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  1. I have a job, not much time and tired of investing money. I won't do Kickstarter, or take pre-orders. And Doom runs just fine.
  2. LMAO I mostly make shit for myself, if i can't buy it. I may route a PCB for my MP3 player, not sure yet. Fuckload faster than VOX, but I need to finish a working proto first.
  3. Was? Ich gehe niemals in das Forum? Was redest Du? Zeig mir.
  4. I've uploaded from my phone, you don't need an App.
  5. Which is puzzling, because if you come out with a strong console and major software support, their stock should be a lot bigger now.
  6. Complete opposite, it is in high demand, everyone is buying and playing games. Example: My company stock was $109 in the beginning of the year, now it is $175.
  7. It doesn't need an App, it has a web server built in.
  8. My WiFi SD-card system can easily handle bigger SD cards. No 2GB limit (like you would even need that much). I think the one I have in there is 8GB, maybe more.
  9. It's going to happen, I am talking to Willard. Patience.
  10. Pleas send me some money and say that. I promise unicorns with ancient game company logos on it.
  11. This looks cool. https://gizmodo.com/the-rg350p-is-the-retro-portable-you-should-buy-1844550438 I like this part: "That’s the story behind the RG350P. It’s the second follow-up to the original RG350, and by actually listening to users and incorporating their feedback (what a concept!) the RG350P is a welcome improvement." EDIT, the newer version is even better.
  12. It's legit, just another cheaper way to invert the chip select. Parker also used this method every once in a while.
  13. What if I told you, I can make a SD card MP3 player, that plugs into the expansion port of a 7800, that can be software controlled and does not need an external speaker?  Fuck sound chips.


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    2. DrVenkman


      I’d say, “I find your ideas intriguing and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.” Also -“Where can I get that wifi widget you’ve been teasing us about?” :)

    3. Stephen


      Put me on the pre-order list please.

    4. GoldLeader


      YES!!   Oh wait...I don't think any of my (3) 7800s has the Expansion Port...Oh My!

  14. Crazy, TV's like this are getting hard to find.
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