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  1. I have a TOS 1.02 (Mega Blitter version of TOS 1.0) just for playing some really old games that I have still have the original disks for. If I were to replace it TOS 1.04 would be the easiest. As mentioned above TOS 2.06 would require some hacking the PCB. Least pain is straight swap to 1.04 (check what ROMs you have inside first 2 or 6)
  2. I only use sandisk for Ultrasatan/Satandisk.
  3. Keep us all posted on progress please, always good to know the various fixes.
  4. Just upgraded my IDE drive to CF card (sandisk) recently on my falcon, had some issues with HDDRIVER both original version I had on my HD (4.xx) and the latest (10.xx) using the CF card. Changed to ICD Drivers works like a charm now.
  5. I've got Sting working fine on Mega 4 and falcon (via Netusbee), also changed plato config file to remove the AT commands and left just DNS name and port for connection. Doesn't work on either machine (unless there are other config required?) . I would presume most people using their atari to connect to the internet use Sting via an Ethernat driver nowadays so would be nice to update Platoterm to cater for these users also.
  6. Yep totally agree, I have all my disks from the mid 90s and to my shock all the original game disks still work (could be that i've always kept them in the house and not in loft with it's damp/cold). They will die one day but while they still work I will wait till they load and make that funny drive sound (the drives will also die one day too). Long live floppies!!
  7. 1Mb unformulated capacity, really just a marketing ploy. Once formatted with boot record, FAT table etc. and depending on track and sectors used actual usable space is ~ 720Kb - 900Kb (the higher you go the more unreliable it becomes).
  8. Did you get this working with Sting yet?
  9. superb game, only played it last week, search for the instructions online as not obvious what the aim of the game is unless you know already.
  10. UK TT if you have a friend in the UK who could buy it and post it for you : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Working-Atari-TT030-in-Very-Good-Condition-Collectors-Item/362619367130?hash=item546dcc6eda:g:pyIAAOSwzCNcsGBm&frcectupt=true
  11. NetusBee would be the easiest or Hydra (a NetusBee without the USB ports). Hydra with Sting is what I use, superb.
  12. had to do this recently (quickly edit sting config files again and again and again), everest is what i used.
  13. LOL, i don't think anyone uses a modem with steem, why would you want to? I've thought of plugging my ancient modem into my ST but as it's hooked up to my PC as a slave network device (i.e. interneted) it sort of defeats the purpose.
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