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  1. ^Start a grading service for AA members!!!
  2. But aren't passwords only generated from where you are in the game, not what you've customized, character options, stats, etc? Is there a way to make it generate a password for every possible situation, status, stats, and whatnot?
  3. With all the cables and a joystick, perhaps $30-$40. If you were to throw in another controller, or a few games, perhaps $40-$50.
  4. Perhaps I will, but I'll hold it off for awhile, give others a chance, you know?.
  5. I'm tempted to ask for more mystery carts. They're quite thrilling, but I'd feel a bit greedy.
  6. So this will be the Atari 7800's FIRST RPG? I can tell you right now, if it has even an occasional cutscene I guarantee I will buy this. You know, the kind with a picture on the top half of the screen and white text over a black background on the bottom half (like in the MegaMan games for NES). That alone would make me want the game.
  7. "Sighing, Fin got up and left his computer, dissapointment and frustration setting in." It looks as though I may actually have to buy a 5200. Man... the things are so friggin HUGE, and the only ones selling on Ebay right now are in $100's... I still think that with enough technical know-how and modification, there has to be some way of creating an adapter, but whatever.
  8. So you're saying there's no way to play 5200 games with a 7800?
  9. My 7800 has the expansion interface. Perhaps there is a way to make an adapter that would hook up to that?
  10. That's just alittle upsetting... Oh well, I'm sure it can be reversed somehow.
  11. I know there were plans at one time by Atari to produce a 5200/7800 adapter. I know it was shelved, and I'm wondering why noone has attempted to bring the idea back to life. How difficult would it be to get 5200 games to play on the 7800? Truthfully, I just really don't want to have to buy a whole other system to play my old 5200 games, especially not one that expensive and spacey. Seriously, the 5200 is ENORMOUS.
  12. The only Atari games I've come across at a thrift store or yard sale were 5 5200 carts. They were all commons and pretty bad games at that, but I bought them anyways. I don't even have a 5200 (I have a 7800, woot!), but I was so surprised to see Atari carts that I snapped them up. Other than Atari, I come across NES, Genesis, and Master System carts once in a blue moon at my local DAV thrift store, and once at a yard sale I found a Sega Game Gear (it was too expensive though). If you have a Play N' Trade, they sell Atari carts relatively cheap. I got a near mint "One-On-One Basketball" 7800 cartridge for $0.25 I live in VA, by the way, and it does seem as though the Atari craze of the 70's/80's just passed right over my whole area...
  13. Captain Beard, I got my mystery cart! It was FROGGER Q*BERT!!! It was really convenient too because one of the games that came with my 7800 was Q*Bert but it was the only one that didn't work. So I'm like "No Q*Bert I guess. Might as well play some Frogger." and when I put the mystery cart in and turned on the 7800, Q*Bert came up! I was like "NO WAY!!!" :]
  14. When I play it the score on the title screen alternates between 192 and 256 every few seconds, and while playing the game it starts with a score of one or the other and builds from that and the score also flickers violently during play. The rest looks great, though!
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