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  1. Sprintmaster for sure but yes it would have to be with the driving controls .... Could that be hacked somehow? Also Off Your Rocker would take on a whole new personna with paddles
  2. GAH! Sorry for the misleading title . A 7800 version of the game WOULD be pretty awesome though. As far as the glitch goes no worries .... As long as it plays normally on the 2600 i'm good with it!! Thanks for the replys!
  3. I got DUNGEON for Christmas and it wasn't working too well on my 7800. When you first start the game moving up and down is fine, but when you try to move right it resets with you standing outside the castle. I finally hooked up 2600 jr and the game works perfectly fine on that. Does it normally work on the 7800? Do I have a defective copy maybe?
  4. So I had the C128 going today ... played some M.U.L.E. and such .... When I threw in another disk to see what was on it.. When I tried to load"$" there was a loud squeaking sound that came from the drive that I never heard before... The drive also did the typical 'rapid tapping' sound before giving me an error message. Now every disk I put in does this. The squeaking is still there somewhat but not as loud as once before. Can anyone give me an idea of where to start with troubleshooting?
  5. Ha! Thats it! Load "FF",8 .... I actually tried it as Load "FF",8,1 earlier and that wasn't working either... Thank you!
  6. I have the disk but no instructions. I tried load "*",8,1. It loads for a bit then stops....as if you need to then type RUN, which I did but nothing happens.... Its been a long time dince I played, and I am now recalling that you need to type something different in to run it. Anyone know?
  7. Its funny how the screen shots from combat are all green...
  8. I used to sit in Skaggs reading Electronic Games magazine, and would stare and stare at the colecovision ads. there was one in particular that took up 2 pages. It showed the unit, plus a bunch of carts stacked up next to it. What really got me was the fact that the labels had the actual logos off the arcade games. As far as I was concerned, these were the arcade games on cart.. It was a huge marketing trick that worked on me.....
  9. Just got (and have been playing) Fall Down and Star Fire. Both are exceptional games! Also today I played some Ladybug, Superman and Turmoil...
  10. I always liked Robot Tank better. It just 'feels' like more action going on to me. I also love the weather changes.
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