter.

  5. Cool. I missed reading that. I never found an LCD module that I thought I could mount in a Microvision easily. So I didn't pursue it, but thought about a replacement controller/LCD module as a solution to the dead LCD issue. I did once wire up a relatively huge, square aspect ratio LCD out of some toy to a Microvision. At about 3"x3", maybe bigger, it had 5 times the resolution. I tied together each 5 adjacent row and 5 column contacts to create 5x5 pixel groupings. Apparently the LCD doesn't take much current as the uVision controller drove that LCD.
  6. There were a few considerations that I allowed to talk me out trying the LED array. 1 - power consumption would be higher 2 - the row and column outputs switch polarity frequently to protect the LCD from some sort of damage. It needs to maintain about a 50/50 swap of polarity. This would significantly impact the brightness of the LEDs. 3 - I'm guessing that some of the "readability" of the screen relies on the persistence of LCD pixels that don't turn off instantly. LEDs turn off faster. I did verify my protocol discoveries by capturing frames with a logic analyzer and using a c# program to display the image on a PC, so am fairly sure a decent microcontroller could be used to drive whatever display one could conjure up.
  7. There's an LCD controller in the console. Definitely no CPU. The CPU is in the cartridge. Dan Boris has put together a lot of great information: http://www.atarihq.com/danb/Microvision.shtml I've reverse engineered the protocol between the cartridge and the LCD controller and subsequently wrote enough code to display whatever I want on the LCD so can confirm the architecture from that perspective.
  8. It's interesting that they chose to eliminate the second battery. It had to always be optional whether or not to install it. The processor is in the cartridge, not the console. So battery life will still be relatively poor when playing a game with the less efficient processor. I guess they saved the cost of the contacts and labor to install them.
  9. I really thought I wanted a Colecovision, but have barely played it. I really thought I wanted an Intellivision, but have barely played it. I really thought I wanted an Odyssey 2, but have barely played it. I really thought I wanted a 7800, but have barely played it. I really thought I wanted a 5200, but have barely played it after I pieced it together from a pile of scraps. I really thought I wanted an NES, but have barely played it. I really thought I wanted an SNES, but have barely played it. I really thought I wanted a Genesis, but have barely played it. I really thought I wanted a Wii, but have barely played it. But, what a pain it is to sell stuff. And I really am not looking for anything else that I could trade for.
  10. "Apr. 13: I have a Microvision pretty much ready to go. I just need to make sure it's exactly how I want it to be, to make it easy for them to evaluate (without the shell, but with a cartridge attached - which normally isn't do-able). As per the plan from a couple of weeks ago, my self-imposed deadline is to send them the Microvision within 1 week (Apr. 20). I'll update when it's been sent." I have a working unit to which I added a card slot and cobbled up keypad for some tinkering I was doing. The bare card from a cartridge plugs in. Mounted to a rigid backing. Probably something close to this would be workable for your purposes. Added a 1/8" jack to connect a battery through. (I was working on understanding the protocol between the cartridge and LCD controller. I thought I might build a new LCD controller that translated between that protocol and a modern LCD panel. Got sidetracked writing a game on a PIC to prove to myself that I understood the protocol. I got about 25% through writing the game then moved on other things. Maybe I'll pick it up again some day.)
  11. A little Vectrex Rockaroids action this afternoon.

    1. 8_is_enuff


      Great game.  Feels like Asteroids, but maybe with a better pace.  Dondzilla is a programming god.

  12. Does Glen have access to a Microvision LCD? I imagine that's where 5-11 started. It seems unlikely that there is a set of published specifications from back in the day that anyone could work from. Not that 5-11 couldn't share what he's learned through his original research, but I don't feel like he has any real obligation to do so.
  13. Social distancing is my default setting.

    1. ArcadeJunkie


      Hahaha... couldn't agree more!  Raise you hand if social distancing hasn't really changed your personal life much.

    2. CPUWIZ


      I generally do not leave the house for months, this is irrelevant to me.

    3. BigO


      I started out the craziness already on medical leave after a knee replacement. Then the crazy started the first week. After two weeks, I'm back to work but was instructed not to go to the plant. Now my state is on "stay-at-home" orders. Fortunately, I work in an essential industry so I still have a job. Working from home suits me. Now I only go out for physical therapy twice a week. I don't like that I can't easily go out for lunch, though. I just realized something...I think I miss french fries more than I miss people. :)

  14. Off to get some more internal titanium and plastic body mods installed tomorrow. Neck last June, right knee now, left knee as soon as possible after that. Lower back when I can't stand it any more. Old sucks.


    I'm definitely paying for TSA pre-check when I can travel again.

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    2. GoldLeader


      Best of Luck Big O!   I hope it all goes well!

    3. BigO




      Doc said xray shows perfect placement of implants.


      I survived. Took a short walk using a walker. Achieved 0 to 96 degree range of motion. But that was before the nerve block wore off. PT promises to be significantly more painful today.

    4. BigO


      2 to 100 degree range of motion today.


      Home now.

  15. So...today's Atari is equally adept at making legal maneuvers and game consoles? I hope that, in the long run, the legal boondoggles don't end up costing the console backers (not me) all of their money, but that's sorta starting to smell like a possibility. If the console does ultimately come to fruition, maybe it will usher in a series of games featuring a brand new hero: The MisAdventures of Ichabod Phineas Troll.
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