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    1. carlsson


      You mean it is only available to mainland US and Canada?


      Oh... and yes, it is a $39 game (optimistically high) sold for $149.

  1. A shout out to the lawn service for my neighbor, who I swear are just revving up their weed wackers to make noise. Nice to have them come by weekly. I was tired of being able to hear myself think. 

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    2. S1500


      Hopefully not for a while, but those weed wackers are way louder compared to snow blowers.

    3. GoldLeader


      Oh yeah,  Snowblowers!  Forgot about those haha!  I was just picturing the sound the shovel makes when it scrapes the concrete.  

    4. GoldLeader


      Actually,  just as a joke you should put up a Status Update about loud shovels in a couple of months!

  2. Well, darn, I can't get the Atari-branded spinner to work in Stella or Stella 2014.

  3. I just ordered two Atari spinners, as they were local and 50 bucks each. Going to pick them up in a bit to see what happens.
  4. I'm looking to add a spinner to a MAME cabinet. What's a good choice? I saw groovygamegear's and that looks like the best option. Just fits into an existing button hole. Wondering what your take is. There aren't many options it seems.
  5. Bad, part of my attic vent came apart. Good: Have a replacement.


    Also bad: another part of the vent that got loose, some trimp. Good: found a replacement in my scrap wood pile. Even has the same trim type.

  6. Adding those joysticks were not easy. The screws provided by the kit weren't exactly long enough, but still worked. You have to put the screws IN the screw holes, and then screw in from the other side(with finger pressure on the nut). So no washers, but it's holding. I have two joystick sets. The first set was just a thin metal plate that worked, but the second set had a better thick plastic base. Now only if I could have it auto-shut off the monitor on idle.
  7. 1. Dunno, as the buttons I got in it, I'm not sure of. It's the screw-on-nut types. The friction-mount ones I used in my previous mame cab probably were not a fit. I gave up on those 2. It should sit flat against a wall, but I never ventured it. It's a pain in the ass to move on carpet. 3. Probably a trackball, but I would have to check clearances. There's a bit of an outer lip so that reduces real estate. Either way, I finished it last weekend. I feel accomplished. It also was a nice break from repainting the house. Added a USB port to it.
  8. I would like to thank the neighbor's lawn service for using the absolute loudest lawnmowers that could wake the dead. 

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    2. ClassicGMR


      @jhd I thought you were going to say you saw the dead rising! 🤣

    3. Max_Chatsworth


      @Rogerpoco  I've lived in Hawaii in the jungle with feral roosters and chickens everywhere.  After a week or so I don't even notice it and sleep right through it :)

    4. Kiwi


      At least it wasn't shooting off tons of fireworks.  That would be the loudest lawn mower.

  9. I have to provide the controls, and have them already. Even the thicker-plastic-base joysticks I bought fit just fine in the recessed hole.
  10. So I splurged and bought this: https://www.microcenter.com/product/611668/micro-center-3-4-size-arcade-cabinet-27---unassembled I wanted to replace my aging Defender cabinet that never was finished, and things were flimsy with it. For $300, I figured what the heck. Barely fit in the car, and was heavy. It's available locally. So far, so good. I haven't put it all together yet, but it is coming along nice. It goes together like anything IKEA ever made. The material is thick, and strong. Better than I would have expected. Some engineering work needs to be done to mount my controller boards, but doesn't look impossible. It even fits in where my old Defender cab was. If it was any higher(the 32 inch monitor model), it would have not fit.
  11. Tempted to get a "psycho" Borderlands facemask. Seems fitting.

    Atari should be releasing their own official facemasks. Heck, solid income. 

    1. Crazy Climber

      Crazy Climber

      I've been wearing a Jason halloween mask


    2. carlsson


      Given the speed that Atari is operating at, the pandemic will be long over before they have produced any masks.

  12. I'm gonna start my own streaming service of video of me walking around the house, and all seasons of Falcon Crest. And all the Matrix movies.

    1. GoldLeader


      Sounds good!  Could I be a part of it?  I'll add video of me falling down the stairs, all episodes of Red Dwarf and Breaking Bad, plus movies or series which star anyone who was in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,  and that 30 seconds or so of Family Guy when Stewie is trying to get Brian to guess the theme song to Dynasty.

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