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  1. How do I check the power supply? Would the thing be compatible if I tried using the plug-in cord from my actual Atari 2600?
  2. Okay, so as mentioned in the topic title, I bought a Flashback 5 a little over a week ago from a thrift store. I've made a few efforts to turn it on using the power button on the console, but every time it'll maybe work for a few seconds, but then a bunch of vertical bars of various colors appear on the screen. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Thank you for your help deathtrappomegranate.
  4. I'm hoping one of you can answer this for me. I went to a local game store yesterday and bought a stack of games roughly the size of Atari 2600 games because I'm still trying to build my collection for that system. I accidentally bought a few Colecovision games, but I recognize those. There is one other game that I ended up with that I do not recognize though. The game is called War Room. The cart is the size of an Atari 2600 cart, with a gray label. The label has gameplay instructions on it. At the bottom is the company name Odyssey and the statement "a Probe 2000 video game". Can one of you tell me exactly what I have here?
  5. I'm confused. Has Super Mario Bros. actually been remade for the Atari 2600, or is it just a video that's wishful thinking? If it's the former, how would I go about getting my hands on a copy?
  6. Okay, I was just thinking. Could a Super Mario Bros. clone be made for the Atari 2600? Obviously, with only one button, you couldn't have a Fire Mario equivalent (unless you used up on the joystick to do that), but otherwise you could use the button for jumping and a quick two-presses in a direction of the joystick to initiate running. Could it be done, or could the hardware not handle it?
  7. Not every Hollywood Video has a Game Crazy in it, but if you're referring to the one on Dix Highway in Lincoln Park, I know exactly where you're talking about.
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