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  1. Red copy still available. Adjust the price, now 3 times... Don't be shy!
  2. Received today 3, but need only 2. So 1 for sell, double Price for the red color copy, no PayPal, only cash.
  3. Bad screen? Did you every see the original GB screen? Battery life, to big, no Tetris, I agree. The price was double of GB and much more Games available for the GB.
  4. What about meeting with Sage and me in Japan? 😁
  5. I hope I can find time next weekend to take a look to my Lynx I boards...
  6. 1) your FlashCard is running the FIrmware 6.20 Please update to 6.40 (follow the link in my signature) 2) change the Newline setting! Change it!!! The menu is much better to read and so it is easier to understand. (Why don´t take a look into the manual? Two guys (thank you Randy again) had hours of work to make it!) With "File -> save" you can save the setting of HTERM
  7. The double-ender-PCBs was made with Yastuna 2 and the 2 player of Domino. I made 22pcs, but never sold this PCBs. Only give away for free. If I want to say "thank you", "sorry" or any other reason. Most should be in collections, i never seen it on ebay etc. Please don´t ask me, it is limited to the 22pcs-> Yastuna 2 and 2 Player Domino.
  8. eJag 2019 already fixed date? 2-3. Nov? At this time I am in Japan... (One eye sad, but the other...)
  9. Post 31: left side - used ROM works fine with Lynx I and II Post 31: right side - used ROM with High Score save, works find with Lynx I and II Post 35: used ROM which make trouble with Lynx I Over the years I used different PCBs and available chips to keep the price low. But I always used red PCBs. If a 8-pin chip with marking 93C46 is assembled, it is the high score variant.
  10. Why you don´t ask Lynxman? Maybe you will find this guy in the AA Forum. Oh wait, I am this guy. First change the setting "Newline at" to "CR+LF". Did you read the manual? Maybe it will help. Please send the "s" command to get the systeminfo. Please provide a screenshot. Depend on the Firmware installed, automode is implemented. If the header is correct, you don´t need to care about the memory setting. Latest Firmware for 1.913 is V6.40 Please note: i found a little bug in the Firmware. After Firmware update or if you perform reset, you have to change the memory setting 1 time to make sure the FlashCard is working well. I will release a Firmware with bugfix soon. Please note: I made my FlashCard design for development. Anyway, you can play all games released. As long as no game is bigger then 512k, it will work.
  11. If you use my FlashCard you can read and save* the Highscore data and write again later if necessary. *If 93C46 is assembled (some FlashCards use the 93C66 or 93C86, this chips are not compatible, anyway, only used but some coders and they know about this issue.). Please note: if you use the FlashCard with PCB V1.104 it is not possible to read and write, but all of this FlashCards use the 93C46.
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