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  1. Please send me an email to [email protected] so that I can send you my sales list
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I always thought the ColecoVision games were either PAL or NTSC but what you say makes perfect sense. Also CreatiVision games (using the same VDP) are 'multistandard' and work on both PAL and NTSC machines.
  3. The unit is PAL and so are the games. To be honest, I have never played the NTSC Colecovision so I cannot really make a comparison. But by watching at videos on Youtube, yes it seems to me that the PAL games are a little bit slower (50hz vs 60hz). This Colecovision Module exists in PAL version only.
  4. I cant open the inside because the 2 parts of the shell are glued. Opening it would mean destroying it. I tend more to think it i for printers (not keyboards) however in this particular case, I believe it was used with joysticks. I am really curious about finding out what's the manufacturer. Tried some searches on Google, no results so far
  5. I haven't checked. They came with 2 joystick extension cords (make-female) But I agree, that could be a RS-232 type of switch, this time used with joysticks
  6. On a side note, I received this strange joystick interface with the Salora Manager: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/289019-strange-joystick-interface-help-needed-to-identify-it/ Anyone (Finland-based especially) has ever seen any interface like this and can give me some background?
  7. Hi all I just received a parcel with some retrogaming stuff from Finland. The parcel contains a very strange joystick interface, which I had never seen before. All the stuff in the parcel comes from a Finnish collector. The lot was a computer with peripherals, and everything is 1984-1985. This particular joystick interface does not look homebrew. The casing appears professionally made, also the printings on it are actual factory-made prints, not stickers. I have no joystick to test it so don't really know how it works But I can speculate that you connect the interface to 2 female computer joystick ports (for example on the C64 joy ports 1 and 2), and then one joystick to the centre plug (male). Then with the switch, you choose whether you want the joystick to be connected to port 1 or 2. The labels read 'KB' and 'ANKB' - I really have no idea what language it is, maybe Finnish? What would this mean? Anyone has any clue what is the interface, who made it, etc.? Thanks
  8. I have just received my new Salora Manager computer today, with a lot of peripherals, floppy disk drive and a few original software floppy disks At last, after months and months of waiting, I had the chance to test my Coleco Vision module. I have 3 Coleco Vision games only: Donkey Kong, Q*Bert and Space Panic. Donkey Kong and Q*Bert work flawlessly. Space Panic did not work, but maybe the cartridge is broken (I cannot test it on another machine because I have no Coleco Vision console at all) And I love the boot messages of the module in case you switch it on with or without game inserted :-) These are the links to 2 Youtube videos of the module in action: Hopefully within a few days I will be able to upload a video of the floppy disk system in action, and play obscure original software diskettes! Can't wait :-)
  9. There is a power jack at its back, but I suspect it is of no use with the 'current layout' of the module. I believe that the power jack was probably there since the module was first designed - as it was originally intended to work on the Creativision, which does provide enough power through its cartridge connector. Hence, an additional (external) power supply would have been necessary. But since the actual item was then released for the Laser 2001 (which provides enough power through the connector where you attach the module), I believe that the power jack was just left there but was left disconnected intentionally. Because I am having my unit repaired (I bought an untested module and it is not 100% working at the moment), I was seeking advice/confirmation from someone who actually owns a working module. Don't want to necessarily connect the power module, if it is actually unneeded. Manu has one of these, fully working, so I hope he can shed some light.
  10. Hi all, sorry for resurrecting a 5+ years old topic Manu, can you please confirm the power supply jack is actually not operating? Is the module self-powered by the Manager itself, no additional power required?
  11. ROTFL!!!!! Sorry dude, the video was (originally) intended for showing to a bunch of friends on Facebook. That Youtube video rocks, I'll share with friends
  12. The first video now has English subtitles. I am currently working on adding subtitles to the second video, it will take a while by the way.
  13. Hi everyone! I have recorded 3 videos of myself with an old friend, showing my collection of CreatiVision items. A sort of video-interview where I show the items and tell a lot about them, with also descriptions of hardware, etc. And a video review of games running on the console, etc. The videos are in Italian but you can use the "subtitles" in your preferred language. You will see a few very nice items! In my videos I also mention my friends that helped me over the years, such as Dieter, Michael, Kurt, Thomas, Kym, Jarkko, Adrian, Ian, Maurizio and many more! You don't want to miss these videos Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Also a short video of my Italian MB Vectrex - recorded just for fun Vectrex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6sv6TltkB0 I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to comment on Youtube or here. Cheers MAD
  14. Bernd, this is fantastic news indeed! I can't wait to see the website online again
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