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  1. Working in the industry, pays off.  Won a NIB Virtual Boy with a sealed game in a work raffle.  Producer, who sent me the box, says "Oh, I put some other goodies in the box, there was room."  I get the box and it was rather heavy, so I open it up and there were joysticks, memory cards for pretty much every pre-PS3 system in there.  The kicker though, a CGB hardware cartridge emulator, with all docs and, wait for it.  A SN-Systems N64 devkit, with all hookups.  Didn't even have to pay for shipping. :D

    1. onemoretime


      That's really neat. It sure beats the heck out of the coupon book I won last year. Although if I ever go to The Sizzler, I'm set.

    2. King_Salamon


      I quite enjoyed the Virtual Boy.  The boxing game was good and I loved Red Alarm as well.  I never got eye strain from it but I had to put the stand on a phone book or something so I wasn't so hunched over while playing.


      Enjoy your goodies!

    3. cdoty


      Damn. That is nice.

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