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  1. Thank you for this!!, hopefully someone more BBS savy than me can get this running, even better on Fujinet
  2. Same here in Altirra no Dos on Disk. I can only imagine how cool it would be to run this on Fujinet !!
  3. Yes they do. Hardcore games of the past are the casual games of the present. Remember when we spent all day at the arcade playing PacMan, or Galaga.
  4. This game is amazing !! Cannot get over how good it looks. My 800xl is usually off, being today was a holiday, I fired it up, have had this game on all day long. Just made it past level 2. I hope this the first of a series, I would most definitively buy a cartridge or disk version. Retronics are you here ? Lol
  5. Wow this is great, I'll getting a few !
  6. Pretty sure Rockman from Mirage did as well
  7. Any possibility of adding Covox to it like the 320xe upgrade?
  8. I wonder if he has any in stock.
  9. Hoping none finds this question irritating: Is it possible to do a dump of the screen to print, regardless of graphics sort of in the same manner The Black Box can? If not is this something that can be implemented in the future ? Sorry if I missed something but all the things I see dumped to a PDF are text or derivatives. It would be nice for example to be able to print a computereyes new image or a screenshot from a demo. I understand that most of this could equally be accomplished via emulation and then to PC printer, but it's something to be able to do it in original hardware. Even in black or white or monocolor. I have a basic driver that changes the color on multicolor Star printers. As an example back in the early 90s I came across a picture in a european disk magazine of a can of coke (red) usibg the Black Box and the star printer driver was able to a great looking picture.
  10. The Black Box Has a lot of functions that other upgrades still dont have such as the abilty to enter a program, say a game, change a location and give yourself unlimited lives. Also you can dump whatever is on the screen to a printer with the press of a button. Sure wish someone would bring it back....like the MIO
  11. Night mission pinball, in an 800 sound comes from the built in speaker, really cool
  12. will Mr. Proper demo be included ? Still hoping for a completed version
  13. you can put me down for a boxed edition when it is re issued.
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