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  1. Hey, just wanted to say that an easy install would be extremely interesting to me as a demoscene coder that's been a while interested in Lynx dev... Terveiset Karrille tampereen demoskenevahvistuksilta x)
  2. Hello! We (a bunch of European Atari 2600 demo creators) founded the IRC channel #vcsdev in IRCNet today as a permanent hangout for anyone interested in hardware and software development for the Atari 2600. Why? Well, there's #nesdev etc, and a bunch of people are collaborating anyway, and while there's AtariAge and the chat feature, some people just prefer IRC, especially coders. So! -> #vcsdev. Whether you code with Batari Basic or self-modifying Assembly, whether you're just the "ideas"-person without any talent whatsoever, you are all welcome. Let's share our knowledge and passion for the unique charms of TIA. See you! -- Trilobit DSS
  3. Trilobit is back with 4k invitation demo to Outline'09 party, for the PAL 2600 VCS http://oldskool.wamma.fi/prods/3lb_reunaviiva.zip http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=52788
  4. I've always been inspired by the very design of the hardware itself. On the VCS, I was greatly impressed with the very cheap and simple yet well-designed hardware, which has [as we've proved time and time again ] still unexplored possibilities hidden to it. This method of using an "old dog" to do "new tricks" has always appealed to me greatly. Then again, on the other hand, I only see the hardware as an enabler or a platform for a design, not as a limiter: I'm not going to do stuff that look like Atari games, I'm much more interested in doing my own thing.
  5. 8k demo with all new effects, again defining the limits of the (PAL) 2600: Doctor by Trilobit http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=51961 http://oldskool.wamma.fi/prods/3lb_doctor.rar
  6. It's an info file that tells some details about the production. The emulators do not (of course) use it for anything.
  7. We finally got around making that 30 year celebration demo I've had in mind whole year. This time featuring some 3d effects, two tunes and a whole lot of nice raster effects Also, this seems to work on both Stella and Z26 flawlessly, so you're not really missing out on anything if you don't have the real hw. Of course, real hardware is ALWAYS nicer http://www.cs.uta.fi/~vp79799/3lb_tricade.zip http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=32203
  8. visyli


    As the theme of the demo is love, we decided to name this demo after an epitome of love, that is, Tom Jones Also the way of spelling it TOM/JONES is a sort of tribute to Fairlight's C64-demos (WE/LASER, WE/BANANA etc.) as the design is very much influenced by Fairlight's style. And as ilmarque said, there's still more to come. You ain't seen nothing yet.
  9. Rejoice people! With the amazing powers of djmips and Ilmarque (original coder of effects) combined, we (wAMMA) (finally) proudly present: (core) (the first Atari 2600 program with realtime software speech synthesizer) NTSC version! Get it: http://www.uta.fi/~vp79799/core_by_wAMMA.zip The demo is also on display at Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend (Cheers, Albert!) Please tell me if there are any other bugs than the obvious scanline bugs, as I haven't had a chance to actually test it on a NTSC console. Credits: design/code: Visa-Valtteri "visy" Pimiä code/music/graphics: Paavo "Ilmarque" Pessi speech synth parts: Ville-Matias "viznut" Heikkilä ps. We're working with other NTSC ports too, stay tuned during the near future.
  10. We're working with a cart that will probably include all our 4k Atari VCS-demos (Lasertime, (core), Gehirn, HARD + some possible extras). Keep your eyes peeled for the forums... NTSC porting is of course the largest issue first, if only I had the time...
  11. "a gabber experiment on a 30 year old platform" http://www.cs.uta.fi/~vp79799/hard_by_wAMMA.zip
  12. Cool! How about converting Lasertime and Gehirn too? *hint hint*
  13. Not at all! I already made a video of it myself, available here -> http://www.cs.uta.fi/~vp79799/gehirn_by_wAMMA_vidcap.avi You can use it if you want, just give me a link so I can check your page out
  14. Why it's in PAL? Maybe because I'm from Finland, and we use PAL here, and I only have a PAL tv and a PAL Atari 2600 jr. Actually, it works 100% correctly in Z26 AND Stella, I couldn't see any slowdown or bugs or anything The main reason is that we usually grind EVERYTHING out of the extra rasterlines thus being able to show more stuff on screen. Having more time in the kernal part also enables more code executed there. And to answer to your criticism, YES, we are planning on converting everything to NTSC, because well, you said it too, we want a greater audience for our productions! I'm not PAL crusader or anything, we have just made due what we have available.
  15. http://www.cs.uta.fi/~vp79799/gehirn_by_wAMMA.zip Our latest work. 4k+PAL, hope you like it. Comments are welcome as always.
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