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  1. Got me by a year, I turn 51 in July.
  2. That is great to hear, which confirms, why my new device will work on all systems. I have never heard of a single failure with a VersaBoard.
  3. We socket them, because if the game fails, you can still pull the POKEY.
  4. All POKEY homebrews use it, so you can rip one of those open, aside from Perry's, they should all be socketed.
  5. Has anyone tested the P-ONE on my board, in multiple systems?
  6. Yup https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=4%2C780&From=JPY&To=USD
  7. Wow, I thought they were allowed to sell remaining stock. A bit harsh.
  8. Label contest should be started for this one, I can already see myself wasting hours of my life with it.
  9. Crap, I forgot to include the joystick cable, at least some of you should recognize that purple board. That combo, if you have it, is backwards compatible with this "MCP add-on", as well as the cart itself. They just need re-flashing. I mostly just wanted to prove a point and made it for myself, still a bunch of code to write. Maybe I'll route a proper PCB for it. Maybe not. EDIT: 1.) One man operation, for hardware and software, like KH. 2.) Own money on R&D. 3.) Limited time between RL, babysitting a bunch of adults on a forum and working 10 hours a day. 4.) Many processors involved, because I want something I know will run on EVERY 7800, without a hitch. 5.) No profit. 6.) No underpant gnomes. But the sock gnomes are out in force!
  10. I could make a board, bigger than 1MB, but who wants to pay for the components? Plus, if you can't make a 1MB + XM game, you suck anyway.
  11. Please stop posting that naked pic over and over, it's gross. 😱
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