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  1. Dude, seek help, from a medical professional, instead of AA.
  2. Bien sûr, je suis allemand et américain. 🌮
  3. Bah, I wish I had more time, I've been working on a MagicWiFi7800 box since last year. Cool project! 👍
  4. LOL, ShyOne locked herself out of AA, by entering a wrong password 3 times.  I just had to go into the ACP and reset her password. 😂

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Enemies of CPUWIZ now do the same thing to keep him busy so he won't notice that all of his underwear has been stolen. :D

    2. SlidellMan


      I hate it when that happens...

  5. Don't bid on auctions until the end seconds, with the most you are willing to pay.
  6. I sold mine for more than that, not on ebay.
  7. Dammit, I knew I forgot something. :X
  8. I didn't feel like putting a white shirt in the picture, because it actually works. So I also did not turn on any LED's, sorry. Cool power supply though, right? Obscured, because PATENTS! Issues. Things that need to be worked out. Can't be disclosed, because, secret sauce.
  9. I wonder if the new Atari system, can do this... https://hackaday.com/2019/10/11/cpu-showdown-for-pancakes/
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