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  1. Nice lot, interested in the selling price. Good luck.
  2. That doesn't work anymore, with the latest firmware update. Thanks though.
  3. Al is fine, stop bugging me. LOL

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TwentySixHundred


      I never knew anything happened to AL, guess im not on here enough then.

    3. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      I feel like the second part applies 24/7 anyway. :lol:

    4. CPUWIZ


      @TwentySixHundred Terrible accident, called work and getting some fresh air.  I couldn't do it, the fresh air part, I mean.

  4. Thinking about it some more, if SIO1 is an input (But it is normally call MISO, which is an output), it gets strobed by the clock signal. But if it is an output, it should completely mess up the chips logic. EDIT: Would be interesting to look at the contents of that chip. I have chip probes for this kind of chip, if anyone wants to borrow one. Or get one for super cheap from Amazon, given of course, that you have a device programmer. Or you could get a small MCU and go directly at the SPI bus, probably the easiest way. These could also be used to simply extend the flash to the outside of the case, for instance.
  5. I got a reminder today about one of my accounts, I had forgotten about, that one is 20 years old. My main account is 21 years old, made me think about it.
  6. Would be the first thing. BTW, this is just an SPI flash chip, you should be able to read this easily. I know I can. What he is doing is kind of strange, as he is connecting the clock line to SIO1.

    Popeye 7800

    Yes you can and you will!

    Popeye 7800

    This is insanely good, well done, everyone. 👍
  9. Please post pics of any accessories, that can be attached to the Nunchuk controller (E.G. Is there a gun grip?).
  10. Drones get told the same thing you get told.
  11. No, I have had it with Bob, I setup an email bot to his personal email address, that pings one of my servers. So, I know if he read it and doesn't finish TEHROMZ soon ... ZIP ZOOM BANG ... TO THE MOON. It keeps re-sending the email everyday, with interesting topic names.
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