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  1. I managed to get the 2019 woodgrain edition from the Montgomery Wards website for about $50 with shipping. Just arrived in the mail and charging now. Anyone know if the compatibility of games is the same as the 2018 edition?
  2. Any chance there could be a hack of midnight magic to play like the bumper bash hack? I feel bumper bash control hack is perfect for pinball on the fbp.
  3. Cool. Thanks. I'll give it a try this week. I was a little confused since people were commenting on the gameplay, yet I was wondering how they what the gameplay was like since I couldn't find any download. Just curious. What did you mean by "waiting for funds to release it?" You mean waiting for funds so you could put it on cart? Do you intend to upload the 8k version as well? What are the differences?
  4. A kickstarter for Volgarr the Viking. Looks pretty bad add. Like strider meets golden ax with a little castlevania sprinkled in. Wasn't sure which forum to put it in, but arcade seemed like the best fit. Only 8 hours left to go. The goal has been reached, but the stretch goal is kinda close but not quite. It will add branching level structure kinda like cv3 which would be awesome. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1829034266/volgarr-the-viking
  5. The idea of making him chase you into something like a guillotine trap, falling/crushing ceiling trap, or jumping over a spiked pit trap and letting him fall in behind you could work. But there should be some sort of variable involved. Something that would make it so you couldn't just follow the same movement pattern/sequence to win every time you make it to that room. Something like shifting walls, or another enemy/enemies in the room that chase you at the same time. Glad to see you are still working on it. Since the game is being made in Qbasic, maybe you could port it over to 2600 using batari basic after you finish this main qbasic version?
  6. Ditto. Signed up years ago, but a few months back, all of a sudden, I couldn't access my account. Tried emailing the admins, but no reply.
  7. How much would a real proto be worth? I remember years ago (about 20) I would go to my neighbors house to play games. He had a vectrex with a handful of games and I distinctly remember playing dark tower. Sadly, he passed away shortly after I moved and I have no idea what happened to his vectrex and games. Don't think he had any family. Just curious how much it would be worth. I know it's out there somewhere.
  8. Legend

    Playing Rogue Day 2

    Nice blog. I love Rogue. Have you tried Donnie Russell's port? http://www.freewebs.com/drussell/ It's very good. It just adds a few subtle extras to the game. If you like Rogue, try MAG too, Are you doing this for the Rogue Tournament? http://roguetemple.com/forums/index.php?topic=2499.0
  9. Why so important for it to be 2k? Just curious.
  10. I think the homebrews like Dungeon, Cave-in, and Pirate are also worth mentioning. Especially Dungeon.
  11. Someone needs to give us more pinball!
  12. anyone else having trouble getting into romhacking.net? It's been about a week since I visited, but haven't been able to get in all day.
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