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  1. Problem with ghost peppers is, they just melt your face off and don't have a lot of flavor. IMHO
  2. Had two tacos earlier, with that new hot sauce, glorious. My brother in law ate 4 with the same sauce, "Mmm, tasty and zippy!".
  3. What does that late 70's fake living room have to do with the moon or IBM?
  4. Biff sounds like Rudy, he likes to interview himself too.


    More than just Randy.
  6. I could list a perfect fake tomorrow, it'll be taken down in a day. There is something we don't know.
  7. That brings up an interesting question, what happens to the units, that were pre-ordered by people that died? Patience, young Jedi. Curt does not have the force!
  8. "My scale is broken!" "I don't have a scale!" "My daughter broke my scale!" "I can't find my scale!"
  9. If that is the case, I will bring a lawsuit to my wife.
  10. Can one of you PM me a $0450 raw BIN, without RAM, so I can give the code for the PLD to Al?
  11. If you do that, I hope you keep it and not sell it on ebay.
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