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  1. Does anyone know if the Composite Video output on the Retro-Bit Retrocade would work on a European PAL tv? I'd like to try one of these with an old portable crt tv.
  2. Anyone know if Activisions Cosmic Commuter (2600) works on a PAL 7800? Thanks
  3. I think Jeri's version was going to be an official Commodore product with a similar price tag as a Plug & Play TV game. It's a shame it never got made.
  4. I just found this video about an Amiga FPGA 'Computer on a chip'. It was designed by Jeri Ellesworth who designed the Commodore 'Plug & Play' TV joystick game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uaDzF99a80 Interesting thing about the Amiga is that the faster ones could also emulate the Atari 800 and Atari ST using software (and probably a lot of other things aswell). I really hope this gets made one day. It would be a fitting tribute to Jay Miners work.
  5. I'm not sure if 7800 programmers like game requests, but here are a few games I'd like to see for the 7800 or 7800XM Park Patrol Bruce Lee Zany Golf Would anyone else like to suggest some games?
  6. Perhaps it would be best to leave everything just the way it is. Too many changes would only ruin the retro experience The reason I asked was to see if an enhanced 7800 could be made, rather than a mod for existing 7800 consoles. I get the impression that programmers can achieve all kinds of things that the original designers didn't think possible, the only problem being that enhancements such as displaying higher resolutions or more colours aren't really practical in games as there isn't enough power to perform hardware tricks and play games at the same time. Even the 7800's 320 x 200 resolution seems to be too much for it's humble processor.
  7. I guess it wouldn't be very practical saving programs to the HSC. Perhaps it could be used as a save game feature or to save data as part of a Game Construction Kit?
  8. When MARIA makes an access to the Display List List (DLL) or Display List (DL) data it requires two of the 7.16MHz video clocks (that is why they are held in its RAM). If it pulls a byte of graphics data from ROM it requires 3 MARIA clock cycles per access. If you had access to SALLY's RDY pin you could extend the read bus cycles as required (depending on what type of memory was being accessed). However RDY cannot be asserted during writes so any RAM would need write cycle timing to match the CPU. Sounds complicated What if a new 7800 had a Sally and Maria chip that could both run at 2 or 3 times their current speed? Would it work or would the extra speed affect the video output.
  9. That's a pity. It would have been interesting if someone wrote a simple BASIC programming language for the 7800 that used the HSC to store programs.
  10. True. I guess the speed would have to be switchable to maintain compatibility with existing software. To be honest, all this talk of the new XM adapter has got me thinking about what the future has in store for the 7800. It would be interesting to see if the XM project could evolve into a complete 7800 console with a few new features. A faster processor would allow more programs to use the 7800's 320 x 200 mode or display more sprites. Another possibility would be to allow TIA and Maria to work simultaneously to either create more on-screen colours or possibly 2 separate graphics screens, one over the other.
  11. I was just reading about how the Atari 7800's graphics chip runs at 7.16mhz and was wondering if (in theory) the 6502C cpu could also run at the same speed or maybe twice the speed? Just curious
  12. Nice demo. This might be a silly question, but could the Hi-Score cartridge facility be used to store other types of data such as sound data or a small program?
  13. Sounds good! I hope the Yamaha chip could sound as good as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLBqYe0q9Ro&feature=related
  14. Mine is X8 19 4044748 Pal with RGB socket No expansion port Made in China Not compatible with Activision Robot Tank or Space Shuttle
  15. Will there be any games for PAL 7800 consoles? A music program to take advantage of the Yamaha chip might also be a good idea. It's just a shame there aren't any microphone, audio or USB inputs and outputs on the XM as something like this might have appealed to computer musicians.
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